Redwood National and State Parks - 2008 . . .
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Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park    Stout Memorial Grove . . .

Walker Road . . .    Back to the main road . . .


Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park


a 1002ca reds stitch 251 1_1.jpg (22539 bytes)a f1002ca reds_129 rw sign_1.jpg (63122 bytes)The Redwoods were something, among other attractions, we were looking forward to seeing.

The ranger at the Visitors Center in Crescent City strongly suggested we take the Howland Hill Road to Stout Grove. She said it was her favorite location for seeing Redwoods. It was a good way to spend a rainy day.

Redwoods appeared on the West Coast of North America about 20 million years ago. The climate provides a safe haven for trees that need abundant water, little fluctuation in temperatures year around, and summer fog. 








We know that after a while all trees may look the same. We will try to show you some of the unique things we saw along with trees.



a f1002ca reds_131 rw road_1.JPG (65487 bytes)The road started as bad asphalt but quickly was a rough gravel road.







Moss grew on a lot of the trees.

    a f1002ca reds_133 rw moss_1.JPG (56377 bytes)  



Up close, they were BIG.


a f1002ca reds_146 rw ml by_1.jpg (71644 bytes)      a f1002ca reds_154 red ram_1.JPG (62147 bytes)




a f1002ca reds_160 rw two_1.JPG (61733 bytes)     a f1002ca reds_167_1.JPG (73210 bytes)


a f1002ca reds_173 rw tall_1.JPG (64126 bytes)      a f1002ca reds_182 rw tall_1.JPG (69100 bytes)


The term 'grove' is used to identify sections of the Redwood forest that were donated to the parks. Plaques or signs of various sizes and designs are used for the designation.




a f1002ca reds_187 rw no trailer_1.JPG (65065 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_188 rw no trailer_1.JPG (69079 bytes)  




This tree was cut to keep the road open. It is hallow and covered with vegetation.


 a f1002ca reds_193 rw cut_1.JPG (66106 bytes)  a f1002ca reds_195 rw cut_1.JPG (42731 bytes)







a f1002ca reds_203 rw boy scout tree trail_1.JPG (73969 bytes)Boy Scout Tree Trail . . .










What is the difference between BIG and HUGE?

a f1002ca reds_213 rw stump trees ml_1.JPG (68127 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_210 rw stump w ml_1.JPG (74892 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_214 stump names_1.JPG (53140 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_215 rw stupm names clo_1.JPG (62603 bytes)







a f1002ca reds_219 rw wide_1.JPG (77326 bytes)      a f1002ca reds_222 rw river brush_1.JPG (66715 bytes)




a f1002ca reds_226 rw bark moss_1.JPG (82623 bytes)



Stout Memorial Grove . . .

Some of the groves were more significant than others. The Stout Grove had a maintained 1/2 mile long loop walking path. 


   a f1002ca reds_233 rw sg sign_1.JPG (69231 bytes)   





a f1002ca reds_232 rw sg red_1.JPG (81992 bytes)                                               a f1002ca reds_234 rw sg bark off_1.JPG (75072 bytes)  




a f1002ca reds_238 rw sg tall_1.JPG (76379 bytes)       a f1002ca reds_239  rw sg wide_1.JPG (85202 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_241 rw sg log moss_1.JPG (101376 bytes)       a f1002ca reds_243 rw sg log_1.JPG (82267 bytes)




a f1002ca reds_247 rw sg bench sign_1.JPG (50532 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_248 rw sg bench_1.JPG (83853 bytes)



a f1002ca reds_249 rw sg vegs_1.JPG (84890 bytes)




a f1002ca reds_250 rw sg tall_1.JPG (80637 bytes)      a f1002ca reds_259 rw sg log red_1.JPG (89094 bytes)






a f1002ca reds_262 rw sg cut2_1.JPG (79540 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_261 rw sg cut1_1.JPG (62288 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_263 rw sg cut3_1.JPG (85999 bytes)



Some trunks were burned, had missing bark, hollow, bruised or have tangled bark.

a f1002ca reds_266 rw sg burned_1.JPG (72260 bytes)     a f1002ca reds_267 rw sg bark_1.JPG (68977 bytes)     a f1002ca reds_280 rw sg live in hole_1.JPG (63483 bytes)

     a f1002ca reds_354 rw sg trunk damage_1.JPG (71708 bytes)     a f1002ca reds_343 rw sg trunk mess_1.JPG (74878 bytes)        




This photograph with Mary Lou near a tree trunk provides some indication of the depth of the bark on a Redwood.. 









