Arkansas - 2007  

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z ark day 1 006.JPG (10661 bytes)z ark day 1 conf flag 009.JPG (11528 bytes) This was our first time in Arkansas. The weather was very nice and the road was smooth. The first thing we noticed as we entered Arkansas was a proliferation of Confederate flags. There were at least four along the highway. Without a doubt, some people still think, the South will rise again. We did not particularly see others later in the trip.

Our destination was Eureka Springs. We were going to look for a campground near the Dodge dealer in Berryville  because the truck's computer readout said "oil change required". As we could not get an appointment for a couple days, we continued the 10 miles to Eureka Springs.


Eureka Springs . . .     The Great Passion Play & Christ of the Ozarks . . .

    Thorncrown Chapel . . .    The ride to Bentonville & Inspiration Point . . .    Wal-Mart Visitor Center . . .

Eureka Spring again . . .    Leaving Arkansas . . .


Eureka Springs . . . 

From the early 1800's this area was known for its "water" with alleged medical powers. Today it is a popular tourist destination, with hundreds of artist making their home here. Tourist season weekends are filled with celebrations and festivals and the area offers a variety of recreational opportunities. 



c es camp eureka springs 005.JPG (57808 bytes)Because we only wanted electricity, we set-up the HHII on a secluded site among the trees. Most of the other sites were full hookups and close together.






y es town street 004.JPG (37307 bytes)y es town street 010.JPG (24704 bytes) The first order of business was lunch followed by a ride through Eureka Springs. It is a very nice older little town built on the side of a mountain. The streets are very narrow and in need of repair. But the buildings are spectacular.

y es town street 017.JPG (31881 bytes)      y es town street hilly 067.JPG (43170 bytes)



y es town bath house 025.JPG (38119 bytes)   y es town house dome 043.JPG (40905 bytes)   y es town house grey 050.JPG (45722 bytes)



Eureka Springs has a 'ride all day' trolley system serving the town and surrounding area. The cost was only $9 per person but our plans did not permit spending the entire day on the route.


w ark2 road trolly 005.JPG (43874 bytes)            w ark2 road bus 007.JPG (39095 bytes)



The Great  Passion Play & Christ of the Ozarks . . .


On our way back to camp, we stopped by the The Great  Passion Play grounds to survey the situation because rain was approaching. We were told it was open air seating. 


z passion 1 fountain 037.JPG (27454 bytes)z passion 1 arch cmas 036.JPG (23479 bytes)The entrance to the complex is impressive with this ornate fountain. Like many other areas we visited, they were decorating for Christmas.

      x christ entrance 002.JPG (31484 bytes)




x christ sign 007.JPG (26169 bytes) It is also the location of the Christ of the Ozarks statue. We drove to the rear of the grounds to view the statue first.


      x christ monument 028.JPG (12713 bytes)      x christ clo 093.JPG (12824 bytes)

The statue, weighting more than 500 tons, has outspread arms which measure 65 feet across, and stands seven stories tall.  It is erected on the top of Magnetic Mountain. 



x christ quiet place 030.JPG (32576 bytes)Walking down the hill in front of the statue, you come to a 'quiet place' with benches where visitors can sit and reflect. There is soft, sacred music playing. Looking one way you see the statue of Christ, the other way you see lovely woods -  behind you is an overlook into the wooded valley below.






The project was originated and initiated by Gerald L. K. Smith and built by the Elna M. Smith Foundation. Their graves are beside the path around the statue.


      x christ grave 019.JPG (40688 bytes)   



Leaving the Christ of the Ozarks statue, we stopped by a little chapel dedicated to the Berlin Wall era.


z passion 1 bwall 006.JPG (33259 bytes)   z passion 1 bwall 008.JPG (41380 bytes)      




z passion 1 stage sign 030.JPG (26768 bytes)z passion 1 seats 002.JPG (47389 bytes)As we approached the Passion Play amphitheater, we saw the seating area through the trees.

The Amphitheater seats 4,100 people. The Great Passion Play is presented from end of April to the last week of October. The two-hour performance features 200 authentically costumed actors.



Rain was moving into the area ... but ... the show must go on.
Their gift shop was prepared for the sale of 'rain' or 'cold night' items. 
z passion 1 sales 020.JPG (14235 bytes)




The buildings and grounds near the amphitheater were very attractive and architecturally correct for the period.


z passion 1 dome 032.JPG (21554 bytes)

z passion 1 entrance 031.JPG (19476 bytes)   z passion 1 arches 034.JPG (21165 bytes)   z passion 1 arches 035.JPG (28092 bytes)



We and a few others people stopped to see the amphitheater. It was very impressive. Rain and cold winds were forecasted for the night we could attend. Due to the weather, we did not attend the performance. Unfortunately, it was the last performance of the season. 


z passion 1 stage 025.JPG (39367 bytes)


z passion 1 stage 012.JPG (38415 bytes)   z passion 1 stage 013.JPG (42509 bytes)      z passion 1 stage 014.JPG (37143 bytes)
If you look hard at the third photograph above, you can see some people on the steps of the white building in the center. 


