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Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Hueco Tanks State Park

Quadalupe Mountians National Park 

On the road . . .



Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ     This cross is located near Groom, Texas but is visible from 20 miles away when driving on I-40. Admission is free but a donation is requested. There is a gift shop where a wide variety of religious items are available. 


bb cross good.JPG (12298 bytes)

190 feet tall
110 feet wide
weighs 2.5 million pounds
withstands 140 mph winds



The cross is circled at its base by 14 bronze stations of the cross.


 ba cross 030 stations 1.JPG (26215 bytes)       ba cross 031 stations 2.JPG (27082 bytes)



ba cross 043 devine mercy fountain.JPG (42770 bytes)

Divine Mercy Fountain



Display of the empty tomb.


bb cross 013 tomb.JPG (33456 bytes)            ba cross 012 tomb is.JPG (32293 bytes)



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Palo Duro Canyon State Park     Canyon, Texas


ca palo duro 057 rvs.JPG (48925 bytes)We camped in a campgrounds about ten miles from the state park, just off I-27 at Exit 106. 

We did not park in the state park due to the two mile long 10% grade inside the state park.

Arriving late in the day at the campground, our visit to Palo Duro Canyon was a race against the setting sun. This is not our preferred way to visit destinations but sometime necessary. If you allow at least two hours to drive Park Road that should be adequate. 



In fact, these deer are difficult to see partially due to the lack of sunlight.


ca palo duro deer 1.JPG (49829 bytes)            ca palo duro deer 2.JPG (51914 bytes)



Cacti were all over the area.


ca cactus.JPG (48557 bytes)            ca palo duro 172 cactus.JPG (49582 bytes)



ca palo duro 152.JPG (38428 bytes)Six river crossings on the 16 miles of Park Road cautioned you of flash flooding.






This was an interesting formation - it looked like a cave.


ca palo duro 153 cave.JPG (42686 bytes)      ca palo duro 156 cave.JPG (35017 bytes)



ca palo duro 179 white rock.JPG (45476 bytes)On the way out of the state park, we stopped to use flash on a white formation near the road.






Soon, there was not enough light for anything except sunsets.


ca palo duro 162 sunset 1.JPG (14852 bytes)      ca palo duro 173 sunset 3.JPG (9850 bytes)      ca palo duro 175 sunset 4.JPG (11740 bytes)



We post the following photographs in the order they were made. There is not much to say about each photograph because the beauty of the canyon speaks for itself.


ca palo duro 024.JPG (37512 bytes)      ca palo duro 026.JPG (46869 bytes)      ca palo duro 029.JPG (50152 bytes)


ca palo duro 031.JPG (48409 bytes)      ca palo duro 034.JPG (48856 bytes)


ca palo duro 036.JPG (51384 bytes)      ca palo duro 037.JPG (37965 bytes)      ca palo duro 038.JPG (47131 bytes)


ca palo duro 040.JPG (49457 bytes)      ca palo duro 051.JPG (36006 bytes)


ca palo duro 052.JPG (41823 bytes)      ca palo duro 058.JPG (39833 bytes)      ca palo duro 063.JPG (52273 bytes)


ca palo duro 065.JPG (47789 bytes)      ca palo duro 073.JPG (54544 bytes)


ca palo duro 075.JPG (41311 bytes)      ca palo duro 077.JPG (46998 bytes)      ca palo duro 084.JPG (29071 bytes)


ca palo duro 093.JPG (53171 bytes)      ca palo duro 100.JPG (37747 bytes)


ca palo duro 117.JPG (42723 bytes)      ca palo duro 121.JPG (42386 bytes)      ca palo duro 128.JPG (34746 bytes)


ca palo duro 132.JPG (41372 bytes)      



The fee for a day pass to the state park was $4 for adults, $2 for seniors over 65.


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Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum        Canyon, Texas


aa lobby.JPG (37918 bytes)Located on the campus of West Texas A & M University 
(Parking is limited and not RV friendly. We parked our HHII several blocks
 away in a grocery store parking lot and walked to the museum.)

Admission is $7 Adults, $3 Seniors 65+

Hours: Mon - Sat 9 - 5; Sun 1 - 6



The museum presents the cultural, geological and economic history of northwest Texas. The university has created top notch exhibits. The following photographs give a sampling of their exhibits.


People of the Plains . . .


aa buffalo skin.JPG (29041 bytes)One of the first things that we saw was an exhibit demonstrating how the Native Americans used every piece of the buffalo. The video was very graphic but very informative.

      aa butchering.JPG (42219 bytes)            



aa cart 033.JPG (48336 bytes)      aa wagon 024.JPG (35450 bytes)



aa turtle shell spoon 023.JPG (26864 bytes)
The top spoon is made from a turtle shell.



