Mount Rainier National Park - 2008 . . .
during our travels in the Pacific Northwest


Updated: 11/30/08




We started seeing Mount Rainier in Seattle. During our drive to Mount Rainier National Park we had peaks of it along the way. We will post photographs of some of the views we had as we drove up the mountain. Mount Rainier is 14,411 feet at its crest. We entered the National Park at 2,023 feet of elevation. The visitors center on the south side of the mountain is at 5,400 feet.



a f0909wa mr_102 mr road1_1.JPG (23032 bytes)We had not traveled too far on Route 12 when we started seeing Mount Rainier. Then, we did not see it for quite a while.






One pull-off provided a beautiful view of Riffe Lake. 












More views . . .


a f0909wa mr_123 mr road2_1.JPG (38751 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_158 mr road3_1.jpg (22970 bytes)




a f0909wa mr_168 tr trim1_1.JPG (69386 bytes)a f0909wa mr_161 rd tree2_1.JPG (43859 bytes)It was a nice ride through a pine forest. 


At one point they were trimming trees overhanging the road.







The entrance to Mount Rainier National Park was huge - maybe to reflect the height of the mountain we were about to see.










The ride through the park was very pleasant.  Some of the trees were very large and close to the road.


a f0909wa mr_178 mrnp1_1.JPG (61395 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_195 mrnp2_1.jpg (85218 bytes)


a f0909wa mr_474 mr road tree_1.JPG (68723 bytes)    a f0909wa mr_473 mr tree2_1.JPG (71174 bytes)


          a f0909wa mr_483 mr tree3_1.JPG (41428 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_491 mr road14_1.JPG (73892 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_525 mr road15_1.JPG (62277 bytes)

a f0909wa mr_499 mr tree5_1.JPG (56987 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_502 mr road6_1.JPG (69042 bytes)



a f0909wa mr_183 mr1_1.JPG (53126 bytes)At this view, we noticed the mineral stained rocks on this section of the river. 


                                                    a f0909wa mr_193 mr3_1.JPG (70362 bytes)




a f0909wa mr_211 braided rivr 2_1.JPG (68581 bytes)The park had many of what are called 'braided' rivers. These are common to glacier mountains.


a f0909wa mr_202 braided rivr1_1.JPG (88709 bytes)                              a f0909wa mr_212 braided rivr3_1.JPG (88045 bytes)  





The views of the mountain became more frequent.






a f0909wa mr_206 mr6_1.JPG (31023 bytes)   



Pine trees all around  . ..


a f0909wa mr_217 mr road 4_1.JPG (60707 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_218 mr road5_1.JPG (64647 bytes)




Christine Falls . . .  

a f0909wa mr_221 christine falls upper.JPG (61539 bytes)                       a f0909wa mr_227 christine falls lower.JPG (72575 bytes)

Above the bridge . . .                                    Below the bridge . . .


Fred turned the table on Mary Lou and made a photograph of her with her camera.

a f0909wa mr_232 ml camera_1.JPG (73012 bytes)


a ml IMG_0417 f chris falls2_1.JPG (66994 bytes)




The highway bridge is barely visible in the large photograph.


    a f0909wa mr_244 braided rivr bridge3_1.JPG (63020 bytes)






   a f0909wa mr_256 mr road6_1.JPG (56676 bytes)    Everybody was using a camera.    a ml IMG_0431 mr road orange_1.JPG (52953 bytes)




a f0909wa mr_272 mr road9_1.JPG (28166 bytes)   The clouds would separate to give us a look at some part of Mount Rainier.




a f0909wa mr_277 nfalls2_1.jpg (97974 bytes)a f0909wa mr_305 nfalls6_1.JPG (76457 bytes)A 1/10 of a mile walk (down and back up) gave us a good view of Narada Falls. 



Narada Falls

     a f0909wa mr stitch narada falls.jpg (25217 bytes)

The pool at the top and the falls.
(Narada Falls is 168 feet tall.)


We could not decide which Narada Falls rainbow photograph to post. So, you get to see both photographs.






