Reunion - 2006

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fifth wheel rigs on drive.jpg (47747 bytes)Fred and Becky's circle driveway continues to provide a great parking location for our RVs. We attach our power cords to the electrical box under the porch and enjoy all the comforts of our RV home. Again this year, our reunion was held in May. It was not as hot as other reunions held in July ... but ... it did hit 90 on a few days.




06 fam 06 best cropped.JPG (70183 bytes)


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We picked up Melanie at the airport Thursday night. She came in a day early so she could spend time with Caitlin and Nicholas before the others arrived. Her flight was delayed so the children were already in bed when she arrived at the house. What a disappointment!


DAY 1 . . .


Friday was a day to play in the pool. The children were prepared for the water - the adults did not bother with a bathing suit and got in the pool with their clothes on. Grandma bought the grandchildren life vests for the new deeper pool. Nicholas particularly like his Spiderman vest.


w fr06 1 n holding ladder.JPG (40934 bytes)Nicholas was slow to get the feel of the water. He sat affixed to the ladder for the longest time enjoying watching others play in the pool. Because of his size and coordination, you forget that he is only three years old.






w fr06 1 n holdinh becky.JPG (51729 bytes)
He trusted his mom to hold him in the water.


w fr06 1 n hlding b 1.JPG (46933 bytes)
Do you notice Becky is getting shorter?


w fr06 1 n with b 3.JPG (35292 bytes)
Pretty soon Nicholas's feet were
touching the bottom of the pool.


From that point, he quickly moved from  . . .

w fr06 1 n standing two.JPG (38826 bytes)      w fr06 1 n standing one.JPG (40503 bytes)     w fr06 1 c with dalphin.JPG (30572 bytes)
     Two floatation devices                       to one device                             to no device.


w fr06 1 c kicking.JPG (44277 bytes)Caitlin already liked the water. 

She was able to kick her way across the pool
while her Barbie vest held her up.





w fr06 1 c and n in pool.JPG (33337 bytes)In just a short time all was well in the pool.


             w fr06 1 c with ball.JPG (40317 bytes)      w fr06 1 n w ball.JPG (22882 bytes)



Melanie was a playmate. She led a 'follow the leader' game.

w fr06 1 follow the leader.JPG (53895 bytes)




w fr06 1 ball popping.JPG (51260 bytes)Melanie also taught them how to make a beach ball 'blast' out of the water. Now, you know why our grandchildren like their Aunt Melanie - she is a lot of fun.

They didn't have the strength to push the ball down so encouraged Melanie to do it over and over again.





w fr06 1 b with bear.JPG (44838 bytes)While Melanie was playing in the pool with Caitlin and Nicholas, Becky was caught babysitting a little bear.





The entire day was not spent in the pool.


w fr06 1 n driving jeep.JPG (42395 bytes)            w fr06 1 c on boat.JPG (55822 bytes)



DAY 2 . . .


Saturday morning, the rest of the family arrived. Michelle and Steve arrived a little earlier than expected - just in time for brunch leftovers. Mary Lou mixed some fresh cooked food in with the leftovers.



w fr06 2 3 girls at table.JPG (38816 bytes)The girls had their breakfast on the picnic table on the front porch. 







w fr06 2 everybody in pool.JPG (51846 bytes)Of course, the pool was used again. Even the big girls get in to 'help' the young ones.






This was Lillian's day to harass her grandmother. She would 'push' Mary Lou out of her seat like she wanted her to take her someplace and climb into her seat. And, giggle.


w fr06 2 l ml up.JPG (45974 bytes)      w fr06 2 l ml move is.JPG (34795 bytes)



Fred is on the Volunteer Fire Department in a local community. He received a call that a pickup truck had over-turned on the highway. When Fred got home after directing a fire hose under the truck for a while, wearing a fire protection suit in the high 80s, he was trenched in perspiration and real thirsty.


w fr06 2 f call 1.JPG (49535 bytes)      w fr06 2 fred call 2.JPG (52842 bytes)      w fr06 2 f call 3.JPG (25439 bytes)      



All day long and wherever the dogs were, there was Lillian 'loving' them. The way she was acting, you would not know she had a dog at home. While Sasha is her favorite, Max is just her size.


