Family Reunion - 2007

Updated: 11/24/08


fifth wheel rigs on drive.jpg (47747 bytes)Again this year, our reunion was held in May.

Fred and Becky's circle driveway continues to provide a great parking location for our RVs. We attach our power cords to the electrical box under the porch and enjoy all the comforts of our RV homes. 



We arrived on Monday, a few days before the rest of the clan. This gives us some time alone with Fred's family. Thursday, Melanie's plane arrived. This gives Melanie a day with them. This staggered arrival schedule works out real well.


While Fred is known for always having his camera ready, we try to not use the camera a lot the first few days we are here. Caitlin and Nicholas spend a lot of time playing together - can't you tell!


1 fr07 thur c&n cheeks 016.JPG (39769 bytes)      1 fr07 thur c&n fun 017.JPG (61034 bytes)      1 fr07 thur n jump 001.JPG (29107 bytes)

The last photograph is a little blurry. Nicholas is jumping rope. 



Friday, when we had s'mores, the camera came out. Nicholas and Caitlin helped their dad with the fire. Nicholas sat on the wood pile while he took a break 


2 fr07 fri fire n wood 007.JPG (70665 bytes)      2 fr07 fri fire n resting 022.JPG (54990 bytes)



Caitlin showed Grandpa how she could twirl a stick like a baton.

2 fr07 fri stick baton 006.JPG (45852 bytes)



Fred really enjoyed building the fire. He really got into his work. But, his effort was worth it. Then he enjoyed watching his family cook s'mores.


2 fr07 fri fire f into 016.JPG (49664 bytes)   2 fr07 fri fire going 021.JPG (70609 bytes)   2 fr07 fri fire good 063.JPG (32288 bytes)   2 fr07 fri fred 034.JPG (35147 bytes)



Doesn't Caitlin look domestic?

2 fr07 fri c domestic 052.JPG (53595 bytes)



The cooking was fun . . . 


2 fr07 fri fire all 049.JPG (64864 bytes)      2 fr07 fri cooking n c 039.JPG (49080 bytes)      



The eating was better . . .


2 fr07 fri smore c057.JPG (30841 bytes)     2 fr07 fri smore n 056.JPG (28915 bytes)



While Melanie was being careful due to a knee injury, she seemed to enjoy observing. It was a real change from the usual Aunt Melanie who the grandchildren played hard and rough with.


      2 fr07 fri melanie 035.JPG (28234 bytes)      



Saturday seemed like it would never come according to Caitlin and Nicholas. But, Saturday did come.


3 fr07 sat m s arrive 001.JPG (47722 bytes)Michelle, Steve and the girls arrived. Fred heard them climbing the hill but could not get the camera on in time. Becky had to hug everyone. Caitlin was really happy to see her Michigan cousins again. And, she could not wait to tell Ashlyn a secret.


   3 fr07 sat cousins 010.JPG (53984 bytes)   3 fr07 sat c cute 032.JPG (34334 bytes)   3 fr07 sat secrets c a  047.JPG (36742 bytes)



3 fr07 sat 4 lunch 058.JPG (42712 bytes)Almost the first thing on the agenda was lunch. Aren't they just the best looking lunch group you have ever seen!






After lunch, the BIG girls disappeared and played with a remote controlled dog.
Caitlin 'drove' the dog and laughed hard as Ashlyn chased it.

 3 fr07 sat dog c 149.JPG (28940 bytes)    3 fr07 sat dog 152.JPG (42448 bytes)



3 fr07 sat pool 3 132.JPG (46718 bytes)It didn't take long for the pool to become the place to be. The BIG girls had a great time in the pool. However, if they had too good a time and splashed, Nicholas complained.

   3 fr07 sat pool a 101.JPG (35052 bytes)   3 fr07 sat pool c 102.JPG (41395 bytes)   3 fr07 sat pool n splash 083.JPG (31719 bytes)


3 fr07 sat c airborn 097.JPG (51684 bytes)
Airborne . . . 


