Photo Album - Dozen 5

Updated: 11/24/08

Store - Michigan's upper peninsula 

This is the oldest store in the Michigan Copper Country. The store, located in Eagle Harbor, was established before Abraham Lincoln was President. 

d569store.jpg (29914 bytes)This is a postcard we sent to Fred's parents on 10-14-1969.



d569store97.jpg (38543 bytes)
This photograph was taken during our 1997 vacation to the upper peninsula.




  Totem pole in Michigan's upper peninsula 

d4uptpol.jpg (15148 bytes)    


PT Cruiser 

We took delivery of our PT Cruiser in January, 2000. Because public sales did not start until April, 2000, it was a real attention grabber everywhere we went.

d5ptfrt.jpg (21324 bytes)

d5ptlft.jpg (24295 bytes)            d5ptrr.jpg (24633 bytes)


Scenes in Southern Indiana 

These two photographs were made along the scenic drive between Leavenworth and Corydon, Indiana.

d5the road ahead.jpg (33789 bytes)                  d5crawford creek.jpg (25144 bytes)
The road ahead of us.              A flooding near the Wyandotte Caves .


One nation under God 

d5cf2.jpg (57522 bytes)This photograph provided by Chan.

He is our organist's husband.




Flag Raising at the WTC 

flagraise.jpg (35304 bytes)Photograph by: Tom Franklin


The World Trade Center towers of light. (This photo e-mailed to us by Karl and Phyllis.)

d5wtc light beams.jpg (38695 bytes)
Artists: John Bennett, Guestavo Bonevardi, Julian LeVerdiere, Paul Marantz, Paul Myoda, Richard Nash-Gould, Weiss/Manfred


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