Las Vegas - 2006

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w a lv1 dist 013.JPG (20627 bytes)Leaving Henderson, we could see Las Vegas in the distance. We visited Las Vegas as part of our trip to the Southwest USA. As this was our first trip to Las Vegas, we planned to see the city more than the entertainers and shows.

Arrival and camp site . . .

The Las Vegas Strip . . .            Downtown Las Vegas . . .

                                                        Transportation around the city . . .


Arrival and camp site . . .


w a lv1 vic lot 058.JPG (38424 bytes)When we arrived in Las Vegas about noon, we headed for the Visitor Information Center. Fortunately there was a large parking lot adjacent to it. We parked, gathered some information and had lunch in the HHII. Our first impression - it was a city like any other. w a lv1 pepsi 060.JPG (27648 bytes)Some interesting thoughts went through our minds when we saw how the Pepsi machine was protected. However, we experienced no safety issues in Las Vegas by staying with the crowds and not wandering off the 'strip'.





We camped on the grounds of Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. There were several campgrounds in the vicinity but only one on Las Vegas Blvd - aka, The Strip. We decided to stay 'on the strip'. We have stayed in quieter campgrounds. It did have a lot of the 'city noises' you would expect to hear. But, it was an 'easy' walk to the strip in the morning ... but ... not as easy a walk back after walking 'the strip' for several hours and returning home tired.  The campground office looked like a circus tent in keeping with the Circus Circus theme. From our window, we could see the Stratosphere and an example of one of the many construction projects in-progress in Las Vegas. New construction can be seen in every area of Las Vegas.


w a lv1 camp ofc 129.JPG (31585 bytes)      w a lv1 camp 085.JPG (35678 bytes)      w a lv1 camp window 087.JPG (18241 bytes)


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The Las Vegas Strip . . .


w a lv1 cc sign day 184.JPG (39526 bytes)w a lv1 cc sign neon 198.JPG (41788 bytes)So, Circus Circus is where our visit to Las Vegas begins - the place where we saw day change to night.

   w a lv1 cc canopy195.JPG (37678 bytes)   w a lv1 cc canopy 194.JPG (65496 bytes)



From the campground, we entered the Circus Circus building and got our first glimpse of the 'action'. We quickly noticed that there are signs outside the 'gambling areas' warning that minors are not permitted. There were staff and security everywhere.


w a lv1 cc 138.JPG (42616 bytes)      w a lv1 cc 139.JPG (43034 bytes)      w a lv1 cc 140.JPG (46684 bytes)


v lv2 games 360.JPG (48474 bytes)            v lv2 games 361.JPG (47047 bytes)


v lv2 poker 157.JPG (47211 bytes)
Poker tables ...



Farther into the building we walked through the Midway. There were several games children could play. In spite of the availability of some games for children, in our opinion, Las Vegas is an adult destination.


w a lv1 cc 145.JPG (43635 bytes)      w a lv1 cc kids 166.JPG (65792 bytes)



Our first free show was a circus act inside  Circus Circus. This was one of only several 'free' shows listed on a page of 'free' shows we picked up at the Visitor Information Center.


w a lv1 cc ca 148.JPG (34424 bytes)

w a lv1 cc ca 149.JPG (59534 bytes)      w a lv1 cc ca 157.JPG (33520 bytes)

w a lv1 cc ca 160.JPG (52653 bytes)




Closer to the front door of the Circus Circus building, the real gaming was in progress. 


w a lv1 cc tables 177.JPG (61288 bytes)     w a lv1 cc tables 179.JPG (37526 bytes)



Leaving the Circus Circus building, we were on the Las Vegas Strip. While near the Visitors Information Center Las Vegas looks a lot like any other city during the day,  Las Vegas Blvd (aka: The Strip) is unique. It is unique during the day but its real personality shows at night. At night, the city became Las Vegas. What a difference darkness and neon lights made. The building are designed to be impressive at night - under the lights.


