On the road in Northern California - 2008 . . .
during our travels in the Pacific Northwest

Updated: 11/30/08



a f1001 ca_214 ca sign_1.jpg (49532 bytes)a f1001 ca_219 inspection_1.JPG (38669 bytes)Welcome to California. Now, lets talk about what you are bringing into our state. We had forgotten to eat two apples we had purchased in Washington. The border guard asked where we had purchase them. When we told her from a grocery store, she let us keep our two apples.




Del Norte County . . .    Crescent City . . .    On the road to Zion . . . 

 Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway    Back on US 101 . . .



Del Norte County . . .

a f1001 ca_223 redwood sign_1.jpg (41991 bytes)We were in Northern California to see the Redwoods.

        a f1001 ca_231 tunnel_1.JPG (26811 bytes)            a f1001 ca_240 tunnel_1.jpg (53243 bytes)



The road was beautiful but twisty and narrow as we entered California. Some of the mountains were very close to the edge of the road. Rocks were held in place by wire fencing. 


a f1001 ca_242 trees_1.JPG (57476 bytes)      a f1001 ca_257 tree sideways_1.jpg (63515 bytes)



This river added to the beauty.


a f1001 ca_267 river_1.jpg (44619 bytes)



Crescent City . . .


The Redwoods we drove by on the way to the campground in Crescent City were impressive. And, these are not the biggest ones we were going to see.


a f1001 ca_278 s and n sign_1.jpg (52739 bytes)      a f1001 ca_291 rw road_1.JPG (49524 bytes)




The next morning before touring the Redwoods, we checked out the coastline at Crescent City. 


a a f1002ca reds_100 cc shore_1.JPG (33067 bytes)      a a f1002ca reds_103 cc shore_1.JPG (33491 bytes)

a a f1002ca reds_120 cc shore_1.JPG (27107 bytes)                       a a f1002ca reds_121 cc shore_1.JPG (36431 bytes)


a a f1002ca reds_109 cc shore_1.JPG (39224 bytes)      a a f1002ca reds_112 cc smoke_1.JPG (44261 bytes)



Battery Point Lighthouse



a a f1002ca reds_107 cc stairway_1.JPG (55194 bytes)At the end of many of the city streets leading to the coastline, a spiral staircase to the beach was available. 










This homeowner was prepared for the rainy fall and rough winter weather ahead. The porch was closed in with glass panels.











A tree? . . . A bush ?

a a f1002ca reds_123 cc tree dome_1.JPG (33454 bytes)



We spent the rest of the day driving among the Redwoods. (See our Redwood National and State Parks - 2008 page.)



On the road to Zion . . . 


The following day we moved on. Our next destination, Zion National Park in Utah.




We had watched the weather forecast so we hitched up the night before to avoided getting wet the next morning. The forecast was correct, it was a rainy, foggy day.  (All of the television newscasts were warning their audiences that they had not had any rain since spring. Because of that the roads would be very slippery until the accumulated oil washed away.)


b f1003ca rd_115 road wetfog_1.JPG (25512 bytes)     b f1003ca rd_146 dsp wet road_1.jpg (23302 bytes)



Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway


While photographing through the windshield does not produce excellent results, it is a record of our travels. On the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. the diameter and height of the Redwoods were still impressive.






The elk were plentiful in this yard.




Back on US 101 . . .


b f1003ca rd_208 road wet windshield_1.JPG (24488 bytes)b f1003ca rd_220 wet windshield_1.JPG (26218 bytes)The rain was heavy at times.






We are including all this weather information because we have had VERY LITTLE rain or bad weather during our entire trip. We didn't want you to think the good weather lasted for the entire trip. Yes, we are had a small amount of road construction. In California, all vehicle towing are limited to 55mph. Not good in hills when our Ram likes to go about 65mph.


b f1003ca rd_225 one lane raod_1.JPG (48539 bytes)      b f1003ca rd_236 55mph sign_1.jpg (43444 bytes)




b f1003ca rd_255 redwood hwy sign_1.jpg (46624 bytes)At this exit we left the Redwood Highway we had been traveling on for 60 Miles.     




