Melanie and Scott's Wedding - May 14, 2011
A weekend of fun and celebration with family and friends

Updated: 06/09/11

The Inn at Bay Harbor - Bay Harbor, Michigan

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THURSDAY     Casual Time            Evening Get-Together

FRIDAY     Rehearsal        Rehearsal Dinner        Welcome Celebration

SATURDAY    Hanging Around Our Suite        Hair and Makeup        Melanie and Bridesmaids Dress

Formal Photographs of the Bride   

The Wedding            Wedding Reception

SUNDAY    Brunch

OUR FAMILY WEDDINGS        Family Wedding Photographs



Thursday - Casual Time


Some of the guests arrived at the Inn on Thursday. Upon arrival, guests received a 'Welcome Bag' with bottled water, snacks, an informational letter and area map.

We moved from our fifth wheel parked in the Petoskey Magnus Park to the Inn.

Melanie's wedding dress had been lovingly transported and cared for by her Mom.








Sitting on our balcony, Kathy and Mary Lou started talking to someone.

Scott's parents (Kip, Nancy) and friend (John) were chatting from the sidewalk below.







It was a great day for making photographs by the water.

Kathy and Mary Lou                                                                    Melanie and Scott                                      


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Thursday Night Get-Together

Friends and family gather in our room for a Taco Dinner, conversation and watching a hockey game on television.


Kimmie helped Mary Lou by preparing some of the beverages.

Kathy had helped set the food out.

Melanie and Kip were watching or sampling.






The food and snacks were laid out in the kitchen area. Like most of our parties at home, you serve yourself.






After dinner our balcony was a popular place.






      Gretchen, Nancy, Scott, Tim and Kyle . . .
Trevor likes Melanie for some reason.





The soon-to-be bride and groom . . .





Some people stayed to watch the Detroit Red Wings game.




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Friday - Rehearsal



After some last minute words with Melanie and Scott, Joe took his 'official' position to begin the rehearsal.








He was joined by the men . . .





The families, bridesmaids, ring bearer, bride were lined up in the proper order and ready to go. Well, all except for Andrea who was caught in a traffic jam on the road close to the Inn. One of the planners asked if Michelle could stand-in until Andrea arrived.

   Of course she would. But, when you get these girlfriends together, you never know what they will come up with.

Kathy and Michelle decided that Michelle had to stuff her purse under her coat in order to properly impersonate Andrea who is pregnant. (Andrea arrived just as Michelle reached the grass line.)




Soon everyone was in position.








While Joe went blah, blah, blah for the ceremony and Melanie and Scott did not recite their vows, the kiss was fully rehearsed.




The staff stood by to insure all went well. An outdoor wedding was 'Plan A' if weather permitted. However, Melanie and Scott were very comfortable with 'Plan B' - an indoor wedding.







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Friday - Rehearsal Dinner


Rehearsal Dinner was a good selection of salad makings, chicken wings, pizza and beverages.







After dinner Melanie and Scott thanked everyone for attending. At that time, they delivered appreciation gifts to their bridal party.






Melanie made sure that Lily's 7th birthday was not forgotten. She had the woman who made her wedding cake prepare a birthday cake for Lily. Everyone in the room sang "Happy Birthday" to Lily. (Very thoughtful Melanie, thanks.)




After the cake was served, it was time for Lily to open birthday gifts. The children had a good time participating in the birthday party.


How appropriate, her parent's gift to her was the Barbie & Ken dressed as bride and groom.




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Friday - Welcome Celebration


After the rehearsal dinner (and birthday party), the other guests arrived for an evening of conversation, bowling, billiards and putt-putt. This Welcome Celebration was another example of the amount of planning and consideration for their guests that Melanie and Scott included in the weekend.













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Saturday - Hanging Around Our Suite


Melanie showed up with last minute stuff to be taken to the golf club. It included her jewelry, headband, veil and the ring bearer's pillow.









