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Updated: 06/08/09


7-02 c and a.jpg (42046 bytes)

Getting to know you ...
July, 2002
Ashlyn and Caitlin




This is good water.
Ashlyn - February, 2003




cm03 a and c.jpg (33172 bytes)      cm03 a helping n.jpg (36004 bytes)

  Christmas, 2003
Ashlyn and Caitlin  . . . . . . .  Ashlyn and Nicholas




lfb announce 5-04.jpg (22370 bytes)

Michelle sent us this "official" announcement.




w04 umbrella.jpg (29509 bytes)

Ashlyn and Caitlin at 2004 reunion.




a and l cmas card 2005.jpg (29666 bytes)

Ashlyn and Lillian on the
family Christmas card for 2005.




w fr06 2 c and a dress faces 148.JPG (28812 bytes)

As impartial grandparents,
we think this photograph from May, 2006
is one of the cutest.




z06 a a&l 12-06 l manger 078.JPG (47820 bytes)

Lillian looking at the manger scene
in December, 2006
reminds us what CHRISTmas is all about. 




Monster Bride - Halloween, 2008







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