w a lv1 n street 301.JPG (49669 bytes)      w a lv1 n street 386.JPG (37271 bytes)


w a lv1 n 207.JPG (42230 bytes)      w a lv1 n 229.JPG (39189 bytes)      



Some buildings had very ornate and decorative facades and interiors. The theme selected for the hotel/casino is carried throughout the business complex. We were surprised at the size of the properties and the extreme level of decorating.


w a lv1 n 252.JPG (54970 bytes)   w a lv1 n 245.JPG (32425 bytes)   w a lv1 n is 269.JPG (38923 bytes)   w a lv1 n is 264.JPG (30268 bytes)



Some were just out of this world.

w a lv1 434.JPG (37803 bytes)


Another reached for the sky.

w a lv1 ss 091.JPG (15026 bytes)


Art work is everywhere . . .

w a lv1 n pot 304.JPG (44041 bytes)



And sometimes you would see a celebrity.

p lv2 robin.JPG (63567 bytes)

Is it really Robin Williams?




w a lv1 n ny 398.JPG (43792 bytes)No, this is not the skyline of Las Vegas. It is the New York New York building - designed to look like the New York City skyline. Its the theme thing.

      w a lv1 ny 402.JPG (29767 bytes)      w a lv1 ny 409.JPG (58600 bytes)





v lv2 ven 350.JPG (47824 bytes)The Venentian Hotel and Casino has the Venice, Italy theme, complete with gondola rides.


      v lv2 ven 340.JPG (52229 bytes)   

  w a lv1 431.JPG (36071 bytes)    w a lv1 n 240.JPG (34411 bytes)




Treasure Island had the tall mast ship and pirate theme.


v lv2 ti 370.JPG (49692 bytes)      v lv2 ti 008.JPG (61869 bytes)



Another theme . . . Harley Davidson


v lv2 hd 222.JPG (32406 bytes)            v lv2 hd 225.JPG (36210 bytes)




w a lv1 n 278.JPG (24266 bytes)Caesars Palace is another huge multi-building complex. It is very apparent what lighting can do to a building.




w a lv1 n 284.JPG (37455 bytes)       w a lv1 n 282.JPG (44917 bytes)      but, during the day   v lv2 cp 235.JPG (42237 bytes)





The Paris theme included the Eiffel Tower.

w a lv1 424.JPG (41952 bytes)      w a lv1 n et 339.JPG (20825 bytes)      And, mid-afternoon . . . 


v lv2 paris 330.JPG (40522 bytes)      v lv2 242.JPG (50775 bytes)                   




w a lv1 n 347.JPG (25371 bytes)Another free show we saw was the Fountains of the Bellagio Water Show in front of the Bellagio. It was Mary Lou's favorite. It ran frequently all night and all day.


w a lv1 n water bal 376.JPG (54825 bytes)      w a lv1 n water 312.JPG (26850 bytes)      w a lv1 n water 371.JPG (47423 bytes)


           w a lv1 n water 319.JPG (30010 bytes)      w a lv1 n water 314.JPG (30531 bytes)


Of course, we saw it in the daytime. It was still a great show.


v lv2 water 266.JPG (54927 bytes)      v lv2 water 270.JPG (53834 bytes)      v lv2 water 276.JPG (52459 bytes)


v lv2 water 281.JPG (51731 bytes)


v lv2 water 302.JPG (51993 bytes)      v lv2 water 311.JPG (48588 bytes)      v lv2 water 317.JPG (30800 bytes)


v lv2 water 262.JPG (55314 bytes)




Would you believe Las Vegas is a little commercial? Even Coke and M&Ms were represented.


v lv2 coke 197.JPG (31767 bytes)      v lv2 coke ml 191.JPG (46243 bytes)


v lv2 m&m 188.JPG (28734 bytes)      v lv2 m&m 183.JPG (54088 bytes)      v lv2 m&m 185.JPG (48857 bytes)                    
Did you know there was this many colors of M&Ms?                                                    



v lv2 wynn 402.JPG (39357 bytes)Do you want a little 'high end' shopping? A fellow on the bus told us not to miss the inside of the Wynn building. The outside looked very nice but he said you have to go inside. We found where the non-gamblers go while the gamblers play. Based o the shops we saw inside the Wynn, the gamblers had better be successful to keep up with the shoppers.