w fr06 2 l on sasha back.JPG (30375 bytes)      w fr06 2 l hugd for sasha.JPG (40873 bytes)     w fr06 2 l hugging sasha.JPG (37591 bytes)      w fr06 2 l dog tags.JPG (41565 bytes)


      w fr06 2 l sasha done yet.JPG (67236 bytes)      w fr06 2 l on sasha chair.JPG (27614 bytes)      

w fr06 2 l head on max.JPG (27871 bytes)      w fr06 2 land max 1.JPG (23088 bytes)      w fr06 2 l and max ear.JPG (29161 bytes)     



The toy Jeep was popular. Unfortunately, the battery gets too weak to climb the hills in the yard. Caitlin and Nicholas have it all figured out - drive it down the hill and push/pull it up the hills.


w fr06 2 n and c in jeep.JPG (33857 bytes)            w fr06 2 low jeep battery.JPG (27080 bytes)



Late in the day, Caitlin decided to show-off her pretty dress. That was the start of a 'dress-up' party.

w fr06 2  c in dress.JPG (15658 bytes)



In the evening, the older girls wanted to put on a show for us. It was a giddy show, that was written and performed by two darling little girls.


w fr06 2 c and a dress.JPG (30464 bytes)      w fr06 2 c and a dress clo.JPG (22900 bytes)      w fr06 2 c and a dress faces 148.JPG (28812 bytes)      



After the performance, Caitlin thought she had to
help Ashlyn button her top. Ashlyn let her.
She really looks up to her older cousin.

w fr06 2 c buttoning a.JPG (27344 bytes)



Melanie had planned a special dessert. A friend at work gave her a recipe for making ice cream in a bag. It was an interesting exercise that the children really liked. And, the ice cream tasted good.


w fr06 2 ice cream shaking.JPG (32276 bytes)      w fr06 2 ice cream out.JPG (29896 bytes)      w fr06 2 ice cream eating.JPG (24773 bytes)      




w fr06 2 b with l bottle.JPG (25619 bytes)In the evening, Becky wanted to give Lillian her bottle. It is tough duty but she enjoyed every minute of it.





DAY 3 . . .



v fr06 3 020 4 ready for bd.JPG (33192 bytes)The day included an 'everybody' birthday. Here the children are waiting patiently for the gifts to be handed out.

Once the gifts started, the excitement began - it was like Christmas all over again.

      v fr06 3 023 gifts from mel.JPG (35309 bytes)                                            

Ashlyn watched as Caitlin and Nicholas opened gifts from Melanie. She received her gifts from Melanie at home.

Then, they all opened the gifts from each other.




v fr06 3 034 n spiderman.JPG (24656 bytes)      v fr06 3 039 l no help.JPG (34920 bytes)      v fr06 3 053 c look at shades.JPG (30433 bytes)


v fr06 3 057 c barbie.JPG (40557 bytes)      v fr06 3 065 l dora chair.JPG (38486 bytes)      v fr06 3 085 nand l bank.JPG (33881 bytes)



It would not be a birthday party without a cake and ice cream. Lillian could not reach the cake to blow out her candle. After Nicholas Caitlin and Ashlyn finished, she got a turn. The cake was delicious!


v fr06 3 122 3 candles.JPG (32936 bytes)      v fr06 3 123 l candles.JPG (38796 bytes)      v fr06 3 124 eating cake.JPG (33599 bytes)



After the party, it was pool time again.


v fr06 3 143 n two fish.JPG (34312 bytes)      v fr06 3 152 c pool.JPG (32669 bytes)



Melanie found the pool to be a very nice place to relax. Ha!

v fr06 3 197 mel +4.JPG (45555 bytes)



v fr06 3 011 n watching b and mel.JPG (48043 bytes)Sometimes the older gals get a chance to use the pool without a crowd.    





The name of this person will remain unknown. 
Every once in a while, she would get away
without the proper attire. 


v fr06 3 183 l porch clo.JPG (71962 bytes)      v fr06 3 257 l none.JPG (44425 bytes)



Later, it was time for a drive.

v fr06 3 258 a driving n.JPG (43583 bytes)



v fr06 3 264 n w plane 1.JPG (50846 bytes)At the end of the day, Nicholas got an opportunity to play with one of his birthday gifts - a big Styrofoam airplane. Having great eye/hand coordination, it didn't take Nicholas long to master the launch method. He launched the plane from the porch and his dad was the retriever each time it landed.

It was fun for all of us to watch how excited he was when the airplane made a long flight.



