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Updated: 12/18/08


On the road to Zion . . .    On the road to Bryce . . .    On_the_road_to_Arches_._._._   On the road to Colorado . . .



On the road to Zion . . .


If you visited our On the road in Nevada - 2008 page, you know we were uncomfortably towing our 'spareless' HHII into Utah.  Crossing the state line from Nevada into Utah, we did not notice any change in terrain. It was still dry and reasonably flat. Our first Utah destination was the a tire dealer in Beryl, Utah.


a f1006 ut rd z_111 road_1.JPG (27671 bytes)      a f1006 ut rd z_122 st road_1.JPG (29716 bytes)



A roller coaster roads . . .












a f1006 ut rd z_143 green circle ir_1.JPG (37791 bytes)Where irrigation was used, the fields were green.







The road, at times, stretched in front of us forever. But, it was a beautiful drive.


a f1006 ut rd z_155_1.JPG (42612 bytes)   a f1006 ut rd z_160 st road_1.JPG (21311 bytes)   a f1006 ut rd z_164 trees_1.jpg (42729 bytes)   a f1006 ut rd z_169 hill_1.jpg (49742 bytes)  



a f1006 ut rd z_207 hill trees_1.jpg (66452 bytes)           a f1006 ut rd z_211 hills house_1.jpg (52416 bytes)           a f1006 ut rd z_221 hills_1.jpg (34344 bytes)
An interesting backyard . . .



Check out all the box trailers at this Wal-Mart distribution center . . .




a f1006 ut rd z_229 mtns_1.jpg (25634 bytes)                                   a f1006 ut rd z_245 st george_1.JPG (47372 bytes)   <  St. George - the tire search ended here.




a f1006 ut rd z_254 houses crop_1.jpg (39609 bytes)
Another interesting backyard . . .




The road returning from St. George . . .                               

a f1006 ut rd z_267 road_1.jpg (24973 bytes)                                                   a f1006 ut rd z_274 h on mtn_1.jpg (42212 bytes)


 a f1006 ut rd z_287 road_1.jpg (27079 bytes)   a f1006 ut rd z_292 road_1.jpg (33710 bytes)   a f1006 ut rd z_295 road_1.jpg (43598 bytes)


a f1006 ut rd z_314 mtn yard_1.JPG (78804 bytes)       a f1006 ut rd z_321_1.jpg (36990 bytes)


We arrived at Zion National Park late in the afternoon.



On the road to Bryce . . .



a f1009 bryce_187_1.JPG (56325 bytes)      a f1009 bryce_189_1.JPG (39091 bytes)


a f1009 bryce_200_1.JPG (52472 bytes)      a f1009 bryce_217_1.JPG (42383 bytes)



a f1009 bryce_222_1.JPG (44725 bytes)      a f1009 bryce_231_1.JPG (50200 bytes)
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.




Driving toward our campground a tinge of red could be seen. Leaving the campground, driving toward Bryce Canyon National Park red was the color. 

a f1009 bryce_255_1.JPG (31336 bytes)   a f1009 bryce_259 camp red canyon ut_1.JPG (40692 bytes)   a f1009 bryce_262 rc_1.JPG (36110 bytes)



Red Rock Canyon . . .


a f1009 bryce_263 rc_1.JPG (48957 bytes)      a f1009 bryce_267 rc road_1.JPG (42186 bytes)





Everyone wants a photograph of their RV at scenic locations.


