Lael Camp - Memorial Day Weekend - 2001

Updated: 11/24/08

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We had very wet weather but the fire crew kept a fire going most of the weekend. Whenever possible, the group would congregate at the fire. The shelter was a good place to gather for games, conversation and using laptop computers. 

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Saturday was the best day. The weather was good enough for the brave to enjoy water activities. A few even went swimming - the young ones.

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lael dog walk.jpg (29732 bytes)Walking the dog was a popular past-time.

The dogs got along with each other quite well.




lael readers.jpg (30910 bytes)Others found reading to be more desirable.

At times, it was a challenge to keep the pages dry.




The youth were responsible for a worship service on Sunday morning. The weather cooperated.

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This photograph, while representative of some of the weekend weather, was taken Memorial Day evening after the group left - Mary Lou and I stayed to enjoy the best weather day, Tuesday.

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See you next year.


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