Lillian didn't care to be in the pool.
She was happy just walking the beach (aka deck) in her cute bathing suit.
3 fr07 sat pool l deck 078.JPG (75536 bytes)



After time in the pool, it was time to sit and dry off.

      3 fr07 sat a c towels 177.JPG (35036 bytes)     



While they dried off, they were entertained by the REALLY BIG kids playing.


 3 fr07 sat game b m 139.JPG (55724 bytes)            3 fr07 sat game f s 141.JPG (64271 bytes)




b mwdc freezer us 126.JPG (46702 bytes)Late afternoon we toured an underground warehouse in Marengo, Indiana. It was a very interesting place. We have more photographs on the Crawford County page in Prior Destinations

b mwdc wh area 062.JPG (22784 bytes)            b mwdc tires 072.JPG (19309 bytes)  








3 fr07 sat end of day 199.JPG (34697 bytes)Before you knew it, the first official day of our family reunion ended. It was time for baths and bed. Having our own places to go is a big advantage of holding our family reunions at Fred and Becky's. Walk down the hill and you are home. 





Sunday after going to church and hearing Fred sing a solo, having lunch at a local restaurant, it was a hang around the house and birthday party day.


5 fr07 sun c & a clo cropped 453.JPG (47199 bytes)Even though the girls see each other twice a year, they seem to be fast friends. Maybe absence does make heart grow fonder. Either way, it is good to see them interact.

      5 fr07 sun c & l house 452.JPG (14782 bytes)


5 fr07 sun c and a finger nails 201.JPG (35821 bytes)
They do everything together.
Including doing their nails.




5 fr07 sun  c & n bd opening 270.JPG (39369 bytes)The annual joint birthday party for the grandchildren when they exchange gifts among themselves is part of every reunion. Then, we all eat cake and ice cream.

     5 fr07 sun bd four 254.JPG (33873 bytes)      5 fr07 sun bd four 266.JPG (34885 bytes)             



After the party, they enjoy playing with and wearing their new things.


      5 fr07 sun l &a watering 400.JPG (54364 bytes)  5 fr07 sun l sunglases 332.JPG (24052 bytes)  5 fr07 sun a watering 368.JPG (64204 bytes)  5 fr07 sun l watering 380.JPG (59213 bytes)
Becky bought these pink gardening sets for Ashlyn and Lillian. They were a real success. 



The ring shooter Melanie gave Nicholas was also a hit.


    5 fr07 sun c up 351.JPG (63378 bytes)        5 fr07 sun n smile 334.JPG (80378 bytes)      5 fr07 sun n up 350.JPG (56846 bytes)



5 fr07 sun craft n & m 429.JPG (43434 bytes)Crafts are always fun. Caitlin shared one of her birthday gifts from Melanie with the others. Using a form and plastic pieces, melting them together with an iron - you had a necklace. 


5 fr07 sun craft c 206.JPG (26755 bytes)      5 fr07 sun craft a 205.JPG (23661 bytes)


5 fr07 sun craft n 448.JPG (25667 bytes)      5 fr07 sun craft l 207.JPG (26618 bytes)



5 fr07 sun pool three 461.JPG (35818 bytes)It would not be our family reunion without the grandchildren having some pool time. 

      5 fr07 sun pool c 209.JPG (26615 bytes)      5 fr07 sun pool n 208.JPG (29485 bytes)



Nicholas is practicing putting his head 'underwater'.  The girls were going under the water so he had to try it too.


5 fr07 sun n under water 466.JPG (31618 bytes)      



Michelle and Steve hauled their bouncer all the way to Indiana. Fred and Steve spent a half hour setting it up. Lillian would not go inside, the other three bounced in it for five minute. That ended that!


5 fr07 sun bouncer 3 230.JPG (49572 bytes)            5 fr07 sun l 221.JPG (32097 bytes)



Monday was race day. No not NASCAR.