       < A second tunnel . . .



a f1009 bryce_286 rc_1.JPG (52665 bytes)      a f1009 bryce_291_1.JPG (41666 bytes)



This may not be an 'international' airport.


      a f1009 bryce_293_1.JPG (39725 bytes)



On the road to Arches . . .




a f1010ut rd_109 road trees_1.jpg (32704 bytes)    



Sometimes your driving causes you to almost miss a great photo op. This cowboy was rounding up a cow that wandered outside the fence. Getting the camera in operation almost took too long for photographs. The first photograph was made over Fred's shoulder. The other two were made using the truck's mirror. The quality is not good but they are consistent with our desire to tell a story as well as post photograph.


     a f1010ut rd_116 cowboy in mirror_1.jpg (19664 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_118 cowboy in mirror_1.jpg (20017 bytes)






a f1010ut rd_122_1.jpg (30988 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_129 hills_1.jpg (40888 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_133 hills_1.jpg (27450 bytes)



From flat green fields . . .

a f1010ut rd_136 road mtns_1.jpg (22259 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_142 mtns green_1.jpg (27216 bytes)



. . . to snow capped mountains . . .




. . . to interesting buildings, the ride offered a variety of views.

a f1010ut rd_146 school_1.jpg (64888 bytes)               a f1010ut rd_147 house_1.jpg (74961 bytes)  



Then, we started seeing the Sevier River.


a f1010ut rd_167 hill_1.jpg (42956 bytes)     a f1010ut rd_170 hill pink_1.JPG (61617 bytes)



a f1010ut rd_172 hill yellow_1.JPG (45719 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_176 hills blk top_1.JPG (57271 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_178 hills_1.jpg (48342 bytes)


a f1010ut rd_182 pointed rock_1.JPG (54785 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_193 hill white_1.JPG (37503 bytes)         








 a f1010ut rd_197a  mtn w an e_1.jpg (67656 bytes)  Near Elsinore . . .




a f1010ut rd_205 natural gas sign_1.jpg (46741 bytes)We have seen many signs but this is the first one advertising natural gas for vehicles.







In order to post some of the great views we have seen, many times we crop the truck's door frame out of a photograph. This photograph of a tunnel made the cut, door frame and HHII included.



a f1010ut rd_206 hill layered_1.jpg (22023 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_209 hill red_1.jpg (27630 bytes)  




Eastbound on I-70, we had no idea we were going to travel through such beautiful scenery. A truck driver described this section of road as "Awesome", we agree.





a f1010ut rd_228 hwy rock_1.jpg (38614 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_239 hill w rocks_1.JPG (52837 bytes)  a f1010ut rd_245 terrain_1.jpg (43245 bytes)




Entering The San Rafael Swell area . . . just east of Exit 97 on I-70. It is 30 miles of fantastic terrain.



a f1010ut rd_246 rocks flat_1.JPG (43041 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_247 rocks flat_1.JPG (44627 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_248 rocks flat_1.JPG (41811 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_249 rocks flat_1.jpg (45861 bytes)       




a f1010ut rd_250 hill red_1.jpg (37926 bytes)    




 a f1010ut rd_252 tsrs_1.jpg (35878 bytes)



We must the final letter on this panel.



a f1010ut rd_258 tsrs_1.JPG (48038 bytes)      a f1010ut rd_256 tsrs_1.JPG (40169 bytes)




 a f1010ut rd_262 cv_1.jpg (13020 bytes)


Display panels informed you of Overviews and Attractions on this section of I-70.


a f1010ut rd_263 tsrs overviews_1.jpg (39350 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_264 tsrs attractions_1.jpg (58024 bytes)  









a f1010ut rd_272 ecv_1.jpg (12173 bytes)






a f1010ut rd_277 ecv_1.JPG (45923 bytes)  




   a f1010ut rd_280 ecv_1.JPG (45308 bytes)   



Under this sign, the local Indians were selling their wares. The jewelry products were organized and stitch on material for easy roll up and transportation to another location.


a f1010ut rd_382 ind no sol_1.jpg (31475 bytes)      a f1010ut rd_283 ind_1.JPG (46565 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_284 ind_1.JPG (61196 bytes)

                                a f1010ut rd_286 ind_1.JPG (53290 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_295 tsrs_1.JPG (48009 bytes)




 a f1010ut rd_294 tsrs_1.JPG (28163 bytes)        




      a f1010ut rd_303 tsrs_1.jpg (29568 bytes)





Moving on to the next viewpoint . . .


