Badlands National Park - 2005    
and Prairie Homestead

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Badlands National Park

Prairie Homestead


Badlands National Park

We visited the Badlands National Park on our way home from Alaska. While we were here 35 years ago, our route home took us close enough for a revisit. 


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The green mesas accent the rugged landscapes of Badlands National Park. There are nine scenic overlooks and short nature trails throughout the park. The Visitor Center is open all year round. The Badlands Loop Scenic Byway, near Wall, SD showcases spectacular scenery during the 39 mile drive.



w bnp ante and deer 002.jpg (43648 bytes)We entered from the west entrance. These four-legged greeters were the only wildlife was saw in the park. Because we started our drive on the loop road late in the afternoon, you will notice shadows in some of the photographs. The loop road take you close to and into beautiful terrain. We did not remember being this close on our first visit. 

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The colors of the rock were striking. 


 w bnp pink yellow 053.jpg (22866 bytes)      w bnp pink yellow 1 052.jpg (31735 bytes)      w bnp pink yellow dark 061.jpg (26143 bytes)           


w bnp pink white bushes 195.jpg (30452 bytes)


w bnp striped many 110.jpg (43078 bytes)            w bnp srtipes blue sky 045.jpg (40152 bytes)


w bnp pink cliff 112.jpg (32041 bytes)


w bnp clo peaks 069.jpg (27642 bytes)



Interesting shapes were everywhere.


w bnp irreg 1 367.jpg (44082 bytes)      w bnp irreg 2 368.jpg (65365 bytes)      w bnp irreg 3 369.jpg (47161 bytes)


w bnp two fingers 187.jpg (20284 bytes)



At times, you could walk out for a closer look.


w bnp ml on flat 344.jpg (30423 bytes)



Mary Lou wasn't as brave as it may look. It was an easy walk.

            w bnp ml on flat 2 345.jpg (28890 bytes)            w bnp ml on flat 162.jpg (33886 bytes)



Views over the plains could be seen from many of the overlooks.


w bnp prairie and 086.jpg (22732 bytes)   w bnp prairie and bush 087.jpg (16570 bytes)   w bnp dist 1 128.jpg (20382 bytes)   w bnp dist 2 129.jpg (22414 bytes)


w bnp grass and rock 007.jpg (31495 bytes)      w bnp grass and rock 3 022.jpg (40166 bytes)      



Sometime the plains/mesas type terrain was on what is called the 'wall'. The 'wall' extended for a considerable distance and made travel by early settlers difficult. 


w bnp grass and rock 2 008.jpg (33553 bytes)     w bnp flat top 010.jpg (21432 bytes)



Mary Lou didn't want to step into the "U" shaped ledge. After Fred walked over, stood on the ledge, it was a good photo-op.


w bnp ml in u dist 318.jpg (28487 bytes)


w bnp ml in u clo 317.jpg (30500 bytes)


w bnp ml thru u 319.jpg (27344 bytes)            w bnp ml below u 321.jpg (52599 bytes)


And, she had no interest in
retrieving somebody's hat.

w bnp hat dist 326.jpg (49683 bytes)

It looked like a nice hat.



It was getting dark as we drove the last part of the loop road. The campground we were heading for was close to the west entrance to the park.


w bnp driving dark 225.jpg (15946 bytes)



But, it gave us an opportunity to see a beautiful sunset.


w bnp sunset 185.jpg (11841 bytes)     w bnp sunset in camp 251.jpg (13086 bytes)



We arrived at the campground (dry camping) just as the full moon was rising. 


w bnp moon rise 257.jpg (12096 bytes)            w bnp camp dark 261.jpg (30959 bytes)




w bnp picnic tables 272.jpg (29528 bytes)In the morning, Fred made a photograph of one of the picnic table with a wind deflector. The wind on the prairie is a constant thing. This design helps keep things on the table. The fact that they were all set in the same direction told you something about the prevailing wind - always blowing and always from the same direction. 





w bnp hh in front 298.jpg (17454 bytes)The final turnout we used presented a nice photo-op for the HHII, rock and plains.







Admission to the park is $20 unless you have a senior (over 62) discount card. Allow at least four hours so you can stop at all the overlooks and not miss a great view. If you hike the many trails, more time is required. 




Prairie Homestead - just outside the east entrance to the Badlands National Park, is the original home of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Brown. The 160 acre property was homesteaded in 1909. The homestead is preserved as though a family was living there today. A small portion of the furnishings is original, the rest typical of the Sodbusters in this area.


w sod h vist ctr.jpg (29520 bytes)



w sod h greeter.jpg (44244 bytes)This guy met us on the porch of the visitor center.

He provided a recorded introduction to the attraction.





In the grub box are displayed some of the Brown's household items.
It is the original grub box they brought west with them.

w sod h grub box.jpg (51251 bytes)




Many signs told the story of the items.






w sod h home sign.jpg (48607 bytes)            w sod h home front.jpg (35531 bytes)


w sod h home side.jpg (40420 bytes)            w sod h house sod walls.jpg (39569 bytes)


w sod h house sod walls clo.jpg (66116 bytes)            w sod h house clay floor.jpg (38767 bytes)

Sod brick walls . . .                               Clay floor . . .



w sod h laundry.jpg (63903 bytes)




When more room was needed, a deserted claim shed was added to the sod house. It has a wood floor and linoleum.


w sod h house addition.jpg (29407 bytes)            w sod h house linoleum.jpg (43490 bytes)



w sod h well sign.jpg (45050 bytes)            w sod h well.jpg (59556 bytes)




w sod h cave sign.jpg (39891 bytes)      w sod h house roof.jpg (77560 bytes)      w sod h cave door.jpg (51977 bytes)      w sod h cave is.jpg (30218 bytes)



w sod h outhouse sign.jpg (31048 bytes)             w sod h outhouse.jpg (47534 bytes)




w sod h 5 acreas sign.jpg (30860 bytes)            w sod h 5 acres.jpg (32573 bytes)



            w sod h barnyard.jpg (40065 bytes)           w sod h agri kettle.jpg (55135 bytes)

Barnyard . . .                                 Agricultural kettle . . .



The homestead has the only white prairie dog town in the world. It all started in 1966 when they obtained one white male from the Oglala Sioux tribe.


w sod h p dog side.jpg (71408 bytes)      w sod h p dog wh in hole.jpg (80011 bytes)

w sod h p dog br in hole.jpg (72451 bytes)



The admission fee of $4 per person gave you unlimited time to walk the grounds. Allow a little more than an hour to see the introductory video and grounds. Gifts and food for the prairie dogs are also available for sale.




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