Good Sam - Kentucky State Samboree - 2008

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Mary Lou has often talked about visiting another state's Good Sam Samboree. The Kentucky Samboree was located close to Fred and Becky's and being held the weekend after our family reunion. This was an ideal time and location to attend our first non-Michigan Samboree.





a KY GS electric 201_1.JPG (73272 bytes)a KY GS e & w_207_1.JPG (79035 bytes)We were a little concerned when we arrived. It was a HOT day and the camp sites were on a large gravel parking lot.

Like in Michigan, the campers were connected to a long water line and a long electric cord.

Unlike Michigan Good Sam, we were all able to run our air conditioner without any power problems.



The Meade County Fairgrounds was a nice location. The buildings provided areas for . . . 


a  ky gs 5-08_418_1.jpg (61380 bytes)   a  ky gs 5-08_416_1.jpg (56103 bytes)
            Programs -


a ky gs 5-08 dinner_627_1.jpg (56975 bytes)
Dinners -


a ky gs 5-08_500_1.jpg (48406 bytes)
Games -                  



a KY GS 5-08 sales_156_1.jpg (26955 bytes)The parking lot near the main building was used by three dealers to display about 20 RV models.

We know they sold at least one new RV during the Samboree.





The Kentucky State Director and the staff put a lot of work into the Samboree. Of course, his wife was busy also.


a ky gs 5-08_436_1.jpg (34059 bytes)  a ky gs 5-08 wife 721_1.jpg (41692 bytes)



The theme of the weekend was Kentucky Derby  Doo, so of course one event was a fancy hat contest.


      a ky gs 5-08 hat_615_1.jpg (46261 bytes)The winning hat!




a ky gs 5-08_707_1.jpg (46618 bytes)Of course, there was the introduction of visiting dignitaries. Fred talked to the Director because we notice a larger number of out-of-state attendees.  Many of them traveling from Samboree to Samboree. He told Fred that they usually have about 50% of the registrations from outside Kentucky.





The Parade of Flags was an interesting event.




Every night there was some form of entertainment.

a KY GS 5-08 elvis 114_1.jpg (38706 bytes)              mchsc 5-08_152_1.jpg (59623 bytes)                         a ky gs 5-08 ent_743_1.jpg (58316 bytes)
Jimmy Lamar (Elvis Impersonator)         Meade County High School Chorus            Kentucky Sassafrass




The main dinner on Saturday night was a fundraiser for the Meade County High School Chorus. The parents prepared a delicious meal and the choir members served. They were also the entertainment on Friday night.


a ky gs 5-08 dinner_623_1.jpg (43766 bytes)      a ky gs 5-08 dinner_633_1.jpg (47158 bytes)

a ky gs 5-08 chorus_642_1.jpg (48877 bytes)




Unofficial entertainment was provided by this guy. He wore a 'different' cap each day.

a KY GS 5-08 rooster hat_140_1.jpg (25558 bytes)   a ky gs 5-08_739_1.jpg (32841 bytes)   a ky gs 5-08_632_1.jpg (39168 bytes)




a ky gs 5-08_734_1.jpg (54728 bytes)Like Michigan, Kentucky drew numbers for door prizes. The staff lined up to deliver the prizes to the winners.

When you arrived at Kentucky Samboree you received your number for the Samboree. It was your reservation sequence. The number was written on your 'meal card' and engraved on a 'plastic disk' for all drawings. It was simpler than the separate ticket for everything we are accustomed to at Michigan Samborees.




a ky gs 5-08_655_1.jpg (40389 bytes)If you purchased tickets for any of the chapter drawings, this big bobber cooler could have been yours.







GS KY Worship Svc 6-08_1.JPG (53924 bytes)Sunday morning we attended the church service. As a incentive to get people to attend this last scheduled event, a number was drawn for a $100 bill.







b ohio river  park 170_1.JPG (57559 bytes)We used some of our free time to take a drive into a park in Brandenburg along the Ohio River. We waited quite a while for this barge to pass by the park. Indiana is across the river.




a ohio river barge bridge_129_1.JPG (22007 bytes)   a ohio river indiana_105_1.JPG (27092 bytes)   b ohio river tug 153_1.JPG (43078 bytes)   a ohio river landing dist_125_1.JPG (34410 bytes)




Like all good times, when it is over, there is work to be done. Here some of staff are rolling up the electrical cables and water lines. 

GS KY Water rollup 6-08_1.JPG (67127 bytes)      GS KY Electric rollup 6-08_1.JPG (62073 bytes)




After most of the people left, we noticed orange cones in two locations. We had to investigate. Birds had established nests in the gravel parking lot. The RVs were parked near the nests and drove the momma bird crazy all weekend. She was probably happy to see the Samboree end. 

GS KY Bird nest 6-08_1.JPG (62982 bytes)   GS KY Bird on eggs 6-08_1.jpg (63435 bytes)




We had a good time at the Kentucky State Samboree. Many of the differences we experienced were processes that Michigan would do well to consider. The single identifying number and the shorter evening activities were appreciated. The evening activities were shorter due to fewer door prizes and no snacks after the evening program.



Clouds over Ohio . . . . on the way home.

Clouds in Ohio 6-08_1.JPG (25511 bytes)



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