Shawnee, OK - Fall 2006 

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Chanute, Kansas

HitchHikers of America International Rally - 2006

Santa Fe Depot Museum


We were in Oklahoma as part of our Fall, 2006 Trip to the Southwestern states. Our first destination was the HitchHiker II factory in Chanute, KS for a resolution to a window leak. Following that, we went to the HitchHikers of America International Rally in Shawnee, OK. Our next destination will be the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta on a HH tour.


Chanute, Kansas


We know Chanute is not in Oklahoma but we wanted to post a new attraction found in Chanute to our Web site. It is the Chanute-Wright Memorial.


cha 9-06 history flight.JPG (67369 bytes)            cha 9-06 mem sign.JPG (40986 bytes)            cha 9-06 octave chanute.JPG (46986 bytes)


Every element of the memorial rotates with the wind.

cha 9-06 plane.JPG (24812 bytes)


cha 9-06 people three.JPG (64639 bytes)      cha 9-06 people wrench.JPG (46974 bytes)



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HitchHikers of America International Rally - 2006



va g emblem.JPG (88030 bytes)


va a rows of hh hh2 03.JPG (17852 bytes)
The last we heard there were
118 HitchHiker RVs at the rally.


Dolores and Don opened the rally Monday evening. All day Monday the RVs were arriving and parked in the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center in Shawnee, OK. Many had been parked earlier - we were parked on Saturday so we were ready for the tour of Oklahoma City on Sunday.

va mon dolores don 08.JPG (20416 bytes)   va mon marilyn curt 11.JPG (20084 bytes)They had help from a lot of volunteers but especially from Marilyn and Curt.






va mon 15 staff.JPG (26429 bytes)The first introduction was of the NuWa staff members attending the rally. The NuWa staff provides a wealth of information for HitchHiker and HitchHiker II owners.

va mon crowd 05.JPG (41083 bytes)



After the introductions and some announcements, an ice cream social was enjoyed by all. We didn't mind standing in line for the ice cream, toppings and brownies to put it all on. Oh yes, the fellowship with fellow HitchHikers was also enjoyed.




va mon 38 ice cream toppings.JPG (34237 bytes)      va mon ice cream plus 36.JPG (42213 bytes)


It is so, so good!

va mon 41 ice cream good 2.JPG (39893 bytes)      va mon 39 ice cream good.JPG (32549 bytes)



Tuesday started with a continental breakfast sponsored by one of the vendors. That was followed by a focus group with the NuWa staff. The focus group is informative for the owners and the NuWa staff.


The craft class this year made a snowman. The sample is on the table.

ub tues craft room 002.JPG (34111 bytes)



ub tues seminars 007.JPG (31453 bytes)Some of the best scheduled events are the seminars conducted by the suppliers of products used in the manufacturing of NuWa products. The vendor representatives are very helpful.  






Bolo golf and jokers were on the game schedule for the afternoon.


ub tues bolo golf 010.JPG (35340 bytes)      ub tues bol golf 2 020.JPG (32302 bytes)


ub tues jokers 1 022.JPG (42618 bytes)      ub tues jokers 2 025.JPG (30022 bytes)



ub tues les gilliam 033.JPG (35359 bytes)The evenings entertainment was a performer who, as a child, met Gene Autry, the singing cowboy.






tc wed breakfast wait 009.JPG (39813 bytes)Wednesday started with a catered breakfast. It was very good. Well worth another wait in line. And, standing in line is another opportunity for fellowship.

tc wed breakfast line 1 002.JPG (41324 bytes)      tc wed breakfast line 2 001.JPG (36156 bytes)


tc wed breakfast eating 008.JPG (38281 bytes)



After a morning and early afternoon of seminars on various subjects, the games began. Today was set aside for bean bag baseball and dominos.


tc wed bbb batter 011.JPG (37571 bytes)            tc wed bbb second 013.JPG (33796 bytes)


tc wed dominos 021.JPG (37032 bytes)            tc wed dominos 2 023.JPG (38830 bytes)



The evening schedule called for a Crazy Hat Contest and bingo. The competition for the craziest hat was fierce.


tc wed hat pig 036.JPG (16834 bytes)      tc wed hat cans.JPG (22478 bytes)      tc wed hat hands 033.JPG (24314 bytes)


tc wed hats garfield 062.JPG (31361 bytes)      tc wed hats golf 078.JPG (21605 bytes)      tc wed hats scarecrow 080.JPG (24410 bytes)


The voting . . .
tc wed hats voting 065.JPG (33481 bytes)



While not many people battled for the crazy hat prize, most people played bingo. Some of the prizes were big - a club membership, camping and cash.


tc wed bingo all 088.JPG (43823 bytes)            tc wed bingo 1087.JPG (38919 bytes)



Thursday was a busy morning, a busy evening but a mid-day with all free time. The day started with the presentation of the tours available for 2007. We signed up for the Nova Scotia, Branson and next year's International Rally. The group was also asked where we wanted to go in 2008.



sd thur rh four 005.JPG (60714 bytes)The next event on the schedule was the Red Hat Luncheon. This is also an opportunity for the guys to go to lunch together - without red hats.





