Little Charlie Creek RV Park


Updated: 04/15/12

Little Charlie Creek        2012 - First Year


Little Charlie Creek

We spent our first three winter months in Florida in 2012. Previously, we spent a month in 2011 at a park in southern Florida in connection with a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. Prior to that, we spent every winter in Michigan.

Our stay at Little Charlie Creek in Wauchula, Florida, was very pleasant. We will return next year.



    <<< Office


Main road >>>    


>>>  Recreation Hall  <<<


^^^ Shuffleboard Courts



A pond at the opposite end of the park from our site is the home of two adult and three small (youngster) alligators. We saw one alligator during one of our golf cart rides around the ponds.




2012 - First Year



Our neighbors (George and Patty) between us and the road had already left for Illinois, so we were up front and totally visible.




When we first arrived, we parked our Dodge Ram in front of our HitchHiker. After a couple weeks, our neighbor suggested we park in a corner of his site. It opened up the view for both of us.

We used our Aluma trailer as a tool shed with no roof.






Our gardening friends will identify this
greenery as a weed. We thought it
made Mary Lou's butterflies look better.




Speaking of alligators . . . an alligator calls the swamp beyond the fence behind our site "home". 












Between the fence line and the swamp is the narrow route the cattle use to go to and from the pasture south of the park. Rama next door feeds them on a regular basis. Of course, now they expect it.





Small salamanders scurry about in the foliage just east of our site.     




We could always tell the wind direction by looking at Bill's flags.

If you noticed, the blue flag is a State of Michigan flag.

Interestingly, our neighbors (Bill and Rama) live five miles from our condo.








Our first trip to Bartow, 25 miles north of Wauchula, to meet Rex and Marilyn for lunch, included observing a fire along side Route 17.




On our second trip to Bartow, we identified
the burned skeleton as a semi box trailer
probably used for storage.




A plant south of Bartow manufactures reinforced concrete poles and building panels. The poles and panels are moved around the yard using wheeled hoists.




Ready to go . . .




Several pallet factories dot the landscape between Wauchula and Bartow




Peace River Citrus, located in Bartow, is a large citrus operation. The trucks we see on the road loaded with oranges may be headed for this collection operation or others in the area.


The parking lot is filled with trailers waiting to dump their oranges on the conveyor.



This 'building' appears to sort or isolate a specific quantity in each bay.



As you drive by this location you can smell fresh orange juice as it is loaded into tanker trucks.






At a small citrus transport operation in Wauchula, you could take your product to the collection operation in a pickup truck or the back of the family van. 



We assume the larger operations will accept only the large trailers.










Jerry and Jan, friends from Michigan, rode to LCC for lunch
from their winter home in Haines City.

Our two neighbors to the west, ride motorcycles. So they checked out Jerry's trike.

Bill and Rama's is a blue Harley. Duane and Sirrae both road black Harleys.





A large tent was erected behind the Rec Hall for a park wide BBQ. The concrete is drilled for the tent poles for events during the year.

The park provided the pulled pork and chicken. Everyone brought a dish to share and your own beverage and place settings.

A DJ provide music for entertainment, Karaoke and dancing.










These photographs are an eye test. One is Mary Lou line dancing. In the other she is in a Gonga line.

    (Fred did not expect these 'photo ops' so used his phone's camera.)




A 'Smilie' holding his nose was seen on a septic hauler.





There were several golf carts used in the park. One couple could be seen riding this in the park. It appears to be a cultivator front end with two tractor seats for a driver and a passenger in the rear.






There were some who questioned if you could cook a turkey in a can in 90 minutes - yes, you can. You stick the turkey on a short post, cover it with a can, place charcoal around the can and on top of the can.

   The 'cookout' was at Bill and Rama's.




We attended a performance by the local theatre group of the production A Bad Year for Tomatoes.













Six miles from LCC is a phosphate mine. We finally drove to it the last week we were here. There are other mines and related operations in the area. A LCC resident told us tours are available - next year.









After Rama left LCC for Michigan, this cow did not understand that 'we' were not Rama. If she saw us outside, she waited at the fence for food.






Some people got together every night to play cards. Puzzles and table games were also available all day.





Here we have the Aluma hitched for our departure in the morning.




A sunset our last evening.



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