Grand Teton National Park - 2008 . . .
on our route to the Pacific Northwest

Updated: 11/30/08

The sign entering from Jackson.




On this page we will tell the story of our visit to the Tetons and also post various views of the Tetons.


Grand Teton National Park is significantly smaller than Yellowstone.
Yet, the Tetons rising from the ground without foothills
is no less impressive than some sights in Yellowstone.




This was our first view as we approached the Tetons.



Colter Bay Village . . .


a f0814ystt_219 colter bay vc_1.JPG (42423 bytes)The visitor center at Colter Bay includes an Indian Arts Museum. When we arrived the flag was flying high.


   a f0814ystt_229 colter iam_1.JPG (37819 bytes)   a f0814ystt_235 colter iam_1.JPG (38519 bytes)


a f0814ystt_238 colter iam_1.JPG (53150 bytes)   a f0814ystt_241 colter iam_1.JPG (63088 bytes)



a f0814ystt_251 colter flag half_1.JPG (59516 bytes)a f0815teton_433 flaf half auth_1.jpg (39086 bytes)While we were at the visitor center, the flag was lowered to half-staff in honor of firefighters and pilots who died in a helicopter crash in California.







As in Yellowstone, many signs and each picnic table advised you of the need for proper food storage. 



a f0818teton pm_102 picnic table_1.jpg (61094 bytes)     a f0818teton pm_103 picnic table_1.JPG (42870 bytes)



a f0817teton_105 prarie dog_1.JPG (71482 bytes)We did not know for two days that our neighbor across the street in the campground was a prairie dog.





The Teton area has "braided" rivers just like in Alaska.

a f0819teton_102_1.jpg (41802 bytes)      








The view from Snake River Overlook . . .


a f0815teton_170_1.JPG (49440 bytes)   a f0815teton_191 sr boat_1.JPG (68748 bytes)


Mary Lou made a photograph of Fred . . .    

a ml IMG_0339 f pto 1_1.JPG (24961 bytes)        




a f0815teton_371 sch rd sign_1.JPG (66357 bytes)Schwabacher Landing Road - Lunch . . .            


This is the spot we 'enjoyed' the most. We had a  memorable view for our long and relaxing lunch. 

a f0815teton_296 lunch ml_1.JPG (48010 bytes)



We think there were eagles soaring in front of us.

    a f0815teton_261_1.JPG (44131 bytes)


a f0815teton_298_1.JPG (37703 bytes)  


     a f0815teton_324 gr peak_1.JPG (30680 bytes)   



Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center . . .


A diorama of the park was displayed at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center near Moose junction.





This LCD screen on the floor looked like a stream of water flowing over rocks. 


a f0815teton_441 screen_1.JPG (41869 bytes)   a f0815teton_445 screen_1.JPG (34860 bytes)



Artwork . . .

a f0815teton_450 vc_1.JPG (54340 bytes)   a f0815teton_452 vc crop_1.jpg (15577 bytes)   a f0815teton_457 vc_1.JPG (34521 bytes)


And, exhibits honored the people of the region and mountain climbers.


a f0815teton_461 vc_1.JPG (50740 bytes)   a f0815teton_466 vc_1.JPG (35617 bytes)


a f0815teton_458 vc_1.JPG (46925 bytes)   a f0815teton_460 vc_1.JPG (38332 bytes)



Chapel of the Transfiguration . . .


a f0815teton_496 chapel sign_1.JPG (70564 bytes)Besides the Grand Teton, we remember this little chapel from our last visit to the Tetons in 1971. 

   The chapel has a log interior as well. 
   a f0815teton_498 chapel_1.JPG (33164 bytes)


But, it is the view from the window
with the Grand Teton behind the cross
that is impressive and memorable.



a f0815teton_485 wed_1.JPG (39915 bytes)a f0815teton_487 wed_1.JPG (56968 bytes)When we drove into the parking lot, it was obvious that this was a special day.

a f0815teton_509  wed sign_1.jpg (59062 bytes)       a f0817teton_237 invite macro_1.jpg (30905 bytes)   



   a f0815teton_515 wed_1.JPG (72486 bytes)      What a backdrop!