Paleontology and Geology . . .


aa anthr 0110.JPG (28715 bytes)


aa anthr 0111.JPG (33666 bytes)      aa anthr 0113.JPG (27144 bytes)



Transportation . . .


aa ae car 1916 083.JPG (34411 bytes)This 1916 alternative fuel car reminds us that scientists and engineers have been working on these principles for a long time.


    aa 1910 car 089.JPG (47986 bytes)      aa 1930 buick 096.JPG (45230 bytes)



A special exhibit of Masterpieces of American Indian Art was in the museum.


aa amindian0157.JPG (27442 bytes)      aa amindian0158.JPG (31733 bytes)



Pioneer Town . . .


aa town 1 042.JPG (23750 bytes)
This display represents a small Texas Panhandle settlement at the turn-of-the-century.


    aa town 2 049.JPG (20565 bytes)      aa town 3 057.JPG (36683 bytes)

aa town 4 062.JPG (44011 bytes)



The Don D. Harrington Petroleum Wing . . .


aa ph oil and gas 0172.JPG (25239 bytes)This area tells the story of oil boom years in the Texas Panhandle during the 1920's.





aa cable tool rig 069.JPG (37495 bytes)
A 1920's wooden cable-tool drilling  rig



Down hole tools were displayed.

aa dhtools 0170.JPG (23118 bytes)            aa dhtools 0168.JPG (25827 bytes)

They are used to drill or to retrieve other equipment.

aa oil tool 0138.JPG (31915 bytes)



People in the oil industry call this a "Christmas Tree'.
It and many others control the flow of oil.

aa oil c tree 0142.JPG (28808 bytes)



aa oil tanks 0139.JPG (20508 bytes)The 'Christmas Tree' was part of a display of an oil field.


      aa oil workers 0137.JPG (28735 bytes)      aa oil red trk 0140.JPG (29799 bytes)


aa oil fill sta 0141.JPG (38347 bytes)   The 1930's filling station includes a hand-operated gas pump and Model-T Ford.



Because of time spent in some of the exhibits, we did not see others. We spent three hours at the museum - we could have easily spent six hours. An in-depth study could take several visits. It would depend on your level of interest .


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Hueco Tanks State Historic Site


We did not know anything about this state park. We needed a place for the night and Mary Lou asked the lady at the welcome center for a suggestion. She pointed out the state park on the map located just before we got into a long uninhabited stretch of road. The sun was starting to set as we entered the campground office.



a ht1 rocks in 006.JPG (45981 bytes)            a ht1 007.JPG (42782 bytes)




a ht1 moon 013.JPG (16571 bytes)We have never spent as much time in a park office registering as we did at  Hueco Tanks. They are very protective of their natural features after many vandalism incidents. We were required to watch a video about the park and how fragile the terrain is. It explained the importance of not touching the pictographs  and other features. Then, we had to sign a form that we saw and understood the video message. We received a card authorizing us to camp in the campground. We did not check-off the box for the self-guided tour of a part of the features because we did not think we would stay. As we finally arrived at our campsite, the moon was coming up.





a ht2 chains 068.JPG (62791 bytes)In the morning we had decided to walk the short self-guided part of the park before leaving. We had to go to the office to get authorization to do that. We did not want to take the ranger guided walks. We did not complete the short walk even though they provided chains you could use to get up the steep parts. We traversed up to the first level and decided we could not stay longer. It was not an easy walk 'with the chains' as we had been told. 




a ht2 big rock 023.JPG (40744 bytes)           a ht2 people top 060.JPG (33145 bytes)


a ht2 view 074.JPG (52484 bytes)

This is the view from our first level location.



This ancient site preserves more than 2,000 pictographs.  On the guided tours you can see the hunting scenes and groups of geometric designs painted on the rock through out the park. We satisfied ourselves with seeing these that we could get to easily.


a ht2 petro animal 045.JPG (56864 bytes)      a ht2 petro red 047.JPG (52519 bytes)




The rock at Hueco Tanks formed beneath the earth's surface 34 million years ago, as magma pushed up into an older limestone formation and then cooled. Over millennia, the weathering process eroded the overlaying limestone and created hollows (hueco) and fracture patterns in the massive granite-like formations.  


These small 'tanks' would be filled to some degree with water if it had not been two months since it had rained in the area.


a ht2 rock holes 024.JPG (63055 bytes)      a ht2 rock holes 038.JPG (57071 bytes)      a ht2 tanks 3 077.JPG (78654 bytes)

a ht2 tanks 4 083.JPG (70324 bytes)      a ht2 tanks 5 085.JPG (86335 bytes)      a ht2 tanks 6 087.JPG (60278 bytes)



In spite of the lack of rain in the area , some vegetation survives.

a ht2 plants 067.JPG (70618 bytes)      a ht2 rocks cactus 035.JPG (65818 bytes)




But if the tank is large, it will hold and retain a lot of water. This one was low in the rocks and offered a beautiful view. These clearly shows why this spot in the desert was a  stage stop. It is interesting to smell mud and dampness in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert.


a ht2 tank1 055.JPG (87189 bytes)   a ht2 tank 3 059.JPG (53329 bytes)




a ht2 stage 013.JPG (54875 bytes)The remains of the 1859 relay station for the Butterfield Overland Mail can be seen at the beginning of the trail near the naturalist's building. 

