The House On The Rock - 2004

Updated: 11/09/08

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This is an interesting destination. The house is very different and the collections of items in the various other buildings is outstanding. Admission was $19.50 per person. Wear comfortable footwear, there is a lot of walking. There are stairs in the house and the floors are uneven throughout. The tour of the house takes about an hour. Walking through the other buildings of the collection took us another three hours - this allows a half hour for lunch in the cafe part way through the walk.



w house view poster.jpg (37880 bytes)When the house was built by Alex Jordan in 1945, it had great views and was able to be seen without an obstructed view. It opened for tours in 1960. Buildings have been added to display the collection through 1995.


Over time nature has grown around the rock and house making it difficult for us to see it today. The house is a rambling, 14-room house built on top of a 60 foot rock pillar.

wh view fr house.jpg (74202 bytes)            w house view now.jpg (88491 bytes)
From the house ...                      Toward the house ...    



The Infinity Room was added in 1985. It is 218 feet long, with 3,624 windows and suspends you 156 feet above the forested valley.

wh infinity inside.jpg (39867 bytes)


The view of the newer Infinity Room has also changed over time. The second photograph was made from a scenic turnout .

wh infinity poster.jpg (27440 bytes)            wh infinity fr rest.jpg (40352 bytes)



The ceiling in the house is exceptionally low. We are told Alex Jordan was a tall man - hard to believe. The benches you see in the lounge areas are where people slept. There were no bedrooms. The house had two small bathrooms. The house was used as a gathering place, a weekend retreat, he did not actually live there. 

wh low entry.jpg (38609 bytes)            wh low lounge.jpg (28651 bytes)


wh fireplace.jpg (32162 bytes)

Each 'room' of the house had a fireplace. Most 'rooms' were lounge areas. In the Gate House, which serves as an entrance, is a small kitchen.

wh kitchen.jpg (39367 bytes)



Art work was displayed throughout the house.

wh art cubby.jpg (39173 bytes)            wh art stat.jpg (53968 bytes)


Stained glass was a very popular decorating item.

wh stained windows.jpg (55570 bytes)            wh stained table.jpg (35789 bytes)



wh paperweights.jpg (41740 bytes)These paperweights were displayed in a huge bellows. Every lounge area was decorated with unique items.





wh roof.jpg (46178 bytes)The roof of the house is included in the tour because Alex used the roof for entertaining as well.





An inclined walkway is used to enter and leave the house. The house is isolated from the other buildings. The other buildings are connected so you do not go outside to move from building to building.



While the collection covers a wide range of items, by far the collection of mechanical musical instrument is the most unique to us. 


w phonoliszt.jpg (18766 bytes)This machine had an attendant who started it on request.

Most of the other instruments were started by inserting tokens into a coin box. We did not use any tokens so we do not have details on how the process worked. We took advantage of the people who had and used tokens to start the instruments.

Ask at the ticket counter for details. 





This room showed a small orchestra in operation.

w instr room.jpg (44163 bytes) w instr room ctr.jpg (48660 bytes) w instr room 1.jpg (49081 bytes)



w instr oriental.jpg (37795 bytes)One massive display of mechanical musical instruments had an oriental theme.





w instr gold.jpg (63401 bytes)Another room's gold overlay color and chandeliers was bright and the music great. It too fill the entire wall of the room.





The individual instruments and the walls of instruments were outstanding. But, the greatest display of mechanical musical instruments was a room containing a full orchestra.

w instr orch 1.jpg (42753 bytes)            w instr orch 2.jpg (49016 bytes)


w instr orch 3.jpg (48331 bytes)

This photograph shows some
of the switches and hoses required
to operate the instruments.



One collectable item we do not remember seeing at other locations was mechanical advertising displays for diamonds.

w diamonds bride.jpg (38023 bytes) w diamonds cavemen.jpg (37762 bytes) w diamonds jeep.jpg (35501 bytes)



The other displays of the collection are too numerous to give individual attention to each one. We will show a sampling of the collection. It covered miniature furniture in doll houses to huge electric generators and pipe organs.


w dolls.jpg (36587 bytes)            w dolls at table.jpg (37251 bytes)


w bottles.jpg (42556 bytes)


w cash register.jpg (49500 bytes)            h2 ofc mach.jpg (27731 bytes)           


w silver.jpg (56625 bytes)


w drums top.jpg (45534 bytes)            w drums bot.jpg (37401 bytes)


w chandelier.jpg (54813 bytes)            w elephant figs.jpg (48506 bytes)



w guns multi barrel.jpg (39699 bytes)      w guns buntline.jpg (20388 bytes)

w guns pistols.jpg (28670 bytes)      w guns silverware.jpg (28014 bytes)



w masks.jpg (49335 bytes)            w puppets.jpg (42446 bytes)



w carousel.jpg (51020 bytes)

w carousel horses.jpg (42989 bytes)      w angels.jpg (31222 bytes)



h2 doll house os.jpg (30488 bytes)            h2 doll house is.jpg (33255 bytes)



w mod boat sm.jpg (46243 bytes) w mod morgan.jpg (36503 bytes) w mod boat lg.jpg (32428 bytes)



w model train.jpg (42298 bytes)



h2 circus mini.jpg (51549 bytes)   h2 clown in tub.jpg (28738 bytes)



h2 knife switches.jpg (43859 bytes)



w military phones.jpg (42452 bytes)            w ivory.jpg (36989 bytes)



h2 nr plates.jpg (43580 bytes)



w ship sink.jpg (19165 bytes)      w ship toilet.jpg (28918 bytes)


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