Jenny Lake . . .


Jenny lake offered a little loop road for viewing. When the cement was still wet, some animal (moose) could not walk around it - worse than a kid. 


a f0815teton_558 jenny lake_1.JPG (59591 bytes)   a f0815teton_566 jenny lake_1.JPG (45286 bytes)   a f0815teton_578 jenny moose tracks_1.JPG (61545 bytes)



Our River Road Ride . . .


We overheard someone at an overlook about a road that was like an African safari. He showed us the road on the map. We checked at the visitors center about how bad the road was. He said if you have four wheel drive it would be okay. He suggested that we start the 12 mile drive about 7:30pm. So, that is what we did. However, due to the rough road, it took us two  and a half hours to complete the ride.

Here are a few photographs from our River Road Ride. The other photographs are on our Teton - River Road Ride - 2008 page.


a f0816teton_339 entrance rr_1.JPG (28145 bytes)   a f0815trr_107_1.JPG (67437 bytes)   a f0815trr_113 moose_1.JPG (53035 bytes)   a f0815trr_135_1.JPG (17084 bytes)


a f0815trr_163_1.JPG (53610 bytes)   a f0815trr_168_1.JPG (62321 bytes)   a f0815trr_189_1.JPG (20747 bytes)


a f0815trr_198_1.JPG (26429 bytes)   a f0815trr_233_1.JPG (36526 bytes)   a f0815trr_255_1.JPG (40444 bytes)   a f0815trr_263_1.JPG (42496 bytes)








Chapel of the Sacred Heart . . .



a f0816teton_124_1.JPG (40156 bytes)   a f0816teton_121_1.JPG (65019 bytes)   a f0816teton_123_1.JPG (29324 bytes)   


a f0816teton_139 ch_1.JPG (48706 bytes)   a f0816teton_128 ch_1.JPG (54362 bytes)


a f0816teton_145 ch ram_1.jpg (33636 bytes)Like everywhere else, even the view was good from the parking lot. 





Mary Lou making another photograph of Fred. . .

a ml IMG_0365 f pt4_1.JPG (49210 bytes)



Signal Mountain . . .


a f0816teton_157 sm_1.JPG (48388 bytes)The view from the top of Signal Mountain was fantastic.


   a f0816teton_161 sm_1.JPG (28879 bytes)   a f0816teton_162 sm river road_1.JPG (43887 bytes)   


a f0816teton_187 sm_1.JPG (42824 bytes)   a f0816teton_231 sm_1.JPG (34670 bytes)   a f0816teton_249 sm_1.JPG (45194 bytes)   a f0816teton_252 sm_1.JPG (43760 bytes)





   a f0816teton_201 sm_1.JPG (42380 bytes)  




a f0816teton ml on cell_1.JPG (50491 bytes)



Oh yes, Mary Lou says the cell phone reception was great on Signal Mountain.









a f0816teton_166 sm rvs_1.JPG (80396 bytes)The group of people traveling in six class-C motorhomes were together. They made traffic congestion in every parking area they went to.





Mount Moran . . .


a f0816teton_287 mm dyke_1.JPG (49748 bytes)   a f0816teton_299 mm glacer_1.JPG (49258 bytes)   a f0816teton_302 mm glacer clo_1.JPG (59494 bytes)



Cathedral Group . . .



Let's compare the photograph and the image on the sign.

Well, do they match up pretty well? 