6 fr07 mon start your plane 001.JPG (41419 bytes)We held airplane races. Get ready, start your engines (arms).


      6 fr07 mon n holding 026 cropped.JPG (25026 bytes)      6 fr07 mon n 020 cropped.JPG (49149 bytes)      6 fr07 mon plane in grass 095.JPG (55481 bytes)



6 fr07 mon a noise 027.JPG (24877 bytes)
Caitlin's plane engine was
too loud for Ashlyn.


Even Grandpa flew a plane.
6 fr07 mon fah shows 058.JPG (40638 bytes)



Then we took another 'field trip'.



7 l science sign 005.JPG (19042 bytes)We went to the Louisville Science Center. 

7 l science dish 006.JPG (61303 bytes)




The grandchildren moved from one interesting display to another.


7 l science c 016.JPG (36656 bytes)      7 l science n&c 012.JPG (32409 bytes)      7 l science n&f 036.JPG (33713 bytes)


7 l science all 021.JPG (35616 bytes)      7 l science 4 172.JPG (45368 bytes)      



Even the older 'kids' found interesting things to look at and try out.


7 l science ml 015.JPG (35436 bytes)      7 l science skeleton 155.JPG (36525 bytes)      7 l science a&mel 041.JPG (29346 bytes)


Lillian started slower than the older grandchildren. But as you can see here, she got 'into it'.

7 l science l on run 061.JPG (32223 bytes)


Nicholas drove the ambulance and then took the family for a bus ride.


7 l science n ambulance 048.JPG (27862 bytes)      7 l science n bus 054.JPG (42293 bytes)      




7 l science n c tv 068.JPG (29705 bytes)
Hey Caitlin, you're on TV.



Caitlin and Ashlyn enjoyed being factory workers at the conveyor line. Caitlin found she was a little too heavy to move herself down the conveyor.


      7 l science conveyor c&a 106.JPG (39879 bytes)      7 l science conveyor c on 113.JPG (38010 bytes)



7 l science n bear 195.JPG (27280 bytes)Nicholas found Grandpa and took him to see the BIG bear.      






One section was dedicated to the human body.


7 l science body 151.JPG (18138 bytes)      7 l science body 149.JPG (18660 bytes)      7 l science body 153.JPG (24178 bytes)



Anyone for going into space?


      7 l science space c&a 196.JPG (32427 bytes)      7 l science space l 198.JPG (41101 bytes)      7 l science space n 197.JPG (35169 bytes)


7 l science n space suit 074.JPG (32808 bytes)
Our spaceman



7 l science water all 124.JPG (38612 bytes)The water play area was a popular spot.

            7 l science water 4 132.JPG (38106 bytes)      7 l science n&l water 096.JPG (29787 bytes)



Melanie returned home Monday night, we headed out Tuesday afternoon. Michelle and Steve planned a couple stops on the way home so left Wednesday morning. Before we left, we watched the fun on the slip and slide.


8 fr07 tues on hill 001.JPG (52249 bytes) Becky set the slip and slide on the hill next to the side porch. The three older children had a fun time.


            8 fr07 tues cna 007 cropped.JPG (45520 bytes)     




Talk about good form . . .

8 fr07 tues c good form033 cropped.JPG (46368 bytes)           8 fr07 tues n good form cropped 035.JPG (34125 bytes)            8 fr07 tues023 a end cropped.JPG (62968 bytes)



Caitlin seemed to get the best splashes.

8 fr07 tues c splash 044 cropped.JPG (72959 bytes)      8 fr07 tues c splash 012 cropped.JPG (60155 bytes)


Ashlyn and Nicholas . . . 

8 fr07 tues an 018.JPG (41607 bytes)



Another family reunion ended. The fun has been recorded in our memories and in digital photographs. We will not all be together again until the New Years Holiday period. 



See how our family has changed at Reunion History.



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