Oklahoma City, OK - Fall 2006 

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Oklahoma City

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum



Oklahoma City

w ok city06 skyline.JPG (24014 bytes)



The bronze figure of an American Indian is on top of the Capitol Building.

w ok city06 cap bldg.JPG (31756 bytes)



To rejuvenate the downtown area, the city built a canal in what they call Bricktown. The city owns the Bricktown Canal, the boats are vendor owned. The city fire hydrants are used to fill the canal. The area now draws people to the shops and restaurants. We chartered two boats for our group. It was an interesting and fun ride through the canal. A fee of $6.50 (seniors $5.50) lets you ride all day.


w ok city06 canel high.JPG (55402 bytes)            w ok city06 canal 3.JPG (63669 bytes)


w ok city06 canal 2.JPG (37582 bytes)


w ok city06 canel sidewalk.JPG (52272 bytes)           w ok city06 canal restaurants.JPG (51753 bytes)


w ok city06 ducks.JPG (53568 bytes)            w ok city06 mural.JPG (43534 bytes)



The city is in the process of erecting 46 (they were the 46th state admitted to the Union) Land Run Sculptures in their Centennial Park. Some will be visible from the canal boats.


w ok city06 sc wagon team.JPG (39775 bytes)      w ok city06 sc rider.JPG (60649 bytes)

w ok city06 cons wagon all.JPG (41476 bytes)



The city sells buffalos as a fund raiser. Did you notice the short pants on the UPS buffalo?


w ok city06 buffalo colored.JPG (66071 bytes)      w ok city06 buffalo ups.JPG (37456 bytes)      w ok city06 buffalo ups shorts.JPG (31140 bytes)



w ok city06 rock climb.JPG (38070 bytes)This building was converted to a rock climbing venue. Once the operator feels you have mastered the inside climbing areas, you graduate to the outside of the building. 





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National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum


cb mus 06 sc first.JPG (40677 bytes)This impressive sculpture greets you as you walk in the door.


      cb mus 06 os bldg.JPG (42311 bytes)      cb mus 06 lobby.JPG (26001 bytes)      



Sculptures were plentiful inside and outside the building.


cb mus 06 buffalo bill.JPG (21109 bytes)      cb mus 06 calvary.JPG (38900 bytes)      cb mus 06 reagan.JPG (12162 bytes)


cb mus 06 sc cowboys two.JPG (32102 bytes)      cb mus 06 sc os four.JPG (83363 bytes)      cb mus 06 sc os two.JPG (65914 bytes)



Many exhibits show the cowboy and western way of life.


cb mus 06  gun training.JPG (38965 bytes)      cb mus 06 bunkhouse.JPG (35376 bytes)      cb mus 06 exhibit cook.JPG (40906 bytes)


cb mus 06 clothes.JPG (28692 bytes)      cb mus 06 coat indian.JPG (58795 bytes)


cb mus 06 spurs.JPG (31830 bytes)      cb mus 06 saddles and guns 1.JPG (34498 bytes)      cb mus 06 saddles and guns 2.JPG (32689 bytes)



cb mus 06 town sign.JPG (31715 bytes)One exhibit was a small town.

    cb mus 06 town 3.JPG (37699 bytes)    cb mus 06 town 1.JPG (20987 bytes)    cb mus 06 town 2.JPG (20565 bytes)

This exhibit had a sky at twilight - too dark for good photographs.



A display of 1.300 types of barbed wire fencing was well organized. If you look closely at the photograph on the right, you will noticed some of them are barbed wood fencing.


cb mus 06 barb wire 1.JPG (38358 bytes)       cb mus 06 barb wire 2.JPG (31493 bytes)      cb mus 06 barb wood.JPG (34928 bytes)



One room had a large collection of branding irons.


cb mus 06 branding irons.JPG (29547 bytes)



The floor in one room was tiled with a map indicating the large ranches and their livestock brands.


cb mus 06 map.JPG (19230 bytes)            cb mus 06 map clo.JPG (35804 bytes)



cb mus 06 hall of fame.JPG (26271 bytes)One hallway displayed plaques honoring people in rodeo and other western type professions - performers, champion cowboys, writers and artists.






cb mus 06 rodeo sign.JPG (51904 bytes)Rodeo was the way cowboys had fun and competed with each other.


