LINCOLN'S BOYHOOD HOME -   Gentryville, IN  - March, 2003
(A National Memorial)

Updated: 11/09/08


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We were ahead of the tourist season and they were replacing and repairing the stone walkway at the entrance of the memorial building preparing for the expected seasonal crowds.


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Five sculpted panels marking significant periods in the life of Lincoln are in the Memorial Court of the limestone Memorial building.

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One wing of the building was the Abraham Lincoln Hall.


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The other wing was the Nancy Hanks Lincoln Hall. It is currently used for ladies auxilary meetings.


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The flag is located near the pioneer cemetery on the hill where Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is buried. Is is between the Memorial Visitor Center and the homesite.


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l stone 1 of 12.jpg (88221 bytes)The Trail of Twelve Stones connects the pioneer cemetery and the homesite area. Each of the twelve stones reviews a major event in Lincoln's life. We expected a more elaborate display than presented. Two stones were large, the remainder were "common" stones like this one.

(Pick up the Trail Guide first and the walk will be more informative.)




The original Lincoln homesite contains a bronze casting in the shape of the cabin. It is near the Lincoln Living Historical Farm but we were ahead of the season, the buildings were closed and were not staffed. 


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Lincoln's Boyhood Home was not the most impressive area we have seen. I'm sure it would have been more interesting during the tourist season when the staff was operation the farm. Admission was $4.00 per person.


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Lincoln State Park is also located near Gentryville, IN. It is a nice state park with a neat cluster of family cabins.


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l h&w tombstones.jpg (40619 bytes)In the state park church cemetery, it was obvious that being a 'Lincoln' carried a lot of benefits. As an example, these tombstones demonstrate the 'family' benefit - the husband's (Aaron Grigby) on the left and Lincoln's sister (Sarah Lincoln, Aaron's wife) on the right.




Take time to drive through the state park. It is very nice an worth a couple dollars - take a picnic lunch.


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