On the road along the Oregon coast - 2008 . . .
during our travels in the Pacific Northwest
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Updated: 11/30/08

        Because we spent fifteen days along the Oregon coast,
        we have split our travels along the coast into four pages.  

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Leaving Tillamook . . .     Newport area . . .    Pacific Coast Highway - Newport to Lincoln City 

Devil's Punchbowl . . .    Cape Foulweather . . .    Gleneden Beach . . .    Lincoln City . . .    Depoe Bay . . .

Devil's Punchbowl revisited . . .    Yaquina Head Lighthouse . . .    Nye Beach . . .    Yaquina Bay Lighthouse . . .

Old Town (Newport) . . .




Leaving Tillamook . . . 

a f0921or road_103 fog_1.JPG (28673 bytes)We pulled out of Tillamook on a cloudy Sunday. We were not outside the city limits when neat cars headed for a town. We were going to miss a car show. 

   a f0921or road_110 blue truck_1.jpg (32490 bytes)   a f0921or road_111 cars_1.jpg (25554 bytes)   a f0921or road_112 blue car_1.jpg (34996 bytes)



We could still see the Ocean at the beginning of the day but the weather deteriorated. We could not complain - this was the first rain we experience since being in Cody, WY on August 8th.


a f0921or road_121 tsua ex_1.jpg (49219 bytes)      a f0921or road_142 rain_1.JPG (19954 bytes)


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Newport area . . .


We crossed the Yaquina Bay River on one of Oregon's historical bridges. The bridge was designed by Conde McCullough and completed in 1935. With its main span of 3,223 feet and 600 foot steel arch structure centered above it, this bridge contains elaborate stairways that lead to observation areas at the five reinforced, concrete-deck, arched secondary spans. Flanked by two 350-foot deck arches, this bridge typifies McCullough's belief that crossing a bridge at get from point A to point B could be elevated to a higher experienced.  All are decorated with the concrete spires. We have crossed a number of McCullough's bridges as we travel down the Oregon coast.





a f0921or road_171 walkway glove_1.jpg (13851 bytes)a f0921or road_154 beach walkway_1.JPG (42218 bytes)a f0921or road_159 walkway_1.JPG (44145 bytes)South Beach State Park had a handicap accessible path to the beach. Along the way, they painted riddles on the asphalt.

The answers were at the viewing platform at the end of the platform.



a f0921or road_156 walkway glove_1.JPG (60469 bytes)





We were at the platform waiting for the sunset



The bridge to Newport . . .




Left                                                                                                        Right

Straight ahead




                   a f0921or road_221 sunset kids_1.JPG (25787 bytes)




This board at the platform may be a good place to show the information we have on jetties. Later, from the Yaqiuna Bay Lighthouse we had a good look at the Newport jetty.





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Pacific Coast Highway - Newport to Lincoln City 


Because of the weather we did not make many stops on our way to Newport. The next day we retraced our route as far as Lincoln City to see what we missed. ( NOTE: One reason we went all the way to Lincoln City was to buy less expensive diesel. That didn't work - it was expensive there also. In Tillamook diesel was $3.999. When we arrive in Newport, it was $4.499 at the 'cheapest' station. We were talking to s guy who lived in eastern Oregon who said that fuel is always higher in the 'valley'. They fuel up before getting in the valley and after they get out of the valley. Fuel was a little less expensive in Florence at $4.339 and we passed ONE station at $3.899 in Reedsport. The low price may have been 'low sulfur' instead of 'ultra low sulfur' because everyone else is about $4.199. In Coos Bay diesel is $4.519. It is so confusing - it is a crap shoot.)




b f0922or shr_111 mh_1.JPG (45804 bytes)b f0922or shr_113 mh_1.JPG (44137 bytes)One thing we notice just before we arrived in Newport was a sign for a 'motorcoach resort'. Feeling discriminated against as fifth wheelers, we checked it out on the way retracing our route. There was also some patio sites you could own.





Now that the administrative stuff is finished, let's enjoy the scenery.