The new bike trail should be ready for use next year.

a f0816teton_340 bike trail_1.jpg (59695 bytes)  



The houses belong to what are called "inholders".  They are permanent residents who established property rights before the national park was created. 


 a f0816teton_417 inlanders houses_1.JPG (36678 bytes)



Antelope Flats Road . . .


a f0816teton_421 af_1.JPG (40618 bytes)   a f0816teton_422 af_1.JPG (40854 bytes)   a f0816teton_429 af mr_1.JPG (40603 bytes)



OK . . . Doesn't this look like Casper?

a f0816teton_435 af casper the goste_1.JPG (39188 bytes)


a f0816teton_437 af_1.JPG (41161 bytes)   a f0816teton_442 af_1.JPG (49086 bytes)   a f0816teton_454 af_1.JPG (34936 bytes)   a f0816teton_461af mm_1.JPG (41146 bytes)



Mormon Row . . .

The buildings on Mormon Row are left from a 1890's community of Mormon families. Mormon Row dispersed in the mid-1900's as the settler's land was acquired to expand Grand Teton National Park.


a f0816teton_468 af mr_1.JPG (43340 bytes)   a f0816teton_461af mm_1.JPG (41146 bytes)   a f0816teton_470_1.JPG (29898 bytes)


a f0816teton_476 af mr_1.JPG (60341 bytes)   a f0816teton_490 af mr_1.JPG (60113 bytes)   a f0816teton_495 af mr what_1.JPG (60786 bytes)




a f0816teton_515 af mr site_1.JPG (49205 bytes)   a f0816teton_514 af mr site_1.JPG (51333 bytes)

a f0816teton_520 af mr barn_1.JPG (53583 bytes)   a f0816teton_524 af mr house_1.JPG (60023 bytes)   a f0816teton_528 af mr farm_1.JPG (70039 bytes)   

Some of the remaining buildings are over one hundred years old and are weathering naturally. Although only a handful of buildings stand today, a church, a school, and over a dozen homesteads made up this community. Visitors are asked to stay on the road and away from the unsafe building. 

When we were there, the buffalo had taken over the fields around the old buildings.


a f0816teton_549 afb_1.JPG (53417 bytes)   a f0816teton_556 afb_1.JPG (41768 bytes)   a f0816teton_558 afb_1.JPG (53905 bytes)   



Officially, this is called a pile of "scat". 


a f0816teton_568 afb skat_1.JPG (87894 bytes)



Like a bell had sounded, a number of the buffalo headed for a ditch with water in it. 


a f0816teton_574 afb_1.JPG (49448 bytes)   a f0816teton_592 afb_1.JPG (57902 bytes)   a f0816teton_595 afb_1.JPG (56376 bytes)



This calf got to the road first. After the rest caught up with it, he followed them.


a f0816teton_594 afb_1.JPG (40821 bytes)   a f0816teton_606 afb_1.JPG (42860 bytes)   a f0816teton_607 afb_1.JPG (44580 bytes)



A straggler . . .


a f0816teton_610 afb_1.JPG (41183 bytes)



This buffalo took a bath in the dirt right in front of everyone. 


a f0816teton_614 afb bath_1.JPG (44328 bytes)   a f0816teton_615 afb bath_1.JPG (42303 bytes)   a f0816teton_617 afb bath_1.JPG (41127 bytes)




a f0816teton_625 afb road_1.JPG (44733 bytes)As we left Mormon Row, a buffalo was walking on the road.






This guy had leggings on his front legs.


a f0816teton_640 afb road legs_1.JPG (55211 bytes)



A line of buffalos were heading for the road. Mary Lou watched a buffalo run ahead of the line and turn them away from the road. 


a f0816teton_643 afb road headed off_1.JPG (41196 bytes)  a f0816teton_650 afb road good_1.JPG (57184 bytes)   a f0816teton_657 afb road away_1.JPG (40775 bytes)



They are fun to watch even from a distance.


a f0816teton_707 afb cows home_1.JPG (42739 bytes)




Last full day in the Tetons . . . 