   v lv2 wynn 428.JPG (44617 bytes)      v lv2 wynn s 435.JPG (33584 bytes)      v lv2 wynn s 440.JPG (45808 bytes)




v lv2 cubs 072.JPG (47531 bytes)As we rode the down escalator in the MGM Grand, we came upon a glass den with two lion cubs in it. The trainer told the audience that the glass was one and a half inched thick so the cubs would not hears us. Also, there are nine pairs of cubs so they do not get stressed by 'working' too long.

    v lv2 cubs 085.JPG (48770 bytes)   v lv2 cubs 089.JPG (46035 bytes)   




v lv2 rf 110.JPG (23761 bytes)Mary Lou wanted to to the Rain Forest Cafe in the MGM Grand for her birthday.

            v lv2 rf 113.JPG (37958 bytes)     v lv2 rf 099.JPG (53171 bytes)

            This is a test, do you see Mary Lou looking at the fish?


   v lv2 mush 132.JPG (58653 bytes)   v lv2 sky 121.JPG (47404 bytes)   v lv2 stools 124.JPG (38217 bytes)   v lv2 par 117.JPG (54375 bytes)




v lv2 girls 455.JPG (50318 bytes)As we stated at the beginning, we did not have a performer we wanted to see. At least, not at ticket prices. Nor, did we go to an 'adult' show.

We will close this section with a sculpture that drew a lot of attention. It was fun to watch the 'guys' and 'gals' (mostly guys) who wanted their photograph with it. Two older gentlemen asked Fred to take their photograph with 'the girls'.



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Downtown Las Vegas . . .     


w a lv1 ot cowboy 473.JPG (35775 bytes)Old Town Las Vegas is the location of the original Las Vegas Strip. That is where you see the historically known Las Vegas neon signs. You have seen these in advertising and featured in many movies. This is also where you find the Fremont Street Experience.


               w a lv1 ot horse 578.JPG (24435 bytes)            w a lv1 ot cowgirl.JPG (44812 bytes)




w a lv1 otls 442.JPG (42669 bytes)One of the evening's Viva Vision Light & Sound Shows was ending as we got off the bus. We walked the Old Town street and then waited for the next show.

Fremont Street is covered with a curved canopy that doubles as a screen. It feels like an indoor event with shops, food, music, shows and casinos.

First they did a little testing with advertising and then the Viva Vision Light & Sound Show began.



w a lv1 otls test 496.JPG (28920 bytes)

w a lv1 otls name 527.JPG (41243 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 514.JPG (28998 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 515.JPG (39730 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 550.JPG (38013 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 516.JPG (29606 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 536.JPG (23007 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 540.JPG (32006 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 555.JPG (25893 bytes)

w a lv1 otls 557.JPG (34424 bytes)




w a lv1 ot street 507.JPG (50638 bytes)While it feels like an indoor event, half-way down a cross street bisects Fremont Street. A traffic signal light controls movement of a lot of pedestrians and a few vehicles.





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Transportation around the city . . .

v lv2 bus 021.JPG (41177 bytes)

We spent two fabulous days in Las Vegas. We used the city double-decker bus system anytime we did not walk. Our advice ... wear comfortable shoes. Plus ... there is almost no place to sit down in a public area - they want you sitting in a restaurants or in a casino. 

The shuttle bus system - pay $5 per person and ride as often as you want for 24-hours.  It worked great Wednesday night but Thursday during the day the system was clogged with people and it was difficult to get a space on a bus. Tempers were getting short as busses passed you by.  We waited for a fourth bus on one occasion to get a ride. The bus pass can be used on other city busses as well. 

Cabs were available. We were told they could only pick you up at hotels and casinos, not at the curb. Your own car or a rental could be used but parking at the various sights would be an issue. 


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