Updated: 08/28/16

Our photo album includes scanned photographs from old photo albums, photographs made at events we attended and group activities in which we participate plus other photographs. The photographs in this Photo Album were taken with various cameras. Some were created with a 35mm camera and scanned into our PC. More recent photographs were taken with a digital camera.

Photographs from our travels are in chronological order on our Prior Destinations page.

We hope you enjoy viewing our photographs as much as we enjoyed creating and selecting them.

Note: Most photographs on this page are thumbnail 'buttons'. You can view a larger image by clicking on the thumbnail button using your left mouse button. It may take a few seconds for some of the photographs to appear. To return to the original page, click on the "back arrow" on your browser.


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Cardinals Attacking HH Windows

 Favorite Cartoons    Good Sam - Chapter 52   

HitchHiker Forum Gatherings  HitchHiker International Rallies and ToursHomemakers Class    

 images/cutearticle.gif    Lael Camp 5-01   Little Charlie Creek    

Maple Creek Fall Fest      Melanie & Scott's Wedding - 2011   

Olympic Torch - 2002    Rolling Hills Club 

        Snake eating a fish              Too Cute To Delete               Pledge and National Anthem    


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