Photo Album - Dozen 4

Updated: 11/24/08

  Views from Higgins Lake State Park, Michigan

A storm is coming across the lake
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                                    Evening campfire
                                  d4hlcmpfre.jpg (18834 bytes)
                                                                                       The setting sun
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Lake Superior shoreline

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Wagner Falls State Park, Michigan

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If you climb over the railing and go up the steep path along side the waters edge, you will find two more falls. It is not a developed path which may explain why the state installed the railing.

d4wfsp2.jpg (51084 bytes)                     d4wfsp3.jpg (49536 bytes)


Lighthouses in Michigan

    Munising                                                               Eagle Harbord4ehlithse.jpg (25590 bytes)
d4prlithse.jpg (26745 bytes)                    


Artist at work along Brockway Drive outside of Copper Harbor, MI

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A sunset and a moon rise

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