a f1002ca reds_294 rw sg moss_1.JPG (75209 bytes)                    







   a f1002ca reds_306 rw sg tangles ml_1.JPG (66655 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_299 rw sg tangles_1.JPG (69099 bytes)   





a f1002ca reds_316 rw sg burl face_1.JPG (61841 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_318 rw sg bark_1.JPG (78077 bytes)





a f1002ca reds_322 rw sg roots ml_1.JPG (69973 bytes)



The exposed wood has not been varnished, it is just wet.




a f1002ca reds_331 rw sg root w ml_1.JPG (70661 bytes)  Bottoms up - or, sideways  a f1002ca reds_341 rw sg root trunk ml_1.JPG (65154 bytes)



Ferns were very prolific.





We could not figure out why this new bench had a tube armrest.

a f1002ca reds_347 rw sg bench new_1.JPG (61062 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_348 rw sg bench old_1.JPG (72395 bytes)
Not that the old bench needed replacement.




a a ml rw_0596 fred hug tree_1.JPG (52422 bytes)Fred hugging a Redwood tree.




a f1002ca reds_351 rw sg path tall_1.JPG (67331 bytes)       


a f1002ca reds_356 rw sg sign_1.JPG (72692 bytes)The Stout Grove was an excellent opportunity

to walk in part of a huge Redwood forest. 





a f1002ca reds_367 trail sign_1.JPG (15974 bytes)



 Do you see the dog's face in the center of the frame?











a f1002ca reds_361 covered bridge_1.JPG (54966 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_363 covered bridge_1.JPG (45459 bytes)



   a f1002ca reds_368 hyw 199 bridge_1.JPG (55495 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_369 rivers edge_1.JPG (77287 bytes)  Nice yard . . .




Walker Road . . .

a f1002ca reds_428 wr sign_1.JPG (75729 bytes)The all gravel Walker Road looked interesting. So, we took it. Many signs identified groves.

      a f1002ca reds_377 walker rd_1.JPG (61114 bytes)


   a f1002ca reds_378  wr_1.JPG (71326 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_380 wr_1.JPG (99727 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_381 wr_1.JPG (78639 bytes)



a f1002ca reds_379 wr_1.JPG (36013 bytes)Quite a ways off the main highway, we came to a "Y" in the road.


We took the right road which ended at the river.


We went back to the "Y" and took the left road. It also ended at the river.

        a f1002ca reds_384 wr_1.JPG (61575 bytes)      a f1002ca reds_387 wr_1.JPG (92107 bytes)


Driving to our left a little proved to be very rough.
To the right we saw another vehicle parked on the shore across the river. 

a f1002ca reds_385 wr_1.JPG (37817 bytes)                           a f1002ca reds_383 wr_1.JPG (46087 bytes)


A short distance back up the road, the elevation let us see the river again, a hillside and a NPS vehicle heading for the location where we saw the other vehicle.  

a f1002ca reds_388 wr_1.JPG (78508 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_389 wr_1.JPG (44113 bytes)   a f1002ca reds_392 wr_1.JPG (63989 bytes)



An old wall . . . 

a f1002ca reds_393 wr_1.JPG (94978 bytes)



It was time for lunch.


a f1002ca reds_402 wr lunch_1.JPG (86895 bytes)       a f1002ca reds_405 wr lunch_1.JPG (73446 bytes)



Down the road from our lunch spot  . . .


a f1002ca reds_410 wr covered_1.JPG (87474 bytes)     




a f1002ca reds_418 wr in road_1.JPG (69401 bytes)It appeared that Walker Road was not maintained. Instead of being removed, people drove over this log.     





a f1002ca reds_419 wr ferns_1.JPG (70642 bytes)



On the way back to the main road the NPS vehicle we saw earlier was heading our way. After seeing him, we saw two other NPS vehicles  before we reached the main road. 



Back to the main road . . .


We used a rest area on the main road before going back to camp.    





If a Redwood tree grows too close to the road, they had two solutions other than cutting it down. If it gets too close and leans over the road, cut a notch in it. Trees that grow straight, a reflector works. 


   a f1002ca reds_436 hwy notched_1.JPG (76550 bytes)                   a f1002ca reds_438 hwy reflector_1.JPG (64183 bytes)



We feel fortunate that we could enjoy the Redwoods despite the off-and-on rainy day. We drove through more Redwoods farther south on the Redwood Highway (US-101) on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. The Parkway is posted to the On the road in Northern California - 2008 page.



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