Most of these guys were using gasoline powered grass whips.

It was a great day for that kind of work.







b f1003ca rd_267 road fog_1.JPG (28270 bytes)   b f1003ca rd_268 road fog_1.JPG (19512 bytes)  



b f1003ca rd_283 smokey mt_1.jpg (28641 bytes)      b f1003ca rd_361 smokey river_1.jpg (38083 bytes)

Tennessee is not the only state with 'smokey' mountains.




Mary Lou leans a little towards the center of the truck when we drive roads with rock walls or drop-offs on the passenger side of the truck.









We realized the color we were seeing was the result of the forest fire they experienced in 2008.


    b f1003ca rd_369 burned_1.JPG (57220 bytes)   b f1003ca rd_370 burned_1.JPG (58238 bytes)



Seldom do we actually see 'falling rocks'.
This road had a lot of rocks on the road - probable due to the rain washing dirt from under them.




Yep, we are in California.


b f1003ca rd_383 elev 2888_1.JPG (51616 bytes)



After hours in the mountains, we had "pizza pie" in Willow Creek. He actually 'tossed' the crust. It was very good.


b f1003ca rd_389 town wet_1.JPG (39366 bytes)



b f1003ca rd_398 log watering_1.jpg (57161 bytes)At the edge of town, a huge number of logs were being watered. The rain didn't do the job well enough.






b f1003ca rd_400 timbers wet_1.jpg (42964 bytes)   b f1003ca rd_404 fog_1.JPG (24304 bytes)   b f1003ca rd_413 fog_1.JPG (23201 bytes)



As we rounded a curve, we came upon an accident scene.  The guy in the foreground was up the road warning drivers  in advance. Fortunately, everyone should have been moving slow due to the weather and curves. 



b f1003ca rd_420 accident sign_1.JPG (29622 bytes)      b f1003ca rd_430 accident van_1.jpg (68712 bytes)




This lake did not look inviting. 

b f1003ca rd_434 lake_1.jpg (17447 bytes)   b f1003ca rd_440 lake fog_1.jpg (13095 bytes)




Ah, a flat straight road . . .


d f1004ca nv_101 cloudy day_1.JPG (27101 bytes)      d f1004ca nv_113 clock tower_1.JPG (25244 bytes)



This rocky terrain was quite extensive. the rain was still in the area.


d f1004ca nv_116 rocky fields_1.JPG (40289 bytes)   d f1004ca nv_119 rocky fields_1.JPG (34785 bytes)   d f1004ca nv_125 rcky fields clouds_1.JPG (32770 bytes)



This road was really straight and later had a zigzag in it towards the mountains again.    


                d f1004ca nv_120 st road_1.JPG (39324 bytes)               d f1004ca nv_130 st road_1.JPG (32696 bytes)



d f1004ca nv_138 vista point_1.jpg (43460 bytes)Our truck automatically turns into 'vistas', 'viewpoints', 'scenic turnouts' and other view opportunities - regardless of the weather.

   d f1004ca nv_139 vista pt_1.JPG (31326 bytes)               d f1004ca nv_140 vista pt_1.JPG (28204 bytes)



d f1004ca nv_142 fog_1.JPG (19132 bytes)   d f1004ca nv_157 foggy trees_1.JPG (23547 bytes)

d f1004ca nv_155 pretty wet_1.JPG (45364 bytes)

d f1004ca nv_185 road pines_1.JPG (36175 bytes)    d f1004ca nv_175 foggy lake_1.jpg (29133 bytes)




d f1004ca nv_200 rain in distance_1.jpg (28908 bytes)
Someone is getting heavy rain.



Some blue peaking through . . .


   d f1004ca nv_246 field_1.jpg (32648 bytes)  


Not for long . . .




The Inspection Station for westbounders  . . .

d f1004ca nv_273 inspection station_1.jpg (33479 bytes)



Even though the weather was not good, we enjoyed seeing the Redwood trees in Northern California. 



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