Crawford County, Indiana

Updated: 11/09/08

Crawford County has many attractions.
(Rivers, earthy caves, majestic rocks, forests, nature trails, blue waters, country roads) 


Patoka Lake            Ohio River Horseshoe Bend            "Shoe Tree"

Green Acres Homestead, Gardens and Shoppes            Blue River           Old Town Leavenworth

Marengo Warehouse Distribution Center

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We were at Patoka Lake in January, 2000. It is a large, beautiful lake with many coves. It is hard to explain ... but ... we have no photographs. The next time we visit Patoka Lake, we will have our camera.


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ohio river.jpg (43330 bytes)This is the Ohio River Horseshoe Bend at Leavenworth. This view is from the Overlook Restaurant where we had dinner in May, 2001.




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Bring an old pair of shoes and add to the collection on the "Shoe Tree". It is south of Marengo. There are no signs. Ask in town for directions. (July, 2001.) 

shoe tree all.jpg (20071 bytes)     shoe tree close.jpg (76631 bytes)


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A new attraction is the Green Acres Homestead, Gardens and Shoppes. The homestead, a 20 acre dairy farm, has been in their family since the 1940s. It is open to the public for hiking nature trails and visiting the buildings - many containing crafts and antiques for sale. The owner hopes to expand the nature tours for students and a retreat location for other groups side of the business in the future. They sell light lunches including salads and sandwiches. The salads are made with fresh items from their gardens. At the end of your visit, you may want to purchase ice cream made in the homestead dairy barn. 

ga sign.jpg (59919 bytes)

ga barn.jpg (64129 bytes)     ga hillside.jpg (71958 bytes)

ga garden.jpg (57975 bytes)     ga garden 2.jpg (43636 bytes)

ga antiques.jpg (55545 bytes)     ga antiques 2.jpg (57014 bytes)

ga hay ride.jpg (65413 bytes)     ga ice cream.jpg (44632 bytes)


The gate access fee to the homestead grounds across the road from the parking and open air cafe dining was $5 per person. You could spend and hour or a day depending on your interests. Dress is casual and comfortable. (July, 2001)


Use this link if you want current information. 


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These photographs were made at a public access site to the Blue River along the scenic drive between Leavenworth and Corydon.

blue river l.jpg (47635 bytes)     blue river r.jpg (51749 bytes)

blue river under bridge.jpg (64745 bytes)     blue river bridge.jpg (83380 bytes)


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"Old Town Leavenworth" is located along the Ohio River at a substantially lower elevation than Leavenworth. It includes many old and abandoned commercial buildings and appears to be the current summer residence for people in cottages and RVs. We may try the Dock Restaurant during our next visit. 

ohio river l.jpg (31250 bytes)     ohio river r.jpg (23591 bytes)


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We visited the Marengo Warehouse Distribution Center in May, 2007. The warehouse has over 3,000,000 square feet of  dry storage space. Marengo Warehouse maintains a dry, stable indoor climate of 58-60 degrees year around. It is one of the largest underground commercial storage facilities. 



b mwdc map cropped 028.JPG (53672 bytes)

The colored areas on the map show the location of the 12 completed individual warehouses. There are a total of 28 warehouses.

Each warehouse is approximately 100,000 square feet. One warehouse is a 150,000 square feet 0-5 degree freezer.

Another is 200,000 square feet of refrigerated space maintained at 50% humidity and 45-50 degrees.




b mwdc guard gate 018.JPG (41496 bytes)There is only one entrance/exit to the Marengo Warehouse. It is secured 24 hours a day.







b mwdc entrance ofc 008.JPG (43351 bytes)The entrance to the office area is attractive and like everything else cut into limestone.

The office area incorporates the natural beauty of the limestone.

b mwdc ofc1 020.JPG (22762 bytes)    b mwdc ofc2 022.JPG (33956 bytes)   b mwdc ofc pres 040.JPG (42171 bytes)




b mwdc conf rm 023.JPG (24394 bytes)Brian lead our tour. We met in the conference room where he gave us a lot of information about the Marengo Warehouse. The map displayed above was the first item discussed. He answered all of our questions.

            b mwdc questions 036.JPG (24851 bytes)


b mwdc is parking 044.JPG (16129 bytes)As we left the office, Brian opened a door to show us their indoor parking lot.

Fred suggested they stripe the lot so photographs look better. Later, Brian pointed out a warehouse parking area with stripes and bumpers.






Then, we headed into the warehouse for our tour. The inside was lit to some degree but light on the vehicles were required. At each warehouse we toured, parking was available.


b mwdc entrance cave 003.JPG (46153 bytes)     b mwdc into cave 051.JPG (35640 bytes)     b mwdc drive in 055.JPG (8765 bytes)      b mwdc trks inside 102.JPG (37693 bytes)




The first warehouse was empty.
It made it clear how huge the space is.

The floor is concrete at a level to minimize the amount of fill required 
and still permit fork lift movement between warehouses if needed.


b mwdc wh area 062.JPG (22784 bytes)      b mwdc wh area 073.JPG (20380 bytes)     b mwdc wh dock 085.JPG (19972 bytes)


b mwdc wh block wall 077.JPG (20432 bytes)              b mwdc wh level 061.JPG (22835 bytes)               b mwdc wh us 082.JPG (22067 bytes)

The individual warehouses are separated by cement block walls
and the natural limestone.



The second warehouse housed tires. Lots of tires!


b mwdc tires 072.JPG (19309 bytes)   b mwdc tires 090.JPG (32210 bytes)   b mwdc tires 093.JPG (36888 bytes)




The next warehouse stored Military MREs.
(Meals Ready to Eat)


b mwdc mre fabric 105.JPG (34413 bytes)      b mwdc mre 109.JPG (34922 bytes)
Each carton contains 12 MREs.



Then, we went to the freezer warehouse.
Do you know how cold 5-degrees feels?

Before Brian pulled the rope to open the doors, he warned us that we would not stay long.


b mwdc freezer 125.JPG (18384 bytes)      b mwdc freezer us 126.JPG (46702 bytes)
Does Melanie look like she is cold?



b mwdc buns 128.JPG (19624 bytes)      b mwdc buns 132.JPG (32977 bytes)      b mwdc buns 135.JPG (44388 bytes)

Yep, hot dog buns!




b mwdc way out 143.JPG (13781 bytes)It was a fantastic tour of a very unusual place. We learned a lot and enjoyed every minute.

As we drove out, we were talking about the experience.


Thanks,   Brian



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We will add to this page as our travels include more of Crawford County.



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