Snake eating a fish . . . 

Updated: 11/09/08


Nature - Survival of the fittest . . .

While at a local campground, Mary Lou, Ashlyn and Lillian were able to witness an activity of nature - a snake caught a bluegill/sunfish and ate it for dinner.     >>> Mary Lou made these photographs while Fred was in the boat fishing. <<<


w bluegill.JPG (72843 bytes)
Out of the water and dropped
on the beach

w the kill.JPG (62470 bytes)
The killing bite

w beside fish.JPG (65702 bytes)
Now to turn it around
so it slides down easily

w head first.JPG (70676 bytes)
That's better, head first

w half in.JPG (65124 bytes)
Half in

w all in.JPG (53299 bytes)
All in, and off he went



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