We think they were taping for advertising or some other purpose.

z passion 1 stage people 021.JPG (31520 bytes)z passion 1 stage people 029.JPG (29654 bytes)The interesting thing was that they told those of us at the top to stop talking and stand still. Apparently the design of the amphitheater is so good acoustically, we were interfering with their taping. We waited a few minutes, whispered to each other "lets go" and tiptoed out to the truck. While the new Dodge Ram (Cummins) diesel is real quite, once it fired up we did not hesitate leaving the area.




There was no fee to enter the grounds at this time of year, October. Other times of the year and depending on the programming, entry fees are charged.

There are numerous faith based activities offered on the grounds. If you are interested, visit them at


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The rain arrived early in the evening. The forecast called for rain an all day - it was an accurate forecast. We called the campground office in the morning to tell the owner that "due to the wonderful forecast", we wanted to add a day to our stay. We had scheduled an oil change for the truck the next morning, so we asked if we could pay then. That being okay, we did not leave the HHII all day.



Thorncrown Chapel . . .


w t chapel os frt 002.JPG (55490 bytes)Just West of Eureka Springs we stopped at the Thorncrown Chapel. The forty-eight foot high, wooden structure contains 425 windows and over 6,000 square feet of glass. The chapel is open to visitors daily from April to December. It was the dream of Jim Reed, and is financially supported by donations from visitors. 





w t chapel 003 rotated.JPG (24897 bytes)   w t chapel lamps 011 rotated.JPG (54330 bytes)    w t chapel 005 rotated.JPG (21436 bytes)



The ride to Bentonville & Inspiration Point . . .


Staying in the HHII for the rainy day was a good decision. After the oil was changed, we enjoyed the ride to Bentonville, AK to see the Wal-Mart Visitor Center.


w ark2 road 001.JPG (25259 bytes)   w ark2 road 002.JPG (23839 bytes)   w ark2 road 003.JPG (22530 bytes)   w ark2 road 026.JPG (26963 bytes)


w ark2 road rock 048.JPG (16369 bytes)



Do these palm trees seem a little out of place?





We especially liked the view from:

Inspiration point is about five miles west of Eureka Springs.


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Wal-Mart Visitor Center . . .


v wallm vc win sign 187.JPG (16293 bytes)v wallm vc win sign 006.JPG (35512 bytes)When you are close to Bentonville, AK , RVers just have to go visit the Wal-Mart Visitor Center in Bentonville, AK. The place where where Wal-Mart began. After all, people associate all RVers with Wal-Mart.


v wallm vc frt 001.JPG (43383 bytes)            v wallm vc block 195.JPG (20628 bytes)  



v wallm vc l gifts 178.JPG (29620 bytes)There was a small amount of Wal-Mart souvenirs you could buy in the lobby.







A series of displays showed the chronological history of the Walton stores - Ben Franklin and Wal-Mart.


v wallm vc hist 024 crop.JPG (30760 bytes)    v wallm vc hist 043.JPG (24263 bytes)   v wallm vc hist 047.JPG (27393 bytes)   v wallm vc hist 048.JPG (37442 bytes)


v wallm vc hist 049.JPG (39706 bytes)   v wallm vc hist 052.JPG (39724 bytes)   v wallm vc new era 070.JPG (31758 bytes)   v wallm vc display 013.JPG (28321 bytes)



v wallm vc coke 063.JPG (23684 bytes)
Of course, Fred thought the
 Coke bottles were interesting.



There were a lot of displays showing the many personal and business successes of Sam Walton.


v wallm vc sm 020.JPG (33908 bytes)   v wallm vc sw 019.JPG (32003 bytes)   v wallm vc sw 118.JPG (33311 bytes)   v wallm vc sw life 124.JPG (30880 bytes)



v wallm vc super 128.JPG (19573 bytes)
The first Super Wal-Mart . . .



v wallm vc stock cert 042.JPG (19587 bytes)You don't want to know how much value increase you missed by not holding early Wal-Mart stock . . . unless you do.