DAY 4 . . .



t fr06 4 a pigtails 002.JPG (39044 bytes)When Ashlyn arrived on the front porch, she did not tease Grandpa and let me take this photograph of her in pigtails.






Right after that, we headed for the fire house. Fred had arranged to take us on a tour where he volunteers.


t fr06 4 fh sign 085.JPG (48482 bytes)             t fr06 4 fh bldg 087.JPG (27986 bytes)


We started in the meeting room to check out the information on the bulletin board and headed for the fire truck garage.


t fr06 4 fh conf hall 010.JPG (25277 bytes)      t fr06 4 fh board 067.JPG (35911 bytes)


t fr06 4 fh tour 015.JPG (42137 bytes)           t fr06 4 fh tour 2 047.JPG (35284 bytes)


t fr06 4 fh truck f 054.JPG (36528 bytes)           t fr06 4 fh truck r 064.JPG (36138 bytes)            


t fr06 4 fh 5 on truck 023.JPG (51710 bytes)
Everyone had a good time.



t fr06 4 fh l eating on sasha 118.JPG (29621 bytes)Back at the house, everything returned to normal including Lillian bonding with the dogs. Sasha will be so glad to see her go home.

The playing in the dog dishes and hand-feeding the dogs one pellet at a time will also be missed.

            t fr06 4 l dog dishes 182.JPG (32802 bytes)



t fr06 4 c on pillow 141.JPG (23686 bytes)Caitlin was supposed to take a rest on the couch next to grandpa. But, grandpa teased her a little first. Then she settled down and rested while she watch a video.







Just before she headed for the airport, Melanie and Fred were tossing a paper cup across the room at each other. They, being the  competitive type, started keeping score. If you caught the spinning paper cup on your index finger, it was a point for you. Melanie won . . . 21 to 18.


t fr06 4 cup mel 155.JPG (34204 bytes)            t fr06 4 cup f 153.JPG (29457 bytes)



Because Melanie was heading for the airport and the other gals were not interested in getting wet, the dads were drafted for pool duty.


t fr06 4 pool a c on s 175.JPG (44434 bytes)            t fr06 4 pool guys 178.JPG (51272 bytes)




DAY 5 . . .


The day started with a visitor that all enjoyed seeing. A deer came out of the woods and walked down the road beside the house. That is one of the reasons they love the location of their house.


s fr06 56 deer in woods 001.JPG (61554 bytes)            s fr06 56 deer on road 002.JPG (61276 bytes)



s fr06 56 donuts 003.JPG (33999 bytes)There was one BIG disappointment on the final day of our reunion - no bear claw donuts. They were ordered days earlier ... but ... when Grandpa went into town to pick them up, he was told truck did not arrive. They could not prepare the bear claws. It was a tough decision but he handled picking out a variety of 'common' donuts. 

Despite the disappointment, they tasted good.




A mid-morning snack under the tree was special.

s fr06 56 snacks 004.JPG (59668 bytes)




s fr06 56 n in toy trk 013.JPG (35522 bytes)Hey Dad, push me.       






During the evening, Nicholas shared his train with his sister and cousins.

s fr06 56 train1 035.JPG (38994 bytes)           s fr06 56 train2 024.JPG (37949 bytes)



s fr06 56 last cake 050.JPG (42635 bytes)Then, it was time to eat the remaining birthday cake. That must indicate the end of the reunion. 






s fr06 56 l w fred 063.JPG (29947 bytes)Lillian was a tired little girl. Fred picked her up and she immediately laid her head on his shoulder. 






Day 6 . . .


Today, Michelle and Steve departed at 6:00am.  They headed for a campground near Shipshewana, IN for a weekend with friends.

We moved our HitchHiker around behind them so they could get out of the driveway. As we were doing this, Mary Lou noticed this bug on our step. We will pass the identification puzzle on to our visitors.

s fr06 56 bug on step 069.JPG (15981 bytes)
What is it?

It has been identified. It is a Luna Moth.
A couple of our friends did the job - Walt sent us to the a photograph of it on a Web site,
Ted and Carol gave us an 'insect' book with the page marked.



We pulled out of Fred and Becky's driveway at 11:00am and headed for Michigan.


Everyone had a great time. All of us are tired from watching our active grandchildren. 




What a difference a year makes. Click on Reunion - 2005 if you want to see the difference in our grandchildren. 


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