The remains of the1898 Escontrias ranch house was also located close to the stage stop.

a ht2 house ruins 017.JPG (66609 bytes)      a ht2 house ruins 018.JPG (65920 bytes)




a ht2 lizard 036.JPG (102821 bytes)This little guy was real brave just standing in our path. Brave to a point! When we got closer, he was gone.






If we were not recovering from bronchitis, the entire walk would have interested us. Pictograph tours, hiking tours and bouldering tours in the guided area are available by advanced request Wednesday - Sunday. We overheard the ranger tell someone to call at least two weeks in advance for a tour of a garden area. Probably due to the high summer temperatures in the area, their busy season is November through April. Our admission was $3 per person one-day entry fee and a $14 camping fee. That included 30amp electric and water at the site and a dump station on the way out of the campground.


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Quadalupe Mountians National Park 



The Guadalupe Mountains are part of an ancient marine fossil reef. Millions of years ago this area was located at the equator, and was a reef made of sponges, algae and other lime secreting marine organisms. This ancient reef complex now towers over the Texas desert in the Guadalupe Mountains.


At the apex is the 2,000 foot sheer cliff, El Capitan. 



a  a guad mtns el capatan 001.JPG (33412 bytes)           a  a guad mtns el c 008.JPG (27203 bytes)
                             El Capitan                   A part of the Guadalupe Mountains



a  a guad mtns trees 027.JPG (32354 bytes)Unlike many areas at this altitude, trees grow on the ridge - full size trees. The 'Bowl' is a high country forest of pine and Douglas fir 2,500 feet above the surrounding desert . 







a  a guad mtns peak 021.JPG (31705 bytes)      a  a guad mtns corr  018.JPG (69210 bytes)



a  a guad mtns 015.JPG (26795 bytes)

The view across
from the visitors center . . .




0 a sun  021.JPG (23526 bytes)Admission was $3 per person. Unless you wanted to hike, little was offered other than the beautiful scenery. The best viewing of El Capitan was from the roadside pull-offs west of the visitor center. As a matter of fact, we did not know at the time this was a photograph of El Capitan in the distance.



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On the road . . .




0 a sat el paso 038.JPG (58978 bytes)a  a sat  062.JPG (32996 bytes)Leaving El Paso we experienced one of the mile high mountains surrounding the city. We climbed it in second gear and coasted down the other side into southeast side of the city.






0 a sat el paso 032.JPG (22615 bytes)0 a sat ep picnic 028.JPG (37872 bytes)At the summit overlooking the northwest side of the city, a large picnic area was developed. It had several covered picnic tables.







Speaking of the road west of the El Capitan, there is a salt flat that was the site of the 1870's El Paso Salt War. When an El Paso businessman attempted to take control of the salt beds from local Hispanic and Tigua communities a conflict developed. Today only wind blowing across the flats remains from that turbulent time in history.



a  a tx salt 009.JPG (20097 bytes)      a  a tx salt 017.JPG (22309 bytes)     a  a tx salt 019.JPG (22612 bytes)




Texas is #1 in oil, #1 in cotton and #1 in peanut production in the USA. We have not identified peanut production, but we have seen oil rigs and a lots of cotton activity.



a  a t2 tues derek 044.JPG (23099 bytes)       a  a t2 tues derek 047.JPG (19708 bytes)
A couple of the bigger oil derricks . . .




a  a t2 tues cotton 084.JPG (25108 bytes)            a  a t2 tues cotton 057.JPG (32050 bytes)
In the cotton field . . .


At the processor . . .

a  a t2 tues cotton 061.JPG (24288 bytes)      a  a t2 tues cotton 075.JPG (28949 bytes)


a  a t2 tues 070.JPG (29182 bytes)      a  a t2 tues cotton 054.JPG (21852 bytes)      




Red dirt and/or irrigation are prevalent in some areas.

a  a t2 tues red dirt 048.JPG (25559 bytes)



Just a pretty view . . .

a  a sun  024.JPG (19279 bytes)




Our last day in Texas was varied. We had an exposure to changing fall colors.


1 a tx final color 020.JPG (22170 bytes)



In camp the last night, a storm caught up with us.

It was the first rain we had seen in over a month.


1 a tx final sky 029.JPG (18475 bytes)      1 a tx final rain 036.JPG (36598 bytes)



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