Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center - 2003

Updated: 11/09/08

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While in Kansas for an RV rally, we visited the Cosmosphere in Hitchinson. It is an affiliate of The Smithsonian Institution. It has a fantastic collection of international space artifacts.


We will tell you a little about our visit and encourage you to visit the Cosmosphere. The AAA tour book recommends a three hour visit. We and several others at the rally spent six hour there - the three programs include with your ticket are 45 minutes each. Don't miss them! Your ticket ($11) is good for the entire day of purchase so take advantage of their food court or exit to eat at another location and return.


comm crenan steps.jpg (29946 bytes)You are greeted at the entrance by a statue of Commander Crenan, the last person to walk on the moon.





Inside the building is a huge plane which had been lowered into the building by crane. It is one of many impressive items.


plane in bldg.jpg (34557 bytes)            w plane over bldg.jpg (23218 bytes)



buzz bomb.jpg (24349 bytes)This German "Buzz bomb" ... one of many items documenting the technology gathered by the German V-1 and V-2 rocket program. This is the first display - very informative.

Another series of displays document the space race between the United States and Russia - both the human factor and the technical story.




Pieces of the Berlin wall are from a historical event we all witnessed in 'real-time' on television.

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The Cosmosphere has one of the largest collections of space suits in the world.

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cuff.jpg (18948 bytes)You have heard of writing the answers on your cuff for tests. The astronauts wore a 'cuff checklist' to help them remember their tasks and their speeches.




wr door su.jpg (30196 bytes)We have all seen the astronauts leaving the 'white room' and entering the spacecraft. We were in a 'white room' - but, not 300 feet in the air. The opening was against the spacecraft.

wr door exit.jpg (19334 bytes)      wr door exit out.jpg (26623 bytes)




rocket sled.jpg (23163 bytes)The 'rocket sled' tested human endurance. These tests were conducted in the 1950s and assisted in the design and performance of all future spacecrafts.





Being and old car guy, Fred found the $6,000,000 (yes, six million dollars) Lunar Roving Vehicle interesting.

rover f.jpg (39302 bytes)            rover r.jpg (39807 bytes)

rover instru.jpg (39993 bytes)



We all enjoyed the many photographs the astronauts sent back to earth on a daily basis. And we have seen some of those they brought back with them. They used several cameras to accomplish this. To save weight on reentry, they left the cameras on the moon and brought back only the backs (film).

cameras backs.jpg (53004 bytes)            cameras film.jpg (38851 bytes)



Your ticket permits you to select three of a group of presentations.


imax.jpg (31781 bytes)One we selected was Adrenaline Rush in the Carey IMAX Dome Theater. The movie was designed teach you how adrenaline affects the human body.  You felt you were there as people jumping off cliffs, jumping out of air planes and other intense activities.  




Another program presented in the Justice Planetarium Theater debunked the theory that our trips to the moon were hoaxes. The following photographs were part of their presentation. There is sufficient evidence, we were there. We have the photographs, samples and studies to support it.


m launch.jpg (11010 bytes)

m lander.jpg (10638 bytes)            m man on ladder.jpg (14643 bytes)

m flag.jpg (16598 bytes)

m photo samples.jpg (18277 bytes)



Dr. Goddard's Lab was a presentation with the goal of " making rocket science fun for all ages". It was fun. The program maintained the attention of everyone. He let everyone feel a container of liquid oxygen. Using a 'magic' liquid, he showed how the vapors from the liquid would propel a water bottle like a rocket. All in all, a very well done presentation.


dr g liq oxy.jpg (22098 bytes)            dr g culligan.jpg (23756 bytes)




restor lab info.jpg (38721 bytes)One section of the Cosmospere is devoted to the restoration of space artifacts. They have over 100 worldwide projects to their credit.

restor lab l.jpg (28354 bytes)       restor lab r.jpg (33531 bytes)



future astronauts.jpg (30148 bytes)They have a 5-day Future Astronaut Training Program for student grades 7 through 10. An Elderhostel Astronaut Training Program for 55+ is an easier space training experience.

And, of course, a gift shop.


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