On the road in Nevada - 2008 . . .
on our route from the Pacific Northwest


Updated: 11/30/08



e f1004nv road_101 nv sign_1.jpg (34941 bytes)We almost missed this sign welcoming us to Nevada.

After leaving the Reno area, we drove 470 miles diagonally across Nevada. We don't want to hurt the feelings of anyone who lives in Nevada ... but ... while some of it was pretty, it was a lot of the same looking sagebrush. If you turned off one seemingly endless straight road, you were on another seemingly endless straight road. The road was straight almost as far as you could see. It was straight because there was almost nothing in the way forcing a curve in the road. The road engineers seemed to draw a straight line from one mountain pass to another mountain pass to plot the road. A couple times, in the middle of nowhere, another route would peal off in another direction.



The terrain was very dry. Some people had their toys out on this dry lake bed. 







e f1004nv road_136 reno_1.JPG (41290 bytes)
Passing through Reno . . .




Outside of Reno the hills were larger and we started following a river.


      e f1004nv road_144 road rr_1.JPG (42054 bytes)



   e f1004nv road_149 truckee r_1_1.JPG (53646 bytes)

    e f1004nv road_150 truckee r_1_1.JPG (63537 bytes)

    e f1004nv road_151 truckee r_1.JPG (148481 bytes)





e f1004nv road_173 hills_1.JPG (43919 bytes)   e f1004nv road_176 hill rock_1.JPG (36575 bytes)




Signs tell you not to stop on the highway during a dust storm.


e f1004nv road_185 dust_1.JPG (31133 bytes)   e f1004nv road_186 dust_1.JPG (30632 bytes)   e f1004nv road_187 dust_1.JPG (26027 bytes)



The coloring of the mountains was very attractive.

   e f1004nv road_196 hill spot_1.JPG (46264 bytes)



Low 'flying' aircraft . . .

e f1004nv road_203 low aircraft_1.JPG (41431 bytes)  



Is that the end of the road? No, stay tuned.





e f1004nv road_220 hills brown_1.JPG (41704 bytes)   e f1004nv road_225 hills_1.jpg (27608 bytes)   e f1004nv road_226 hills fence_1.jpg (42661 bytes)   e f1004nv road_237 hills big_1.JPG (32235 bytes)




A lake with water in it was also rich in mineral content.     The terraced shore was different.     A look back at the lake.

e f1004nv road_270 lake minerals_1.JPG (33621 bytes)       e f1004nv road_306 lake shore ridges_1.jpg (34190 bytes)       e f1004nv road_332 lake_1.JPG (29286 bytes)




e f1004nv road_365 ammo_1.JPG (46618 bytes)e f1004nv road_357 ammo_1.JPG (47002 bytes)One area that we drove through was an U. S. Army Ammunition Plant.








As we drove by all of the the different buildings, it was fun to discuss what we thought they were used for.


e f1004nv road_345 ammo_1.JPG (38506 bytes)   e f1004nv road_350 ammo_1.JPG (42337 bytes)      e f1004nv road_362 ammo_1.JPG (34393 bytes)






The sun setting told us our first day driving in Nevada was coming to an end.





e f1004nv road_418 mtn sunset_1.JPG (27313 bytes)   e f1004nv road_423 mtn sunset_1.JPG (28218 bytes)




We stopped for the night in a rest area in Luning. It appeared to be a very depressed former mining town.


e f1004nv road_433 luning mine_1.JPG (29608 bytes)   e f1004nv road_434 luning mine_1.JPG (28521 bytes)



d f1005nv rd_100 lun_1.JPG (61978 bytes)      d f1005nv rd_106 lun_1.JPG (55281 bytes)






d f1005nv rd_117 min lake bed_1.JPG (44764 bytes)Every once in a while you would see a road heading into the mountains. One left this dry lake bed.







We did not stop to find out what a desert lobster was. We probably wouldn't want to know.  









We have frequently seen deer crossing signs . . . buy never a donkey crossing sign before. 











Another long road ahead of us . . .

d f1005nv rd_157 st road_1.JPG (24590 bytes)




Ah, civilization!



Do you see the head with long hair? Fred thinks he does.







d f1005nv rd_210 mtn_1.JPG (37699 bytes)



A Mc Donald's near Tonopah.





There seemed to be no end to the long road ahead of us.


d f1005nv rd_269 road ahead_1.JPG (29795 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_270 st road_1.JPG (28724 bytes)



A ranch with a very fancy entrance . . . 





This race track was also outside of  Tonopah.


d f1005nv rd_283 race track_1.jpg (44457 bytes)




More of the bunkers . . .





d f1005nv rd_295 nat forest no trees_1.jpg (42115 bytes)This sign designating the Toiyabe National Forest was interesting.     Where are the trees?

       d f1005nv rd_300 nv forest no trees_1.JPG (38609 bytes)



Signs indicated elevations were common.





Another long road ahead . . .

d f1005nv rd_311 road poles_1.JPG (36195 bytes)



We had lunch in a rest area where 'bad' water was available. The rest area was surrounded by barbed wire and the entrance was over a cattle grate.


d f1005nv rd_314 lunch_1.JPG (25649 bytes)      


   d f1005nv rd_320 nv forest_1.JPG (83435 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_345 flower_1.JPG (93102 bytes)



d f1005nv rd_329 wmill_1.JPG (26168 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_332 wmill_1.JPG (28187 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_343 wmill_1.JPG (36789 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_344 wmill_1.JPG (26883 bytes)   




We stopped just outside the rest area to make a photograph with a mountain background.




Ernie Harwell talks about 'a house BY the side of the road'.
This is a mountain IN the road.




