Iowa - 2004

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Effigy Mounds National Monument        Field of Dreams Movie Site      

Herbert Hoover National Historical Site and Library         

National Farm Toy Museum        National Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame        

Pikes Peak State Park        


Click here to see our IA 2004 - Along the way page from our time in Iowa .


Effigy Mounds National Monument - Marquette IA


wem model 1.jpg (56875 bytes)Within the National Monument are 206 known prehistoric mounds. The trails to the effigy mounds are all 2.5 miles or more in length. As we had seen effigy mounds at Wylusing State Park WI, we did not want to spend that amount of time at this location. However, the information at the national monument is much more complete. These photographs are of a model of the park in the visitors center. If you enlarge the thumbnails, the location and shapes of the mounds are visible. The entry fee is $4 per person without a Golden Eagle Passport. Including the video and museum, expect to be in the visitor's center an hour. 

wem model 2.jpg (64090 bytes)            wem model 3.jpg (62854 bytes)


You are looking for these shapes.

wem types.jpg (19257 bytes)



Instead of digging into the mounds, research methods have been developed that cause less disruption to the mounds. Inside the mounds look something like the second photograph.

wem high tech.jpg (32220 bytes)            wem inside.jpg (17154 bytes)


In addition to the information on the American Indian society and effigy mounds, the visitor center's museum has a nice display of stuffed animals and birds on display, including this bald eagle.

wem eagle.jpg (46004 bytes)


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Field of Dreams Movie Site - Dyersville IA


The movie Field of Dreams, released in 1989, was filmed here at the Lansing family farmhouse and field. The 91 year old farm was selected from among many Iowa farms. You can bring their baseball equipment and play on the field. Entry is free. We spent about a half-hour on the grounds.

wfod field.jpg (31891 bytes)            wfod house.jpg (33537 bytes)



An interesting competition is seen at this location.

During filming the set actually included land on two farms.wfod power lines.jpg (25145 bytes) Center and Left field is now owned by an out-of-state investor who operates a gift shop in competition with the Lansing family gift shop. The utility line separates the 'Field of Dreams Movie Site' from the 'Left and Center Field of Dreams' attraction. We chose to support the Lansing family and spent our time on the right side of the power lines. As the photograph shows, there are two separate entrance roads, we took the road on the right.


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Herbert Hoover National Historical Site and Library - West Branch IA

Access to the grounds was $4 per person.


whh house frt.jpg (56161 bytes)Herbert Hoover, mining engineer, humanitarian, statesman and 31st President of the United States was born August 10, 1874 in this two-room cottage.

 whh house rr.jpg (60458 bytes)Rear of cottage.


His cradle and child chair are displayed inside the cottage.

whh cradle.jpg (48151 bytes)            whh child chair.jpg (38776 bytes)



Hoover wanted to be buried within view of his birthplace. He wanted people to know that in the United States anyone can attain greatness.

whh burial fr house.jpg (57337 bytes)            whh burial fr porch.jpg (39650 bytes)

View from cottage                View from burial site


whh burial site.jpg (45774 bytes)            whh burials.jpg (35160 bytes)



The Hoover Presidential Library includes a full history of his life.

whh library.jpg (30209 bytes)


Hoover became known for his European Relief activities and later his support of the Boys Club organization.

whh euro relief.jpg (27409 bytes) whh flour sacks.jpg (26673 bytes) whh boys club.jpg (18188 bytes)


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National Farm Toy Museum - Dyersville IA


wftm four models.jpg (50233 bytes)



The displays show large and small toys. It includes 30,000 toys and exhibits. An admission fee of $4 is collected. Allow about two hours.

wftm display 1.jpg (40485 bytes)            wftm disp lg and sm.jpg (34342 bytes)

wftm disp 2.jpg (38923 bytes)            wftm disp 3.jpg (36668 bytes)



wftm first ertl.jpg (25662 bytes)This is the first Ertl toy produced.


wftm mold.jpg (21931 bytes)These tooling molds represent many thousands of dollars of investment for each toy. 




Toys are made in different size scales to the real thing. This exhibit showed four scales and the number of toy tractors to the real one.

wftm scale to full.jpg (33887 bytes)            wftm scales four.jpg (42167 bytes)



wftm handmade.jpg (37073 bytes)Not all models are mass produced. This model is made of all metal parts and all parts are welded not glued.





Not all models were tractors.

wftm jd truck.jpg (30688 bytes)            wftm usa truck.jpg (32654 bytes)



They demonstrate the history of farming using toys. These exhibits are of farms of four decades.

wftm farm 1920.jpg (30256 bytes)            wftm farm 1940.jpg (29491 bytes)
                 1920                                          1940

wftm farm 1960.jpg (33569 bytes)            wftm farm 1980.jpg (32613 bytes)
1960                                               1980                



Another exhibit showed the progression of farming methods from early times until today.

wftm history 1.jpg (22068 bytes) wftm history 2.jpg (22054 bytes) wftm history 3.jpg (32350 bytes)


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National Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame - Anamosa IA


They have over two hundred vintage motorcycles on exhibit. Allow about two hours for the walk-thru. Admission is $5 per person.

wmhf aisle 1.jpg (67758 bytes)            wmhf aisle 2.jpg (47072 bytes)


This 1910 Harley-Davidson is the first one you see.

wmhf 1910 hd.jpg (49520 bytes)



While all are not restored, most are.

wmhf restored n.jpg (59459 bytes)            wmhf restored y.jpg (55633 bytes)



Every shape and size could be seen.

wmhf blue.jpg (58510 bytes)           wmhf sears.jpg (55719 bytes)



wmhf sturgis 50th.jpg (57631 bytes)This Harley was restored by a Hall of Fame member to commemorate the Sturgis 50th  anniversary.





Fred is partial to three wheel motorcycles.

wmhf servicar f.jpg (54441 bytes)            wmhf servicar r.jpg (45570 bytes)



Did you know that Harley-Davidson produced snowmobiles for a short time? Or, that motorcycles can tow boats?

wmhf snowmobile.jpg (34501 bytes)            wmhf mc with boat.jpg (28708 bytes)



They had a very unique collection of riding toys on display.

wmhf riding toys 1.jpg (37386 bytes)            wmhf riding toys 2.jpg (28114 bytes)


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Pikes Peak State Park - McGregor IA


wpp overlook top.jpg (29160 bytes)A outlook in this state park provides a spectacular view.  wpp overlook bot.jpg (48360 bytes)



wpp view left.jpg (51783 bytes) wpp view lft ctr.jpg (45025 bytes) wpp view ctr.jpg (38120 bytes)

The end of the ridge in the right photograph is the is the location of the overlook in Wylusing State Park WI. When we were there we did not know to look for the Pikes Peak overlook.


A sign directed us to Bridal Veil Falls. We like water falls. And, it was only four-tenths of a mile walk.

This is a view from part way along the 'walk'.

wpp stairs up.jpg (59911 bytes)            wpp stairs down.jpg (65356 bytes)

This part of where we came from ... and ... part of what was ahead of us.

 This is what we saw.

wpp bridal veil falls.jpg (72157 bytes)
Bridal Veil Falls

Then, we had to 'walk' back to the truck.


No entry fee was collected. The outlook is a short easy walk from the parking lot. If you 'walk' to the falls, add a little over a half-hour.


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