The catered luncheon was just right for women. Following lunch they played a few word games, listened to a presentation of humorous poems and enjoyed the company of other women.


sd thur rh food 008.JPG (22364 bytes)      sd thur rh eating 010.JPG (29512 bytes)

sd thur rh speaker 016.JPG (36800 bytes)      sd thur rh seating 006.JPG (37762 bytes)



sd thur crafts all 023.JPG (37645 bytes)Every year a craft sale is planned. Sometimes there are a lot of tables, sometime a few. 







Our Bocci Ball tournament was held in the afternoon.


sd thur bocci ball 1 032.JPG (51230 bytes)      sd thur bocci ball 2 033.JPG (53654 bytes)




sd thur d RV first 043.JPG (24169 bytes)The farewell Thursday night dinner was delicious. Another meal worth standing in line for. This time Larry released the group table by table to keep the line shorter. Appropriately, he started with RV and Janice's table. RV is the Service Manager at the HitchHiker plant. He works hard the entire rally taking care of issues the owners have. You could tell from the applause when RV was introduced that his efforts are appreciated. 


sd thur d food line 047.JPG (36876 bytes)      sd thur d dessert 041.JPG (32075 bytes)


sd thur d tables 049.JPG (44921 bytes)         sd thur d smile 056.JPG (43061 bytes)



Closing ceremonies on Thursday night included the Memorial Bear and the 'HitchHiking' Kangaroo. The Memorial bear honors our members who have died during the year. The 'HitchHiking' Kangaroo will ride with a member family and report back where he traveled during the year until the next rally.


sd thur bear 058.JPG (21975 bytes)                                 sd thur kang 061.JPG (22962 bytes)      sd thur kang handoff 062.JPG (23414 bytes)



Awards were also presented. The following photographs are some of the 'winners' of the various games and contests held during the rally. Of course, the real fun was the participation with HitchHiker friends.


sd thur winners 1 082.JPG (36450 bytes)

sd thur winners 2 074.JPG (31647 bytes)                         sd thur winners 3 092.JPG (28110 bytes)

sd thur winners 4 097.JPG (28671 bytes)



Dave Moore was the evening's entertainment. He played the guitar, harmonica and accordion. He played the guitar and harmonica at the same time ... but ... for some reason could not sing and play the harmonica at the same time. 


sd thur dave moore 105.JPG (16100 bytes)      sd thur dave moore acc 118.JPG (17283 bytes)



sd thur larry 114.JPG (19538 bytes)Larry was sitting in the back of the room enjoying the performance and/or evaluating his selection of the entertainer for the night. 






re fri breakfast 07.JPG (32034 bytes)Friday's continental breakfast is the last event. It is a chance for everyone to say 'good-bye' or 'see you down the road'.

Some of us stayed at the Shawnee Expo a couple more days before heading for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.





The rally requires a lot of work by the Larry's office staff, the event managers, their assistants and volunteers.

sd thur d six  057.JPG (39742 bytes)

Our thanks to everyone!



Note: We have a page on our Web site for the optional tour of Oklahoma City, OK - Fall 2006 .


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Santa Fe Depot Museum


This is the first house built in Shawnee.

w sa1 34 first house frt.JPG (48926 bytes)           w sa1 37 first house sign.JPG (31434 bytes)            w sa1 27 first house side.JPG (61561 bytes)



Beside the house was the Humane Fountain used in Shawnee to water horses in the upper trough and smaller animals in the lower troughs.


w sa1 47 humane fountain.JPG (70119 bytes)            w sa1 45 humane fountain sign.JPG (90952 bytes)



The house was located behind the Santa Fe Depot Museum.  Built in 1904, the Romanesque style resembles a castle. It is built of limestone brought from Indiana.


w sa1 12 train station 2.JPG (36031 bytes)      w sa1 07 train station 1.JPG (40772 bytes)      w sa1 22 train station side.JPG (44001 bytes)



Inside the train station is an accumulation of artifacts from the Shawnee area.



dasa train m foot x-ray frt.JPG (35536 bytes)The first thing we noticed was the foot x-ray we remembered from our childhood. We remember how neat it was to look in the machine and see the bones in your feet. Of course, Mom and the shoe salesperson looked in the rear viewers to make sure the shoes fit.

       dasa train m foot x-ray rr.JPG (30504 bytes)



The narrow roof boards are the wood from the sides of old railcars.

dasa train m roof.JPG (40320 bytes)



Other items . . . 


dasa train m switchboard.JPG (42049 bytes)      dasa train m side saddle.JPG (41284 bytes)      dasa train m horse hwrd.JPG (35616 bytes)


dasa train m caps.JPG (27905 bytes)      dasa train m dress plus.JPG (46039 bytes)


dasa train m 1917 ford.JPG (49974 bytes)



Three train cars were on display next to the train station.


w sa1 02 caboose.JPG (56596 bytes)           w sa1 16 caboose tanker.JPG (57653 bytes)



Admission is a recommended donation of $2 for adults, $1 for students. The museum is open, Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm, on weekends, 2pm - 4pm.


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