The road continued for what seemed like forever. So did the line of utility poles.




Finally, a real intersection. 

d f1005nv rd_409 jtc sign_1.jpg (32369 bytes)



We never saw a donkey near the road. We did see cattle. 

d f1005nv rd_417 open range sign_1.jpg (43641 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_419 range cow_1.jpg (33304 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_421 range cows_1.jpg (31488 bytes)



Mountains on both sides, a lake on our left and a truck with hay for the cattle having difficulty finding enough grass to eat. 

d f1005nv rd_442 mtns_1.jpg (37648 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_453 lake_1.JPG (33311 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_462  load of hay_1.JPG (30964 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_493 circle irragator_1.jpg (30748 bytes)



We have seen bicyclists everywhere we have traveled.

d f1005nv rd_509 bicyclist_1.jpg (36012 bytes)      d f1005nv rd_527 road behind_1.jpg (41103 bytes)



We were beginning to think that nothing was on this section to this road . . .


d f1005nv rd_540 mtns_1.JPG (38637 bytes)      



. . . when we came upon Rachel, Nevada.



d f1005nv rd_578 rn elev_1.jpg (30316 bytes)Rachel is located in an area known for sightings of alien travelers.








It has an air traffic control tower.

   d f1005nv rd_564 rn_1.JPG (42139 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_566 rn_1.jpg (36414 bytes)

    And, a modern fire truck. 








   d f1005nv rd_571 rn_1.JPG (53400 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_569 rn_1.JPG (47895 bytes)


d f1005nv rd_567 rn_1.JPG (62105 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_572  rn_1.JPG (27867 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_573 rn_1.JPG (37738 bytes)




d f1005nv rd_575 rn_1.JPG (29925 bytes)Wouldn't you know it, we had to wait for traffic (one truck) to return to our route.






It looked like mining was the initial draw to  Rachel.


 d f1005nv rd_579 rn_1.JPG (48437 bytes)  



Mary Lou thought these skid marks were related to this being a cattle crossing area. This steer just looked at us from a distance.





Soon we came upon some taller plants. Maybe a type of cactus? A pine?


d f1005nv rd_623 bush_1.JPG (43932 bytes)     

    d f1005nv rd_643 bush crop_1.jpg (32662 bytes)



This is the biggest roadkill we have ever seen. 





As we approached U.S. Route 93, an alien theme appeared again.


   d f1005nv rd_689 lake_1.JPG (37725 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_692 alien_1.jpg (47487 bytes)


d f1005nv rd_696 sheep_1.jpg (32573 bytes)      d f1005nv rd_702 alien sign_1.jpg (40479 bytes)



The terrain changed  - big rocks were visible.


d f1005nv rd_730 rocks_1.JPG (38167 bytes)  



And, more road ahead . . . 

d f1005nv rd_733 st road_1.JPG (32535 bytes)



d f1005nv rd_744  bush wide_1.JPG (39723 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_752 bush_1.JPG (40016 bytes)




We started seeing some 'real' trees.

   d f1005nv rd_759  trees_1.JPG (34057 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_775  trees bush_1.JPG (52253 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_781  hillside_1.JPG (63713 bytes)   d f1005nv rd_786 hill slide_1.JPG (37101 bytes)



This was a 'boys town' type of housing just outside Caliente.




Well, we are proof that timing IS everything. 

d f1005nv rd_797 hh tire_1.JPG (46854 bytes)g f1006nv ut z_269 hh tire_1.JPG (37625 bytes)We were blessed with a SAFE tire failure. After all those miles and hours in desolate desert areas of Nevada, our right front trailer tire decided to give out at slow speed in the town of Caliente, Nevada. We could see a Goodyear dealer about a quarter of a mile down the road. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday evening. However, our road service company provided a tire change within about an hour and a half. We found nothing in the tread but turning the tire over, the problem was clearly visible. The service man told Fred it looked like a warranted tire separation issue.


g f1006nv ut z_100 camp caliente nv tire dlr_1.JPG (40131 bytes)Not wanting to drive very far without a spare, after our spare was put on the trailer, we drove to the Goodyear dealer and spent Sunday night next to his building. Monday turned out to be a 'search for a tire day'. Monday morning the Caliente dealer told us he did not have a tire like ours. He sent us to the Goodyear dealer who provided the road service - 60 miles away in Beryl, Utah. It was on our route so we proceeded. That dealer could get us a tire on Thursday. He sent us another 60 miles to Cedar City where we could 'for sure' get a tire. That dealer had an 'off brand' that they use in that area in our size. But, Fred did not want to do that. The dealer called St. George and the dealer there had six tires like ours - 30 mile off our route but we would have a spare. The write-up guy told Fred it was road damage and would not be warranted. But, the tire price was $45 more per tire than the current price at home. He knocked off $20 based on the phone call with the Cedar City dealer. Still not acceptable. Fred had almost decided to buy one tire as a spare when the write-up guy made an unbelievable offer. He would GIVE us a used tire in our size to get us home. Fred questioned the charge for mounting and he said 'no charge'. Fred questioned the deal again. The write-up guy told the installer there would be no invoice on the job but that Fred was going to buy him a sandwich. What a deal! In 30 minutes were were on the road again and Jeff was enjoying lunch.

This was more than you needed to know. But, it is always good to hear about a happy ending when dealing with road service, retail stores and service people when traveling. 



As a result of the tire search, we lost a day off our very flexible itinerary. We found time to make a couple photographs in Nevada Monday but our focus was on tires.


   g f1006nv road_108_1.JPG (33327 bytes)



A lot of hay . . .

g f1006nv road_115 hay_1.JPG (36566 bytes)



Next stop, Utah.



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