Elk City Museum Complex - 2006

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We arrived close to closing. As we would have only an hour to see the complex, we asked if we could stay in the parking lot overnight and start our visit when they opened the next morning. Because it was a weekday during the off-season, permission was granted. 


National Route 66 Transportation Museum

National Route 66 Museum

Old Town Museum

Farm and Ranch Museum



aa rt66 m rex bldg 011.JPG (22180 bytes)This building is the entrance to the National Route 66 Transportation Museum and the National Route 66 Museum. The exhibits in these two museums flowed together.

The first thing Rex noticed as we drove in was a building with his name on it. Of course, that was a photo opportunity. 

The short video about Route 66 was worth viewing. The entire complex is very well done. 

Allow three hours to see the exhibits in all of the museums. The cost, which includes all of the museums, was $5 for adults, $4 for students and seniors.





If you are old enough, you will remember the drive-in restaurant and the drive-in movie theatre. There are a few still in business, but many have disappeared from the scene.


aa rt 66 m driving skill 010.JPG (33827 bytes)This Cadillac was set-up as a driving experience. 


  This is reminiscent of an old style dinner and movie date.

  aa rt 66 m tray 066.JPG (33900 bytes)   aa rt 66 m drivein sign 024.JPG (27554 bytes)   aa rt 66 m at the movies 015.JPG (32663 bytes)



Treasures from the original Route 66.


aa rt 66 m guard rail 034.JPG (26092 bytes)           aa rt 66 m concrete 036.JPG (28285 bytes)
Guard rail . . .                                           Concrete . . .



aa rt 66 m cushman 019.JPG (50102 bytes)When Fred was 14 years old, he wanted one of these. Several guys in his neighborhood had them. His parents disagreed and he did not get one.





aa rt 66 m rt66 163.JPG (26686 bytes)The museum included several interesting exhibits.


aa rt 66 m 1929 rv 055.JPG (50906 bytes)      aa rt 66 m gas station 062.JPG (37705 bytes)      aa rt 66 m fire truck 023.JPG (40448 bytes)



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We visited the Old Town Museum next. It presented many exhibits of early pioneer life, Native Americans, patriotism, cowboys and rodeo. 


aa rt 66 m buffalo 075.JPG (66952 bytes)            aa rt 66 m bull 076.JPG (50266 bytes)



aa rt 66 m room 097.JPG (36527 bytes)Inside the two story Victorian house is a wide range of items.


      aa rt 66 m chair 104.JPG (43938 bytes)      aa rt 66 m baby carriage 103.JPG (45009 bytes)




aa rt 66 m barber 125.JPG (47638 bytes)Fred remembers sitting on the board across the arms barber's chair. Neither of us are old enough to remember our mothers hair being 'wired'.





aa rt 66 m coke 127.JPG (16323 bytes)   aa rt 66 m toys 107.JPG (36198 bytes)  aa rt 66 m toys 110.JPG (35731 bytes)  aa rt 66 m toys 120.JPG (40641 bytes)




Cowboys and rodeos . . . 

  aa rt 66 m rodeo 135.JPG (40442 bytes)          Native American . . . aa rt 66 m beads 119.JPG (39737 bytes) aa rt 66 m beads 116.JPG (44427 bytes)



You frequently see displays of military items.
They also had a display for military nurses.

aa rt 66 m miltary 128.JPG (37634 bytes)      aa rt 66 m nurse 130.JPG (26319 bytes)

aa rt 66 m want you 131.JPG (34069 bytes)



aa rt 66 m singer 152.JPG (36600 bytes)One of several buildings in the Old Town Museum was a livery stable. This heavy duty singer was on display.

Other buildings included a railroad depot, opera house, mercantile, drug store and others. You could enter the train depot and livery stable but the other buildings were building fronts with displays inside.





The church was also open.


aa rt 66 m c win1 090.JPG (25149 bytes)            aa rt 66 m tw 078.JPG (35428 bytes)            aa rt 66 m c win2 091.JPG (22465 bytes)



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The Farm and Ranch Museum was a large red barn. Outside, was a collection of windmills and old farm machinery. 


aa rt 66 m barn 169.JPG (28486 bytes) aa rt 66 m barn2 168.JPG (29483 bytes)



The size of the 14-foot power windmills caught our eye as we entered.
Do you know that there are 'power' and 'water pumping' windmills?

aa rt 66 m power windmill 171.JPG (48789 bytes)



aa rt 66 m hay dollies 204.JPG (44909 bytes)      aa rt 66 m jacks 198.JPG (44579 bytes)
Hay dollies . . .                             Jacks . . .


aa rt 66 m tools 202.JPG (47343 bytes)      aa rt 66 m tools 200.JPG (43596 bytes)
Tool box . . .                                  Hand tools . . .                         




aa rt 66 m pig oilers 185.JPG (51873 bytes)         aa rt 66 m t seats 183.JPG (50033 bytes)
Pig oilers . . .                                       Tractor seats . . .


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