We hoped this bicyclist had a lot of gears on his bicycle to handle the mountain road.


   a f0909wa mr_310 mr road9_1.jpg (40900 bytes)                                   a f0909wa mr_313 mr road10_1.jpg (56463 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_315 mr road11_1.JPG (30963 bytes)




Peaking out of the clouds . . .







The Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center is located at 5,400 feet.

a f0909wa mr_331 vc1_1.JPG (58304 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_430 vc1_1.JPG (46925 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_428 vc12_1.JPG (47354 bytes)   




a a f0909wa mr_335 climbing tools_1.JPG (38092 bytes)We saw a rear door near where we parked. Just inside the door was this display of climbing tools. 






a a f0909wa mr_397 video_1.JPG (28733 bytes) This video was very interesting.



The light fixtures were decorated with snow shoes, skies and ski poles.


a f0909wa mr_424 vc13_1.JPG (41300 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_425 vc10_1.JPG (43131 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_426 vc11_1.JPG (37232 bytes)



This lower observation area has space for a lot of people. Today it was vacant - except for us. There were four people in the uper observation area. The weather was too nice to use the indoor viewing locations.


a f0909wa mr_339vc5_1.JPG (43717 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_338 vc4_1.JPG (33717 bytes)                        a a f0909wa mr_419 upper observ_1.JPG (37705 bytes)




a f0909wa mr_332 vc2_1.JPG (40763 bytes)                          




a f0909wa mr_356 mr lunch_1.JPG (38929 bytes)Because of the cloud cover, we decided to have lunch and hoped the clouds cleared. The clouds seemed to be coming from behind the mountain right at us.






The many glaciers of Mount Rainier . . .


a f0909wa mr_369 mr20_1.JPG (42463 bytes)   a a f0909wa mr_368 gl_1.JPG (50796 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_376 mr24_1.JPG (45437 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_463 mr21_1.JPG (34133 bytes)


a a f0909wa mr_325 gl_1.JPG (52648 bytes)   a a f0909wa mr_380 gl_1.JPG (40174 bytes)  


     a f0909wa mr_477 mr19_1_1.JPG (39477 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_465mr22_1.JPG (50117 bytes)


a a f0909wa mr_434 gl_1.JPG (49775 bytes)      


Considering the distance away this waterfall was, it had to be a large.




Tin pants . . .


a f0909wa mr_401 vc6_1.JPG (40187 bytes)                



The new visitor center is scheduled to open October 10, 2008

a f0909wa mr_417 lodge_1.JPG (66561 bytes)





a f0909wa mr_429 mr14_1.JPG (38008 bytes)     






a f0909wa mr_441 bird2_1.JPG (29675 bytes)    This bird tried to get our attention.





a f0909wa mr_438 photo out car top_1.JPG (48700 bytes)This gal pulled into the parking spot next to us, stood up through the sunroof of her vehicle and a started photographing almost before the fan blade on the engine stopped turning. 







The final photographs as the clouds cleared . . .



The peaks of Mount Rainier                                                                  The view behind the camera


Mount Rainier




The ridges of the Tatoosh Range were beautiful too.


  a f0909wa mr_467 mr road17_1.JPG (50283 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_466 mr road16_1.JPG (32682 bytes)



On the ride home . . .

a f0909wa mr_476 mr19_1.JPG (44221 bytes)   a f0909wa mr_479 mr road18_1.JPG (22636 bytes)



            This is the National Park Inn. It is open year-round.




This sign gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

a f0909wa mr_528 evac rte_1.jpg (69747 bytes)   



a ml IMG_0432 blue bird_1.jpg (80506 bytes)A hitchhiker?

The truck didn't move, so he tried the rock.      

a a f0909wa mr_260 blue bird_1.JPG (39219 bytes)




We made Mount Rainier a day trip from our campground in Chehalis. There are campgrounds closer but this one was central to our three destinations in the area.  We enjoyed the mountain and the ride up but were glad we were not towing the HHII. Several days could be spent exploring the entire park.


A weekly pass costs $15. Discounts for special passes are available.



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