    cb mus 06 rodeo yard.JPG (40604 bytes)    cb mus 06 rodeo bucking.JPG (46765 bytes)    cb mus 06 rodeo bucking clo.JPG (35703 bytes)

cb mus 06 saddle mem.JPG (49896 bytes)




cb mus 06 gallery 1.JPG (26128 bytes)As we were with a tour group, we did not have time to appreciate the art gallery. The collection was fantastic.

  cb mus 06 gallery 2.JPG (22966 bytes)



cb mus 06 room wide.JPG (22647 bytes)Across the hallway from the dining room was a huge hall. It was decorated with large pictures in each corner.

cb mus 06 room pic 1.JPG (21491 bytes)    cb mus 06 room pic 2.JPG (24175 bytes)    cb mus 06 room pic 3.JPG (32508 bytes)



NOTE: Our bus driver gave us two hours for this attraction. If time permits, we suggest you allow at least three hours. Admission is $8.50 for adults, $7.00 for seniors and $4.00 for children (6-12). It is open 9am - 5pm daily.


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Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum


This memorial honors the victims, survivors, rescuers and all who were changed forever on April 19, 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed.

The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial includes The Gates of Time, Reflecting Pool, Field of Empty Chairs, Children Area, Rescuers' Orchard, The Survivor Tree, Fence and Survivor Wall. The story told by the park ranger regarding the symbolism of each item and its placement was very moving.


w ocnm 06 reflect east.JPG (33492 bytes)      w ocnm 06 reflect west.JPG (33270 bytes)

The Gates of Time frame the moment of destruction 9:02
and mark the formal entrances to the Memorial.



dasa ocnm tree 4.jpg (37850 bytes)

The gently flowing water of The Reflecting Pool is intended to 
soothe wounds, with gently flowing water and calming sounds.



w ocnm 06 chairs.JPG (44303 bytes)            w ocnm 06 chair name.JPG (30944 bytes)
In the Field of Empty Chairs, each chair is made of bronze
and stone, its glass base is etched with the name of a victim.
(When lit at night, the names are more visible.)



w ocnm 06 wall.JPG (43346 bytes)On the east end of the memorial stands the only remaining walls from the Murrah Building now known as the Survivor Wall. On it is mounted a piece of granite from the Murrah Building lobby with the names of those who survived.






The Survivor Tree, a 90 year old American Elm, stands as symbol of human resilience. The plaque reads: The spirit of this city and this nation will not be defeated; our deeply rooted faith sustains us.


w ocnm 06 the survivor tree.JPG (41209 bytes)




w ocnm 06 orchard.JPG (53223 bytes)The Rescuers' Orchard is an army of fruit and flower-bearing trees surrounding and protecting the Survivor Tree. The trees were planted to honor the many people who came to lend a helping hand.







w ocnm 06 children tiles.JPG (66207 bytes)The Children's Area includes a wall of tiles made by school children. They received so many, expressions of encouragement from children they incorporated them memorial.
  w ocnm 06 hand prints.JPG (52693 bytes)







These oversize chalkboards provide a place where children of all ages can continue to share their feelings.

w ocnm 06 chalk patio.JPG (41916 bytes)      w ocnm 06 chalk woman.JPG (39638 bytes)



These maps show how the area was changed.


w ocnm 06 site before.JPG (23488 bytes)            w ocnm 06 site after.JPG (34009 bytes)



w ocnm 06 view fr museum.JPG (33145 bytes)The museum did not permit photography of any kind inside the building. It included photographs and artifacts from the bombing. We also saw a temporary exhibit of the 'Behind the Scenes' from the FBI. I did take this one photograph of the chairs across the reflecting pool.





A portion of the fence that surrounded the bombed building was retained as part of the memorial. This fence was moved to its current location by family members, survivors and rescue workers at the time of the ground breaking of the Memorial. There are more than 200 feet of the fence where visitors can leave tokens of remembrance and hope.

w ocnm 06 fence.JPG (48788 bytes)



The Oklahoma City National Memorial visit was very moving. The Memorial's Missions statement is powerful: "We come here to remember those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever. May all who leave here know the impact of violence. May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity."


The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no charge to tour the Memorial grounds. The Memorial Museum tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors. It is open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sunday 1 - 6pm.



okc memorial post card.jpg (29686 bytes)Our bus tour took place in the mid-afternoon. A friend let me scan a postcard she purchased so I could see and show you a night view.     (Thanks, Marilyn P.)






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