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a beautiful place

40th Anniversary


We are on a small inland Michigan lake. It is a beautiful place.

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40th Anniversary - September 1, 2002


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The following photographs were taken at our 40th Anniversary Celebration held on Sunday September 1, 2002. All prior and current members were invited to the event. The number of reservations reached over 130. As you can imagine, it took a large effort from our current members to make this celebration a success. On behalf of all who attended, we thank them.

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rh40 photos.jpg (54944 bytes)As this photograph shows, reminiscing over old photographs and conversing with old and new friends were an important part of the day.




For those unfamiliar with Rolling Hills, the following photographs will give you an idea of why we love it so much.

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rh40 welcome sign.jpg (66133 bytes)All who arrived for the celebration were greeted with this welcome sign and yellow ribbons on many trees





Games were the first planned activities.


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The traditional baseball game is always fun.


rh40 kids fishing.jpg (64346 bytes)     rh40 kids sand.jpg (63833 bytes)
Smaller children could 'fish' or play in the sand.


rh40 watering tree.jpg (57157 bytes)After the 'fishing' was over, a couple boys improvised a game of running with pails of water to douse a nearby pine tree. 





rh40 basketball.jpg (46260 bytes)
These boys could really dunk the ball in the net. 
Are they tall or the net low?


rh40 golf awards.jpg (59629 bytes)
Bill presented awards resulting from the morning golf outing.


rh40 scavenger hunt.jpg (67950 bytes)
The scavenger hunt was enjoyed by many of all ages.



Then we headed for the beach.


rh40 appet at beach.jpg (80062 bytes)Appetizers were served at the beach. As with all groups, a little food adds to the fellowship. 


Can you find yourself in the photographs?


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rh40 appet 5.jpg (67323 bytes)     rh40 appet 6.jpg (84129 bytes)

rh40 appet 7.jpg (68849 bytes)


While some of us shared the appetizers, others enjoyed water activities.

rh40 appt 8 boat.jpg (72802 bytes)     rh40 appt raft.jpg (60518 bytes)



Dinner preparation . . . 


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Flower and Food Preparation


rh40 3 cooks.jpg (33244 bytes)
Our resident chef and his assistants had been working all afternoon.
(Was he using his elbow to test the temperature?)


rh40 pb setup.jpg (59905 bytes)
The pole barn was setup and ready.


rh40 resid chef.jpg (49267 bytes)
Our chef stirs the pot.


Dinner . . .

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After saying grace, dinner was served.
(Photographs of those sitting at each table are a the bottom of this page.)



Vespers . . .

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rh40 candles mem.jpg (32524 bytes)Several members read from a list of the members who have died. After each finished their portion of the list, a candle was lit in memory of those remembered.




rh40 readings.jpg (47641 bytes)Several of our members presented various readings of Bible verses as well as some prose and poems. We all joined in by singing a few hymns.





rh40 candles 9-11.jpg (45259 bytes)Due to the close proximity to the anniversary of the terrorist attack on 9-11, a candle was lit for each of the planes hijacked and crashed on that day. 





Our celebration closed with the singing of "our" song.


I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills,

I love the flowers, I love the daffodils,

I love the camp fire, when all the lights are low,

Boom d'atta, boom d'atta, boom d'atta


One of our members, carved this for us. It hangs over the fireplace.

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We left the following photographs for last because of the large number required to
include all those who shared the fellowship of dinner.

If you were there, you should find yourself in one of these photographs.


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