Whale watching is always exciting - no matter how much of the whale you see. The anticipation of seeing more keeps you at the ready. Mary Lou was using her binoculars for a better view.


a f0922or shr_359 w blow_1.JPG (47199 bytes)      a f0922or shr_395 w_1.JPG (55457 bytes)


a f0922or shr_397w _1.JPG (55879 bytes)  







b f0922or shr_123 rock1_1.JPG (66730 bytes)   b f0922or shr_124 rock2_1.JPG (65948 bytes)   b f0922or shr_125 rock3_1.JPG (65974 bytes)


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Devil's Punchbowl . . .


b f0922or shr_132 dpb1 2_1.JPG (68696 bytes)   b f0922or shr_133 dpb1 1_1.JPG (69119 bytes)   


The view from the Devil's Punchbowl was fantastic.


b f0922or shr_135 c1_1.JPG (34388 bytes)      b f0922or shr_137 c3_1.JPG (57058 bytes)



This is an eye test. Can you see the surfers? 




They wait for just the right wave and hope they get in front of it correctly. This person was on his knees.

b f0922or shr_154 s_1.JPG (43510 bytes)   b f0922or shr_161 s_1.JPG (52363 bytes)

b f0922or shr_163 s_1.JPG (44409 bytes)  b f0922or shr_165 s_1.JPG (44573 bytes)   b f0922or shr_167 s_1.JPG (44737 bytes)   b f0922or shr_168 s_1.JPG (44827 bytes)


      b f0922or shr_172 s_1.JPG (44309 bytes) Then it is over. 









Regarding Pelicans, Fred remembers as a child visiting his grandparents in Florida being told "his beak can hold more than his belly can".


b f0922or shr_203 pel_1.JPG (60827 bytes)   b f0922or shr_206 pel_1.JPG (60750 bytes)   b f0922or shr_207 pel_1.JPG (62282 bytes)


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Cape Foulweather . . .










   b f0922or shr_256 cfw gifts_1.JPG (54423 bytes)


    How is this for a gift shop location!






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Gleneden Beach . . .


Wherever you stopped, the view was great.


b f0922or shr_269 gbw family_1.JPG (41688 bytes)We hope this family would finish their moat before the water reached them.




b f0922or shr_273 road break adj_1.jpg (58970 bytes)Erosion caused this road to collapse.






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Lincoln City . . .


   b f0922or shr_300 l city_1.JPG (42506 bytes)

    b f0922or shr_301 l city sm river_1.JPG (68688 bytes)
This was said to be the world's 
shortest river.



Just south of town . . .







Farther down the road . . .




Too many seals to count.

b f0922or shr_316 slc_1.JPG (56697 bytes)    b f0922or shr_315 slc_1.JPG (50291 bytes)   b f0922or shr_313 slc_1.JPG (47803 bytes)







b f0922or shr_431 slc pullout_1.JPG (49853 bytes)      


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Depoe Bay . . .


Calm harbor, rough access.

b f0922or shr_445 dbh_1.jpg (35721 bytes)   b f0922or shr_448 dbh_1.JPG (42916 bytes)     b f0922or shr_449 dbh_1.JPG (50549 bytes)   b f0922or shr_453 dbh_1.JPG (53538 bytes)







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Devil's Punchbowl revisited . . .


b f0922or shr_469 dpb high_1.JPG (67743 bytes)Wanting to take advantage of the clear skies, we stopped at this attraction on the way to and from Lincoln City. Devil's Punchbowl was full of water this time due to the rising tide.




The shoreline was starting to get hazy.






The surfers were still waiting for the right wave. This guy did his ride standing on the surfboard. 


b f0922or shr_481 dpb s_1.JPG (51711 bytes)   b f0922or shr_486 dpb s_1.JPG (47324 bytes)   b f0922or shr_487 dpb s_1.JPG (43759 bytes)   b f0922or shr_490 dpb s_1.JPG (48432 bytes)


b f0922or shr_492 dpb s_1.JPG (43621 bytes)   b f0922or shr_493  dpb s_1.JPG (43902 bytes)   b f0922or shr_494 dpb s_1.JPG (44284 bytes)



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Yaquina Head Lighthouse . . .














The views from Yaquina Head were spectacular.








