Homemakers Class   -   September 10, 2001



The following photographs were taken at the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Homemakers Class held on Monday September 10, 2001.

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Fellowship Hall was beautifully decorated.


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The people came from near and far. 

We shared a good dinner. The cake was not only beautiful - it tasted great. 


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The program was enjoyed by all.


www ede.jpg (21776 bytes)The Invocation was given by Rev. Ede





www marilyn.jpg (18856 bytes)Marilyn welcomed everyone to the celebration.





www fred pledge.jpg (16211 bytes)Fred led the group in the Pledge Of Allegiance to the American Flag.





The group was led in singing by Dottie with Jo as accompanist.

www dottie stage.jpg (16918 bytes)     www jo at piano.jpg (18990 bytes)

www group singing 1.jpg (53353 bytes)

www blanche.jpg (21243 bytes)Blanche, our resident poet, read the poem she wrote for the event.

Her poem, "What Homemakers Has Meant to Me"


www lorena.jpg (21627 bytes)Lorena led us in devotions. As you will note, I could not see her from my position in front of the podium and had to photograph her from the side. Yes, she was standing.




Homemaker members who wanted to say "A Few Words" about what the group has meant to them spoke.

www bill i.jpg (19525 bytes)     www lois.jpg (24904 bytes)
                       Bill                                                Lois

www naomi.jpg (20006 bytes)     www evelyn.jpg (20070 bytes)
Naomi                                      Evelyn

www sylvia.jpg (20927 bytes)     www fred speaking.jpg (19644 bytes)
Sylvia                                             Fred                    


www mary lee.jpg (21779 bytes)Those who could not attend the celebration were invited to send a written message. Mary Lee read some of them. (Marilyn read the rest of the messages.)

Later, Mary Lee read "Margaret's Dream" - a humorously worded request  that everyone put the Homemakers 75th Anniversary Celebration to be held Monday September 12, 2016 on their calendar.


Rev. Ede also said the benediction.

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www benediction 1.jpg (69089 bytes)     www benediction 3.jpg (53876 bytes)

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The committee worked hard and succeeded in providing a memorable celebration.

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Bill, Margaret, Jean, Evelyn, Marguerite


The Homemakers - A 60 Year History


www pic table all.jpg (32657 bytes)Most of the evening was a celebration of the past. Photographs of the members and prior events were displayed around the room. 

(Some of the following photographs of the old photographs displayed have been posted at a larger size so you can better identify the people.)

All are thumbnails, click and enjoy.

www old pic 1056 sm.jpg (47120 bytes)       www old pic 1057.jpg (45071 bytes)

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www old pic 1066.jpg (50985 bytes)     www old pic 1067.jpg (68045 bytes)

www old pic 1068.jpg (23742 bytes) 

www old pic 1073.jpg (20287 bytes)     www old pic 1074.jpg (18769 bytes)

www old pic 1075.jpg (19919 bytes)     www old pic 1076.jpg (19954 bytes)

www old pic 1077.jpg (62126 bytes)     www old pic 1078.jpg (23185 bytes)

www old pic 1079.jpg (21916 bytes) 

www old pic 1080.jpg (101550 bytes)     www old pic 1081.jpg (97360 bytes)

www old pic 1139.jpg (90942 bytes)     www old pic 1140.jpg (105581 bytes)

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Everyone who attended the celebration had a great time sharing the fellowship of longtime friends and reminiscing about events of the last 60 years.

We hope you enjoyed our photographs.

These photographs are in the Photo Album of our personal Web site. If you would like to visit our Web site, click on the link below.


Fred and Mary Lou 


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