Displays document the successful expansion internationally - Canada, China and Puerto Rico..


v wallm vc exp canada 081.JPG (34242 bytes)   v wallm vc exp china 084 crop.JPG (34198 bytes)   v wallm vc exp pr  082.JPG (39736 bytes)



The Walton Foundation and its philanthropic activities were noted.


v wallm vc foundation 133.JPG (34799 bytes)   v wallm vc good works 162.JPG (36600 bytes)



v wallm vc family 119.JPG (32037 bytes)Several of the displays showed the importance his family played in his life.

   v wallm vc helen 147.JPG (32659 bytes)   v wallm vc sw+helen 122.JPG (14679 bytes)   v wallm vc wedding 149.JPG (24873 bytes)  



Sam's office in one of his stores ...                     Time board with timecards ...

v wallm vc desk 096.JPG (25586 bytes)                             v wallm vc timeboard 100 crop.JPG (19101 bytes)



His newer office furnishings were also preserved and on display.


v wallm vc office 138.JPG (24609 bytes)   v wallm vc office 142.JPG (28228 bytes)   v wallm vc office 144.JPG (27252 bytes)




v wallm vc old roy 072.JPG (31095 bytes)If you shop at Wal-Mart for dog food, you will recognize the Old Roy brand. It was named after one of Sam's dogs.







v wallm vc pu 110.JPG (30923 bytes)The pickup truck that Sam used for hunting trips and other activities was there. The display included a story about a dented bumper.

   v wallm vc bumper 117.JPG (18904 bytes)




v wallm vc pumped 058.JPG (24043 bytes)If you have ever been in a Wal-Mart store when the staff is getting pumped up for a day's work, you may not know the 'noise' the first time. The second time you hear it, all you do is grin. We have both experienced it while shopping early in the morning. 






v wallm vc str store 029.JPG (17713 bytes)v wallm vc str store tg 032.JPG (21364 bytes)These items were of particular interest to us. We did not know at the time that the Ben Franklin store in Waynesville, MO was owned by Sam Walton. He bought it in 1964. We shopped there from 1966 through 1968 while Fred was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 





One thing we notice was that there were several signs telling people to be quiet. We thought this was unusual for this type of visitor center. People observed the signs but it was an eerie feeling.


The visitor's center is open Tuesday through Saturday, no admission fee is charged. Allow about an hour and a half unless you read everything.


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Eureka Spring again . . .


y es town2 street 027.JPG (22293 bytes)On our way back to camp from the Wal-Mart Museum, we drove through Eureka Springs again. It wasn't nearly as busy as our first drive through.


                      y es town2 bldg point 024.JPG (19354 bytes)  This triangle shaped building was very ornate.




y es town2 for sale 007.JPG (39372 bytes)y es town2 for sale 003.JPG (54008 bytes)The price on this house didn't seem to be affected by the housing market downturn experienced in some areas of the country.





This garden area was just outside of the shopping area. 

y es town2 street rock 042.JPG (49395 bytes)



We drove by this spring grotto without stopping the last time through Eureka Springs a couple days earlier.    


      y es town2 spring 062.JPG (45607 bytes)



This time we stopped to go inside. The original name stone and the historic plaque detail the history of the spring.


y es town2 spring stone 090.JPG (22771 bytes)      y es town2 spring 063.JPG (31460 bytes)      y es town2 spring sign 069.JPG (41371 bytes)



A candle was place to show visitors where the spring had been.


y es town2 spring 070.JPG (16377 bytes)   y es town2 spring 076.JPG (20164 bytes)   y es town2 spring 078.JPG (18557 bytes)   y es town2 spring 079.JPG (24116 bytes)


y es town2 spring 080.JPG (24787 bytes)   y es town2 spring 083.JPG (19297 bytes)



Once it started getting dark, it didn't take long for making photographs to become more difficult.


y es town2 spring 097.JPG (31595 bytes)   y es town2 spring 099.JPG (24012 bytes)



But, it was not too dark for 'eagle-eye' Mary Lou to spot three deer in the woods. One looked right at us for the longest time but did not spook. They walked down the hill and across the road, disappearing between houses. 


   y es town2 deer 107.JPG (32272 bytes)   y es town2 deer 119.JPG (22212 bytes)      y es town2 deer2 124.JPG (34172 bytes)   y es town2 deer 2 135.JPG (16025 bytes)
                                               Deer #1                                                   Deer #2 behind tree, with deer #3.             Deer #3



Seeing the deer was a nice end to another great day.


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Leaving Arkansas . . .


It was time to leave Arkansas and head for home. Well, head for the Indiana grandchildren. The hills were easier but there was always a hill in front of you and in your mirror.


u ark day 3 hill frt 004.JPG (20394 bytes)   u ark day 3 hill rear 008.JPG (21484 bytes)   



Road to nowhere - that is what we called it. This four lane highway was in varying stages of completion. It looked like the project was started and then somebody changed their mind or ran out of funds. Maybe the politician who got the original funding is no longer in office.


u ark day 3 road no 024.JPG (21615 bytes)   u ark day 3 road no 029.JPG (17936 bytes)   u ark day 3 road no 044.JPG (35344 bytes)   u ark day 3 road no 047.JPG (18424 bytes)



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