Reunion - 2005

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fifth wheel rigs on drive.jpg (47747 bytes)Fred and Becky's circle driveway continues to provide a great parking location for our RVs. We attach our power cords to the electrical box under the porch and enjoy all the comforts of our RV home. This year our reunion was held in May so it was not as hot as other years.




It was tough for Caitlin to wait a few minutes after Michelle and Steve arrived to hold Lillian. But, as soon as she could she held her cousin from Michigan.


r05 c holding l.jpg (41515 bytes)            r05 c holding l 2.jpg (44873 bytes)



r05 bd cake.jpg (38540 bytes)We had an "everybody birthday" again this year. The grandchildren's gifts from the other grandchildren are held until the family reunion. They don't miss the gifts at their regular birthday celebration and it adds to the reunion fun.




r05 a bd gift.jpg (37801 bytes)            r05 c opening gift.jpg (45557 bytes)


r05 l gifts w help.jpg (34968 bytes)


 r05 n bd gift.jpg (37064 bytes)            r05 n big ball.jpg (30176 bytes)
Nicholas got this big ball from Melanie.



And, of course the cake was not to just look at. It tasted good!


r05 all clapping.jpg (44237 bytes)          r05 candles our.jpg (49545 bytes)


r05 all cake and ice cream.jpg (47441 bytes)



Let the games begin. The grandchildren enjoyed pin the tail on the donkey.


r05 c donkey.jpg (23621 bytes)            r05 a donkey.jpg (24630 bytes)



r05 l donkey.jpg (22190 bytes)            r05 n donkey.jpg (23345 bytes)



Badminton was an interesting new game for some. Caitlin enjoyed it until the birdie hit her in the nose. Grandpa laughed ... but .. she didn't think it was funny.


r05 c birdie hitting.jpg (74896 bytes)            r05 c birdie on nose.jpg (71874 bytes)



r05 dogs keepaway.jpg (68080 bytes)Anytime a ball was involved, the Labs thought it was a game of keep-a-way.

After they ran back and forth between the players, they were exhausted - especially, Sasha. She isn't used to that much exercise.




The more pleasant weather permitted us to spend more time outside comfortably. Most of the grandchildren enjoyed the pool again this year. Nicholas did not care for the pool much. I think the girls would have driven him out anyway. They would run from the pool to the slide as fast as they could. Whatever one did the other one followed.

Forward ... 

r05 a pool splash.jpg (48268 bytes)            r05 c pool forward.jpg (50652 bytes)


Backward ...

r05 c pool backwards.jpg (51630 bytes)            r05 a pool backwards.jpg (48947 bytes)


On your stomach ...

r05 c pool stomach.jpg (38089 bytes)            r05 a pool stomach.jpg (39551 bytes)



Ashlyn thought leaping into the pool from the top of the slide was fun until her Mom saw her do it. That ended that!


r05 a pool leaping.jpg (47513 bytes)             r05 a pool laughing.jpg (38277 bytes)



Lillian enjoyed the boat ride but thought the sun was too bright.


r05 l pool in boat.jpg (36844 bytes)            r05 l pool sunny.jpg (39744 bytes)



Bath time was a family affair. Lillian got a lot of attention.


r05 bath c and a.jpg (15266 bytes)


r05 bath bca watching l.jpg (26787 bytes)            r05 bath l.jpg (18871 bytes)



Lillian was an observer for a lot of the reunion. And, sometimes, Caitlin would be just watching the others.


r05 l gaze red.jpg (19029 bytes)            r05 l looking red.jpg (36890 bytes)


r05 c looking.jpg (23845 bytes)            r05 c looking 2.jpg (24222 bytes)


r05 c smiling.jpg (23705 bytes)



Lillian is close to crawling.

Then, she ends up on her stomach and can't sit up.
That upsets her.

r05 l almost crawling.jpg (27997 bytes)    r05 l can't get up.jpg (31515 bytes)



We did experience an unfortunate event. A tradition fell. The bakery in town did not have 'bear claws' for us this year. We had to settle for cinnamon twists. The grandchildren didn't mind bit the adults were bummed.


r05 donuts not bc.jpg (27490 bytes)            r05 donut eating.jpg (46706 bytes)


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Our big outing of the reunion was to a visit to a winery and petting zoo.


rp05 five in sign.jpg (49023 bytes)



The petting zoo was very nice and enjoyed by all.


rp05 a feeding goat.jpg (72478 bytes)            rp05 b feeding pony.jpg (48536 bytes)


rp05 c feeding kid1.jpg (73400 bytes)            rp05 c feeding kid2.jpg (40162 bytes)


rp05 c feeding llama.jpg (32915 bytes)          rp05 c feeding pony.jpg (38612 bytes)


rp05 l on pig.jpg (51676 bytes)           rp05 l with pony.jpg (32465 bytes)


rp05 ml w calf.jpg (46467 bytes)           rp05 n feeding goat.jpg (30798 bytes)


 rp05 n feeding pony.jpg (44477 bytes)


After feeding all the animals, we figured the petting zoo makes as much from the sale of small amounts of corn from many many vending machines for $.25 than their admission fee of $3 per person.




Does this make you think . . . Thanksgiving Dinner?

rp05 turkey.jpg (67390 bytes)



Caitlin was the only one brave enough to ride the pony. So, she got to ride twice. 

rp05 c on pony.jpg (50818 bytes)




rp05 feeding off head.jpg (37480 bytes)This guy was feeding the animals from the top of his head. He was being encouraged by what appeared to be his father-in-law.





This is what you call togetherness.

rp05 two kids in box.jpg (34101 bytes)



rp05 goat walkway.jpg (73311 bytes)The yard where they had deer and goats had a walkway that connected another yard.





The walkway was also used as a play area -or, are they fighting.

rp05 goats fighting 1.jpg (62664 bytes)            rp05 goats fighting 2.jpg (59876 bytes)




rp05 ml grapes.jpg (55142 bytes)After a couple hours at the petting zoo, we visited the winery. They didn't make much money off us here.


Grandma took the girls for a closer look at grape wines.



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