Inside the lighthouse we got the flavor of lighthouse life.


   d f0923or cst_210 yh_1.JPG (35024 bytes)   d f0923or cst_211 yh_1.JPG (29698 bytes)   d f0923or cst_212 yh_1.JPG (28482 bytes)



d f0923or cst_215 yh_1.JPG (41966 bytes)d f0923or cst_232 yh_1.JPG (62485 bytes)Up the stairs in the lighthouse and interrupter gave us a lot of information. He is a volunteer in a group that studies and helps restore lighthouses. He explained the "signatures" of lighthouses - the timing of light, color and no-light patterns emitted from each lighthouse. Maybe because we asked questions, he talked quite a while. He knew lighthouses - even Michigan lighthouses.    

d f0923or cst_220 yh_1.JPG (34329 bytes)



         d f0923or cst_222 yh_1.JPG (62933 bytes)   d f0923or cst_224 yh_1.JPG (62598 bytes)   d f0923or cst_227 yh_1.JPG (34578 bytes)



Photographs showed what it looked like in prior years.






This sign was in the yard.

d f0923or cst_174 yh_1.JPG (76588 bytes)



A visitors center provided a lot of information. It explained how the blimp fleet and the lighthouse worked together to help protect our shores from attack during World War II.

The video was presented in a 'ship'.


d f0923or cst_119 yh7_1.JPG (37002 bytes)      d f0923or cst_131 yh8_1.JPG (36352 bytes)





This exhibit provided the sounds of the sea.












      d f0923or cst_140 yh_1.JPG (30069 bytes)






   d f0923or cst_120 yh_1.JPG (35673 bytes)



At ocean level, we saw tide pools.


d f0923or cst_266 yh_1.JPG (97152 bytes)   d f0923or cst_269 yh_1.JPG (68177 bytes)



d f0923or cst_287 yh_1.JPG (28496 bytes)They permitted handicapped visitors to drive to the tide pools. You picked up an access card at the visitor center. The card actuated the gate to the road getting you closer to the tide pools.





This couple was shopping at Wal-Mart in Newport.

   d f0923or cst_294 old car frt_1.JPG (63058 bytes)


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Nye Beach . . .


From Nye Beach we had another photo op for the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We had gone back to Nye Beach in Newport to buy some clam chowder. We ate some for a lunch at a restaurant and noticed we could buy the clam chowder base by the quart. 



   d f0923or cst_314 nye beach_1.JPG (50863 bytes)   



The street was a steep incline to the ocean.  Walking back to the truck, eagle eye Mary Lou noticed the sign near the sewer grate.


d f0923or cst_315 nye beach_1.JPG (41355 bytes)   d f0923or cst_316 nye beach_1.JPG (66397 bytes)   d f0923or cst_317 nye beach_1.JPG (78419 bytes)   d f0923or cst_318 nye beach_1.JPG (58807 bytes)


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Yaquina Bay Lighthouse . . .


d f0923or cst_321 yb_1.JPG (47131 bytes)Our next stop in Newport was at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. It looks like it from the front, the rear view confirms that the lighthouse is a intricate part of the light keeper's house.

d f0923or cst_394 yh_1.JPG (64684 bytes)




The lighthouse was nicely restored.



d f0923or cst_330  yh_1.JPG (40534 bytes)                           d f0923or cst_334 yh_1.JPG (42710 bytes)



The residence housed the light keeper, his wife and seven children.


d f0923or cst_333 yh_1.JPG (37979 bytes)   d f0923or cst_335 yh_1.JPG (41453 bytes)   d f0923or cst_338 yh_1.JPG (35168 bytes)


d f0923or cst_339 yh_1.JPG (41264 bytes)   d f0923or cst_343 yh_1.JPG (31767 bytes)



d f0923or cst_354 yh_1.JPG (44318 bytes)d f0923or cst_360 yh_1.JPG (28562 bytes)d f0923or cst_359 yh_1.JPG (52121 bytes)A steep stairway with a brass handrail led to the video room, and gift ship.

That is the original wood rain gutter from the lighthouse. 





d f0923or cst_380 yh_1.JPG (76022 bytes)d f0923or cst_370 yh_1.JPG (62035 bytes)The garden is being maintained by a local master gardener just like the keepers wife did.





Tomorrow will be our last day in the Newport area.


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