On our way into to our campground initially, we passed this beautiful view. It was difficult to stop with the HHII in tow.  So we went back and photographed it.


a f0817teton_106_1.JPG (24043 bytes)   a f0817teton_109_1.JPG (23602 bytes)   a f0817teton_112_1.JPG (27859 bytes)   a f0817teton_115_1.JPG (38059 bytes)



On our way to the Leeds Marina, Mary Lou spotted a mule deer. It walked over to a tree and laid down under it. Its head and ears are barely noticeable.


a f0817teton_157 moose_1.JPG (70052 bytes)   a f0817teton_164 mule deer_1.JPG (62407 bytes)




a f0817teton_224 crop_1.jpg (42186 bytes)Leeds Marina was a great place.




a f0817teton_171_1.JPG (38875 bytes)   a f0817teton_174_1.JPG (37955 bytes)   a f0817teton_177 mahog boat_1.JPG (50029 bytes)   a f0817teton_180_1.JPG (34936 bytes)



a f0817teton_187 shuttle_1.JPG (57783 bytes)a f0817teton_221 office_1.JPG (42490 bytes)The anchoring buoys are rented for the season. The marina manager shuttles the boaters out to their boat.  

The marina manager graduated from CMU to a poor job market in Michigan. So, three years ago, he moved from Alpena to the Tetons.   




a f0817teton_219 fish line recycle_1.JPG (52708 bytes)We had never seen a fishing line recycling station. But, it was not a surprise. The Yellowstone and Teton areas are as 'green' as possible.

Kayaks return from a time on Jackson Lake . . .

a f0817teton_193_1.JPG (33823 bytes)




a f0818teton pm_100 ml on computer_1.JPG (50231 bytes)The modern camper . . .

We stayed an extra day in the Tetons to catch up a little on our Web site. We have been seeing so much, we have not had a lot of free time.





Our last day in the Tetons, a gal in the gift shops gave Fred a magnetic sign for the rear of our truck.





The ranger at the desk was sending people to the Jackson Lake Lodge to see wildlife. This was our last night at Yellowstone so we decided to go there as well. The lowlands in front of us were being watched intently as the sun set.


 a f0818teton pm_113 field_1.JPG (41719 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_118 gt_1.JPG (23264 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_117 gt sunset_1.JPG (11826 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_119 people at rail_1.JPG (60614 bytes)



a f0818teton pm_128 moose way out_1.JPG (43676 bytes)Finally, everyone started pointing way off in the distance at about "8 o'clock" at an elk. Thank goodness for digital zoom that lets us 'see' that far.






a f0818teton pm_168 moose _1.JPG (51711 bytes)Then, Mary Lou spotted a few more elk in a clearing a little closer. Obviously, they were out there all the time - now standing up to feed.

    a f0818teton pm_143 moose_1.JPG (49056 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_147 moose_1.JPG (49971 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_188 moose_1.JPG (50834 bytes)


a f0818teton pm_192 moose_1.JPG (49286 bytes)   a f0818teton pm_224 moose better_1.JPG (44346 bytes)


a f0818teton pm_200 moose_1.JPG (53082 bytes)                               a f0818teton pm_202 moose kissing_1.JPG (51920 bytes)
This one looking back at us . . .                        These two are kissing cousins . . .






a f0814ystt_255 colter kodak film_1.JPG (63508 bytes)The last day at the Tetons, the store was out of "AA" batteries. A women's batteries were not working in her digital camera - she was buying single use disposable cameras. The lesson - - - come well supplied for all the photo opportunities . 






Leaving the Teton area, the terrain is farmland.


a f0819teton_105_1.jpg (35363 bytes)   a f0819teton_108_1.jpg (34248 bytes)



Our last look at the Tetons before driving into Jackson.




The ski slopes in Jackson . . .

a f0819teton_153 jackson ski_1.jpg (26211 bytes)



We spent four days in the Grand Teton National Park. 

The entrance fee is $25 for a 7 day pass that is good in both the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. With special passes, the fee is lower, maybe free.


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