Kansas - Fall 2003

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Chanute, KS (Santa Fe Park and NuWa Factory Tours)

HitchHiker International of America International Rally - 2003

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Lunch spot along the road.


Chanute, KS (Santa Fe Park and NuWa Factory Tours)


Santa Fe Park is a city park in Chanute, Kansas. While the item that catches your attention is the train engine, it includes a lake, picnic areas, a children's play area, ball fields, a golf course, a historic bridge and a campground.


sfp train.jpg (37533 bytes)            sfp train ml.jpg (32083 bytes)



The lake has many, many locations for fishing from shore. A boat launch for small watercraft is also provided.

sfp lake 1.jpg (20803 bytes)

sfp lake 2.jpg (15956 bytes)            sfp lake 3.jpg (24314 bytes)




sfp bridge.jpg (67317 bytes)The Austin Bridge was built over the Neosho River in 1872. It has been moved a couple times since then. In 1999, it was moved to Chanute.






In 2006, we visited the 'new to us', Chanute-Wright Memorial. We have added photographs from that visit.


cha 9-06 history flight.JPG (67369 bytes)            cha 9-06 mem sign.JPG (40986 bytes)            cha 9-06 octave chanute.JPG (46986 bytes)


Every element of the memorial rotated with the wind.

cha 9-06 plane.JPG (24812 bytes)


cha 9-06 people three.JPG (64639 bytes)      cha 9-06 people wrench.JPG (46974 bytes)




sfc sunset.jpg (30618 bytes)While we were in the campground, we had a couple beautiful sunsets.





We toured both the HitchHiker II and HitchHiker factories. While the processes are very similar, we saw some different points of interest at each factory. We were pleased to see quality workmanship at both factories. (Our visit  in 2006 confirmed the same quality but improved processes.)


HitchHiker II ...

hhllt wood wall.jpg (38329 bytes)            hhllt bare walls.jpg (29767 bytes)

hhllt slideout.jpg (37188 bytes)            hhllt roof.jpg (34827 bytes)

hhllt line.jpg (34656 bytes)            hhllt shed.jpg (20245 bytes)



HitchHiker ...

hht alum frame.jpg (35473 bytes)          hht open wall.jpg (35966 bytes)

hht tank in.jpg (37953 bytes)

hht wires wall.jpg (38622 bytes)            hht wires.jpg (34059 bytes)
Wires, wires and more wires


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HitchHiker International of America International Rally - 2003

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This was the second HitchHiker International of America International Rally that we attended. There were 119 rigs on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. We enjoyed again seeing people we met at the rally near Nashville, TN last year. And, it is always nice to meet new people. We had a great time and look forward to next year.


These photographs made on from a fire escape show the rigs. Well, not all of them - ours and many others are hidden by the tree.

hhr parking l.jpg (38876 bytes)

hhr parking mid.jpg (30020 bytes)      hhr parking r.jpg (33799 bytes)



Dolores and Don were introduced as our new Events Managers.

hhr delores and don.jpg (18191 bytes)



An optional bus tour of the Hutchinson area was scheduled for the first day. A store was open for the purchase of wearable stuff on several days.


Games were available for participants and spectators. We had many to select from - bean bag baseball, pinochle, dominoes, turtle races, bridge, golf tournament, bingo and bocce ball.

hhr bean bag bb.jpg (41926 bytes)                                hhr turtle race.jpg (66167 bytes)

hhr bingo.jpg (39130 bytes)            hhr bocce ball.jpg (52565 bytes)



hhr crafts.jpg (32852 bytes)A couple craft projects were also available.





One of the events we all enjoyed was eating ...


hhr ice cream.jpg (45691 bytes)The ice cream social was appreciated - the weather
 was 20 degrees above normal for a few days.




hhr pan good.jpg (36327 bytes)The pancake breakfast was entertaining
as well as very good tasting. Some people were able to catch the flying pancakes, others were not and the pancake hit the floor.


hhr pan catch l.jpg (31949 bytes)      hhr pan catch m.jpg (32675 bytes)

hhr sauage.jpg (30444 bytes)They would not tell us
what the sausage
was made from.




hhr farewell dinner.jpg (45393 bytes)The farewell dinner was also very good.






Because the rally was held close to Halloween, we had to have a costume contest. The chicken and the butcher won 'most original'.

hhr costumes l.jpg (32274 bytes)            hhr costumes r.jpg (29621 bytes)

There was a tie for the 'Most Unique' costume, 
the old man won...turns out 'he' was a women.

hhr costume winners.jpg (28071 bytes)



Don't get the idea we only ate, played and had fun all the time. The rally included seminars and product presentations by vendors and manufacturers representatives. They were very informative and interesting. We gathered a lot of useful hints regarding maintenance of RV equipment.



But ...

hhr sunset.jpg (19024 bytes)Like the end of each day, the rally ended and we had to head north, south , east and west to our next destination.




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