Olympic Torch - 2002    (A page in our Photo Album)

Updated: 11/09/08

The Olympic torch passed through our neighborhood on Sunday January 6, 2002.

We and many others took the opportunity to see it. It was our first time and several people we talked to were as excited as we were. Many people brought their flag for the occasion. The children made snowmen and the snowmen were given flags.


ot people waiting.jpg (46225 bytes)     ot snowmen waiting.jpg (61671 bytes)


Vans like this one each carried torch bearers  - those who are going to run and those who already ran.


ot van w sign.jpg (49255 bytes)


ot next bearer.jpg (46573 bytes)The new torch bearer is waiting for his turn.

He is dropped off by one van and the prior torch bearer is picked up by the next van.




The flame is passed.

ot passing flame.jpg (58230 bytes)


The new torch bearer is on his way.

ot new bearer on way.jpg (51988 bytes)     ot best of torch.jpg (36505 bytes)


ot bearer leaving.jpg (38351 bytes)


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