a f1010ut rd_308 hwy_1.JPG (37575 bytes)

a f1010ut rd_309 hwy_1.JPG (45294 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_313 hwy_1.jpg (27969 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_315 hwy_1.jpg (27110 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_317 why rocks_1.jpg (38053 bytes)




a f1010ut rd_330 htm_1.jpg (12718 bytes)











a f1010ut rd_335 htm_1.JPG (38813 bytes)  




a f1010ut rd_336 waw_1.jpg (12924 bytes)















   The San Rafael Knob - Elevation 7,921 feet.













a f1010ut rd_342 faw_1.jpg (14123 bytes)





a f1010ut rd_347 faw_1.JPG (46030 bytes)    




 a f1010ut rd_349 faw_1.JPG (68789 bytes)      a f1010ut rd_362 faw_1.JPG (67377 bytes)

 a f1010ut rd_365 faw_1.jpg (59639 bytes)



For a better view of the canyon, you walked out on a point.




a f1010ut rd_375 faw_1.JPG (75776 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_377 faw_1.JPG (57125 bytes)    




Big downhill in the road ahead . . .


       a f1010ut rd_398 faw_1.jpg (35485 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_399  hwy_1.JPG (37463 bytes)



a f1010ut rd_405 pointed rock_1.JPG (32832 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_408 pointed rock_1.JPG (30724 bytes)      





Ok, does this rock look like a locomotive with a cow pusher ?

a f1010ut rd_418 hwy across_1.jpg (41071 bytes)      a f1010ut rd_419 hwy across clo_1.JPG (39902 bytes)



a f1010ut rd_424 dome_1.JPG (37843 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_425 dome_1.JPG (40710 bytes)





a f1010ut rd_450 truck runaway sign_1.jpg (32977 bytes)Signs started warning about a steep decline ahead. On this trip there were many locations where we appreciated the exhaust brake on the truck. This was one of them.

 a f1010ut rd_454 truck runaway_1.jpg (44746 bytes)  



a f1010ut rd_464 truck downhill_1.JPG (54261 bytes)a f1010ut rd_461 hwy view area_1.jpg (31105 bytes)a f1010ut rd_463 truck downhill_1.JPG (40691 bytes)Starting the HHII moving on steep uphills is not economical. As much as possible, we try to stop at pull-offs, view areas or scenic turnouts on a downgrade. This one was on a downgrade and worth the stop.


   a f1010ut rd_484 swc_1.JPG (44601 bytes)



This 'view area' gave us a good look at Spotted Wolf Canyon.












On the road 'down' again . . .


a f1010ut rd_492 swc hwy_1.JPG (37439 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_497 swc hwy_1.JPG (45183 bytes)    a f1010ut rd_502 swc downhill_1.JPG (44820 bytes)




 a f1010ut rd_525 hwy_1.jpg (36111 bytes)   a f1010ut rd_526 hwy in mirror_1.JPG (29312 bytes)  




a f1010ut rd_540 hwy ranch exit_1.jpg (30929 bytes)In this part of the country, freeway exits can be few and far between. To give ranchers access to the freeway, 'ranch' interchanges have been constructed.










a f1010ut rd_542 hwy_1.JPG (40743 bytes)      a f1010ut rd_592 hwy_1.jpg (41898 bytes)




a f1010ut rd_610 maob restaurant_1.JPG (33674 bytes)In Moab, UT this restaurant has a good location overlooking the town.

                The entrance to Arches National Park is two miles outside of Moab.





On the road to Colorado . . .      The next day, we left Arches and headed toward Colorado.



a f1013utco rd_114 red pink rock_1.JPG (47963 bytes)  a f1013utco rd_116 red rock hill_1.JPG (56852 bytes)   From red to gray . . .





a f1013utco rd_177 tunnels twin_1.JPG (41803 bytes) < Twin tunnels . . .



The road followed the Colorado River.


                               a a f1013utco rd_133 co sign_1.jpg (32625 bytes)





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