While Mary Lou prepared food for the girls to eat while they dressed, Kathy was busy steaming dresses and the jacket of Fred's tuxedo.





It was nice to see Melanie relaxing, sitting in a chair reading her vows, while her nails dried.







Ah, some time to kill.




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Saturday - Hair and Makeup











What a trio!



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Saturday - Melanie and Bridesmaids Dress





The little girls were in awe at Aunt Melanie in her wedding dress.

The big girls must have been misbehaving based on Melanie's reaction.





Nick looks a little bored.




Mom makes a final adjustment to Melanie's necklace.



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Saturday - Formal Photographs of the Bride . . .







Kathy                   Melanie                 Andrea                    





          Fred                 Melanie                     Michelle        



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Saturday - The Wedding



The wedding and reception were held at the Bay Harbor Golf Club.

Fred could not make photographs during the actual wedding ceremony. But, the photographs would not have captured the true essence of the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony that Joe, Scott and Melanie put together was outstanding. It was the perfect combination of personal anecdotes, remembered humorous events, reflections on serious thoughts and spiritual references.









Upon entering the front door, guests were greeted by our son, Fred, who handed them a program.


To their left was a table with seating cards for the reception. To their right was the card box and a framed photo mat that guests could sign. Melanie and Scott used a framed photo mat instead of a guest book.




As the guest walked into the room, they could hear the harpist playing.

The sound of the harp added to the elegance of the venue.











The view from the back porch of the golf club was very nice. You can't beat a scenery that includes water and trees.



The view through the windows of the club was almost as beautiful - especially late in the evening.  







First photo as Mr and Mrs . . .





Not to detract from Melanie and Scott . . . this is our new family . . . including our new son-in-law. We are truly blessed.

Photograph by Kathy C.


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Saturday - Wedding Reception



The bar area was a gathering location while the golf club staff converted the room from theatre style seating to seating for the reception.

The area was popular throughout the evening partially because it included the Photo Booth. Guests received a strip of four photos from their trip to the Photo Booth. Melanie and Scott will received a DVD of all the photos. It should be a fun remembrance for them and their guests.




When the photographer finished the group photographs, the parents, wedding party and bride and groom processed into the reception area. 



After being introduced, Melanie and Scott cut their wedding cake. They politely served each other the traditional one bite.

The guests will have a choice of cake. The bottom layer of the was white cake with raspberry mousse, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling in the middle layer and carrot cake with cream cheese filling on top layer.










Andrea and Kathy                                                                The Wedding Party . . .                                                        Tim and Kyle        





Kathy and Tim provided toasts for the newlyweds. As you can see from Melanie and Scott's reaction, Tim had some funny stuff.





The delicious food was enjoyed by all.


Dinner started with a salad of mixed field greens. The plate of tenderloin medallions and herb encrusted whitefish accompanied by roasted garlic whipped potatoes and steamed asparagus for the adults was garnished with a potato chip and a flower. The children's dinner was chicken fingers and french fries. The wedding cake was served for dessert.




Their dance . . .


No words are necessary.








The parents of the bride and groom.






The sunset behind us represents a great end to a beautiful celebration of marriage of our daughter and Scott.












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Sunday - Brunch


Wedding guests were  invited to join Melanie & Scott for a buffet breakfast at the Inn. They arranged use of the South American Grill for the breakfast gathering. It was adjacent to the Sagamore Room where the food was available.





Entering the Sagamore Room the aroma was fantastic. The buffet presented a delicious assortment of breakfast foods, including an omelet station and a waffle bar with a selection of flavored batters and toppings.





After a good breakfast, laughter and hugs, friends and family departed for home.


Melanie and Scott will honeymoon in Aruba.


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Family Wedding Photographs


To end this page, we post the now complete collection of wedding days . . .


Fred and Mary Lou - 1966


            Fred and Becky - 1997                      Michelle and Steve - 1998                       Melanie and Scott - 2011     



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