Circus World Museum - 2004

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Because we were traveling after Labor Day, the entire program and activities were not operating. Therefore, the ticket prices were only $7.00 per person for the limited offerings. We missed the live entertainment but did not miss the hoards of people attending during the season. Wear comfortable footwear so you can enjoy the grounds. We spent about four hours here. You may spend more time if the performances are in operation.

The Feld Exhibit Hall has the documented history of the circus while the out buildings and outside displays have the 'real' stuff.


cw ringling bros.jpg (27605 bytes)The history of the circus and the Ringling brothers part in it was very interesting. What they accomplished and how they did it was a large part of the history displayed.




One building had walls of circus posters.

cw posters 1.jpg (51422 bytes)            cw posters 2.jpg (48266 bytes)



Many displays, like this clown room, showed artifacts of circus life.

cw clown display.jpg (44308 bytes)



Life size figures gave the story of the sideshow characters that were an important part of the circus.

cw sideshow 1.jpg (33305 bytes)          cw sideshow 2.jpg (34549 bytes)


cw sideshow 3.jpg (37249 bytes)



A miniature circus was displayed.


cw mini 1.jpg (48952 bytes)            cw mini 2.jpg (39286 bytes)



cw carousel.jpg (54700 bytes)During the regular season a carousel, elephant ride, pony ride and exotic animal viewing are provided for the children of all ages.

And, a real circus performance entertains all. 




In the C. P. Fox Wagon Restoration Center you can see the workshop used to restore wagons and other circus items. As we travel, we find the number of sites restoring all aspects of our country's history impressive.


cw restore 1.jpg (51104 bytes)             cw restore 2.jpg (52068 bytes)



The results of the restoration is very evident in the Deppe Wagon Pavillion. Circus wagons of all descriptions are in the collection. We will show you a few of the ones we found particularly interesting.

cw pavilion 1.jpg (42684 bytes)            cw pavilion 2.jpg (46798 bytes)



cw wagon animal gr.jpg (57644 bytes)            cw wagon wh gold.jpg (60274 bytes)


cw wagon cinder.jpg (32877 bytes)            cw wagon silver wh.jpg (48152 bytes)


cw wagon hippo.jpg (39926 bytes)            
This one has side bays so the Hippo can turn around.


cw wagon no roof.jpg (54637 bytes)                          cw wagon generator.jpg (42754 bytes)
Can you guess why this one has no roof?                                              This one carried a generator.


cw wagon snake.jpg (32631 bytes)                     cw wagon qtrs.jpg (33764 bytes)
A woman sat on the chair and they                                     Living Quarters
put a lot of snakes in with her.


cw wagon calliphone.jpg (41630 bytes)
Every circus needs a Calliphone.



cw music frt.jpg (48181 bytes)Speaking of music, this was our first time to see behind the face of a music machine often carried on circus wagons. Put two quarters in the coin box and it played one of a selection of songs.



cw music bass drum.jpg (36036 bytes)            cw music snare.jpg (34141 bytes)


cw music piano.jpg (40080 bytes)            cw music back.jpg (40663 bytes)



After the wagon era passed, the circus used trains to move their heavy equipment and performers.


cw rail 4 wagons.jpg (42742 bytes)            cw rail three.jpg (40297 bytes)


cw rail wh truck.jpg (36858 bytes)            cw rail animals.jpg (36602 bytes)


cw rail passsenger.jpg (46152 bytes)            cw rail passenger 2.jpg (44972 bytes)



The reduced number of tourists and staff gave us an opportunity to roam in areas of the grounds not usually part of the visit. Fred roamed the back lot and found where they stored the circus wagons prior to display.


cw restore bodies.jpg (38523 bytes)           cw restore dodson.jpg (45380 bytes)


cw restore royal am.jpg (33564 bytes)            cw restore wagon.jpg (46765 bytes)
While Fred was roaming around, they towed it toward restoration.


cw repair ticket.jpg (43313 bytes)
And, another.



We will end with this truck found behind a building.

cw red truck.jpg (44000 bytes)



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