SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN ( S. Haven, St. Joseph) - May, 2003

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After the Good Sam Spring Samboree, we headed for Lake Michigan to spend a few days before joining our church group for our Memorial Day weekend campout. We thought, why go home if you don't have to when Lake Michigan is nearby.

South Haven, MI

St. Joseph, MI

Michigan Maritime Museum


South Haven, MI

We arrived here on a beautiful Sunday evening. The temperature was cool but the wind was still.

sh sail sun rays.jpg (20657 bytes)



sj risk sign.jpg (20400 bytes)While you are warned about your safety, the pier is the place to be. It was very pleasant (almost deserted) as it was the off-season and the end of a weekend. A local couple we spoke with said they stay away from mid-June until mid- September due to the crowds. 




The views looking into Lake Michigan and into South Haven are great. It provided a very peaceful evening's entertainment.

sh view to lm.jpg (31745 bytes)            sh wide to lm.jpg (29629 bytes)

sh view into harbor.jpg (29436 bytes)



The South Haven Lighthouse is fully automated.
The last lighthouse keeper served until 1940.

sh walkway.jpg (29546 bytes)            sh beacon.jpg (26986 bytes)



sh from shore.jpg (22403 bytes)The view shows how far the pier reaches into Lake Michigan. The pier was extended to a total of 1,200 feet in length in 1940.





sh rough shore.jpg (21394 bytes)The next day the wind was roughing up Lake Michigan.

South Haven State Park is located just to the left of the power station seen in the distance.




sh boat going out.jpg (32206 bytes)Even with the rough water, these boys were heading out for a ride in a small boat with an outboard engine. They enjoyed the waves for a while but didn't stay out long.



Others, used the power of the wind as a source of power. 

sh sail boards.jpg (17771 bytes)


St. Joseph, MI


The St. Joseph pier  also has an automated beacon. The walk into Lake Michigan was tough on this day because of the high wind. It felt good to use the lighthouse as a windbreak.


sj beacon lg.jpg (20779 bytes)            sj beacon sm.jpg (16271 bytes)



The view into town ...              Their city waterfront park ...

sj view of harbor.jpg (23316 bytes)            sj city park.jpg (19434 bytes)



sj boat tlc.jpg (42298 bytes)We stopped by the municipal marina. This sail boat was getting its TLC for the season ahead. A fresh paint job and more - we could hear the power tools being used inside.

We all know the definition ... BOAT, a hole in the water into which you pour money.



The U. S. Coast Guard has a station here also.


sj cg training.jpg (30453 bytes)            sj cg boat shore.jpg (26369 bytes)




Michigan Maritime Museum        (South Haven, MI)


mmm visitor bldg.jpg (56982 bytes)


The museum was interesting. One of the videos explained the demise of Michigan's commercial fishery and there were many exhibits in the various buildings.


mmm rope fender.jpg (34015 bytes) 
A rope fender


mmm ship in bulb.jpg (30183 bytes)
A ship in a light bulb


mmm dugout.jpg (48068 bytes)
A dugout in progress



And a three piece boat ... it could be hauled to the lake without using a trailer.

 mmm 3 pc sign.jpg (35129 bytes)      mmm 3 pc boat.jpg (38790 bytes)



The lifesavers of South Haven ...

mmm life sav exh.jpg (31174 bytes)            mmm life sav sign.jpg (26859 bytes)



Rescue Boats

mmm boat house.jpg (26555 bytes)The Herbert Van Oort U.S.C.G. Boathouse contains the nation's only complete and restored collection of the last three types of wooden rescue boats used by the United States Coast Guard.



mmm psb pic.jpg (39501 bytes) The Pulling Surf Boat    

    mmm psb.jpg (31175 bytes)     mmm psb found.jpg (31112 bytes)
                         This Pulling Surf Boat was found in a farmer's field.



mmm sb pic.jpg (28707 bytes) The 26-foot Motor Surfboat 

    mmm ps bow.jpg (24283 bytes)



mmm msb pic.jpg (31484 bytes) The 36-foot Transport Boat

    mmm msb wheel.jpg (36433 bytes)     mmm msb ws.jpg (28707 bytes)

mmm msb bow.jpg (34345 bytes)     mmm msb motor.jpg (25634 bytes)     mmm msb stern.jpg (23371 bytes)



A wide variety of classes and programs are offered year around in the Padnos Boat Shed. This is also where a lot of the restoration work is accomplished.

mmm boat shed.jpg (25844 bytes)            mmm boat shed in.jpg (41069 bytes)


If in the South Haven area, a visit to the Michigan Maritime Museum would be a worthwhile way to spend a couple hours. Cost is only $2.50 per person.


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