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The Eisenhower Center is located in Abilene, Kansas. The center consists of five building, including a visitors center, in which a 23-minute orientation film is shown. 



We had time to visit the Place of Meditation before the video was played.


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This is the final resting place of  Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower and their son Doud.






Three sayings were engraved in the walls surrounding the tombs.





This quote was carved on another wall in the Place of Meditation.





a e ctr_133_1_1.JPG (48169 bytes)The fountain was already turned off for the season.


The Eisenhowers lived in this house from 1898 until mother Ida Eisenhower died in 1946. The house is located on its original site and contains furniture and items left by Mrs. Eisenhower. The city rerouted the roads around the piece of property to accommodate the Eisenhower Center.


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The five limestone panels, located at the east end of the grounds, honor David and Ida Eisenhower, their six accomplished sons, American Veterans, American democratic ideas and Dwight D. Eisenhower, General of the Army and 34th President of the United States.






This eleven foot bronze statue of General Eisenhower is located in the center of the complex.





Engraved on the base . . .





The Eisenhower Museum, next to the Eisenhower home, is constructed of Kansas limestone. The building houses five galleries. We spend quite a bit of our time here.


a e ctr_196_1.JPG (61506 bytes)The museum included a traveling exhibit of Presidential Treasures. 

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The lobby murals depicting Eisenhower's life and careers are by Bouche and Ross Moffet. 



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The exhibits detailed  President Eisenhower's life and experiences from boyhood through the post-presidential years.   


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The Eisenhower Family . . .

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   His military career was well documented.



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a e ctr_331_1.JPG (40707 bytes)  The Army called this a  1/4 ton Jeep truck.



"Ike" the President.


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The special exhibit, Presidential Treasurers, contained items of importance to other Presidents.  


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An exhibit of the life of Mamie Doud Eisenhower emphasized her role as First Lady. 







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This display case contains dolls representing all of the First Ladies.



Dwight and Mamie






Documents, photographs, and objects showed the role of General Eisenhower as Supreme Commander and of the men and women who served during World War II. 







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Other displays gave details of his political life.


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"Head of State Gifts" . . .


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The journey home . . .


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We will close this page with one of Dwight Eisenhower's sayings . . .





Behind the museum, we found a huge bank of solar panels.




The center is open all year. The hours vary by season, so check the current hours of operation before you attend.

When we visited, the admission to the grounds was $8, $6 per person over 62. (Admission to the museum was free the day we were there. We think the museum may charge an additional admission of $8 per person, $6 per person over 62 - the written information is a little different than our experience.)  There is no charge to enter the house or the library.

We spent four hours at the Eisenhower Center - we did not go into the Presidential Library. 




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