Escanaba, MI - 2010  

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We were in the Upper Peninsula to attend the Michigan Good Sam Summer Samboree. It was held at the Upper Peninsula State Fairgrounds in Escanaba.  Arriving on Tuesday, the first scheduled day of early parking, we found many people had arrived on Friday. They came to Escanaba straight from the Wisconsin Samboree.


It was not a large group - not as large as usual, anyway. We had something over 200 RVs on the grounds. People were parked all over the fairgrounds. Everyone had good power and water.


Fred made some of the photographs of where people were parked from the grandstand.





Those RVs obstructed by trees and buildings, he photographed from the ground.





We had a spot along the fence.

It rained on and off for several days during the Samboree. Not a lot, but enough we were glad we had the enclosure for the golf cart. Activities continued in spite of the raindrops. Some planned outdoor activities were move indoors.






The programming was pretty good. The sound system seemed to be acting up that we could not understand some speakers - especially, one entertainment group.




 With over 200 RVs, we probably had 500+ people.




Our new King and Queen were announced. And, the teens have a new Teen King and Queen.





The fire department arrived Saturday night - a social call.   

Lucy came up with the idea a few years ago of donating toys at each Samboree. Our members bring the toys to the Samboree. They are given to the fire department in the municipality where we hold each Samboree for distribution to children of needy families. So far, she has collected and donated well over 200 boxes of toys.







Entertainment was provided several nights. We still do not understand why entertainers performing inside a building feel that the volume of their music must be sooooo loud.








Sunday service at the Summer Samboree includes the Cross of Roses service which honors those members who have died during the year.

This year's Samboree was dedicated to Dave Smith, a founding member of The Color Guard  and past Color Guard Commander. His wife attended the Cross of Roses service to place his rose on the cross.




Gloria Lynn led the worship service and conducted the choir.




All in all it was a good Samboree. Generally, the programming, the food, the cookies and the entertainment are good. But, as always, the conversation with fellow Good Sam members was the best part. Seeing people you may see only once or twice a year is a joy. You talk to each other like it was only last week.




Ludington Park included beautiful grounds, a museum and a lighthouse.  It is one of the places we found because we stayed around Escanaba a few days after the Samboree. We drove through Downtown Escanaba towards the park.

The Harbor Tower is high above other buildings.





The view of the water from the park was very pleasant. The view from this house sitting on a hill across from the part had to be spectacular.








About in the middle of the park is a tribute to American Soldiers.





All of the grounds were well maintained, but especially on Aronson Island.





We had a good view of the marina from the island.




The weed harvester was hard at work.






At the end of the park the Delta County Historical Society has put together a very nice collection.



The Historical Museum's collection was donated by people in the area. It contained a little of everything. We remarked to the attendant that we have never seen a small museum so clean. He said a women comes in every week to dust the exhibits.


The cost was $3 per adult ... $5 for a family. The ticket covered both the museum and the lighthouse.








Every time Fred sees a record player like this, he remembers the one he asked his grandmother if he could have. Only to be told that she had put it out to the trash and someone took it before the trash men arrived.

Yes, his grandfather's tall radio was gone too.










                 pharmacy drawers                         post office service window



Fred remembers needing one of these booster seats.



An egg boiler ...             




We sent a copy of this photograph of eye testing equipment from 1864 to our son.





We have a railroad lantern like these in our collection in our basement. It is from Fred's grandfather who worked for the New York Central Railroad.







Anyone else ready for a shine?

      High wheeler ...




Motor launch ...





Workshop tools ...




Medical/dental display ...





The original surfboat in the restored Boat House was moved from Squaw Point.









Wood pulleys ...    





Sand Point Lighthouse  is restored to its 1867 appearance. The keeper's house, furnished in period furniture, adjoins the tower. It served the area from 1868 to 1939. It was also very well maintained by the Society.



   The view from the top ...




               Museum                                        Harbor Master Office


Park and Fountain Area



The fountain at ground level.



... and how we got there.



   The living quarters was used as a exhibit area as well.   




            ... junior bed







Leaving Ludington Park, we decided to try a restaurant Mary Lou had heard about. She had heard good things about the food at this restaurant. We like the decor also.





Another photo op on the way home.

We thought the architecture on the junior high school was neat.




Wednesday evening we attended an Escanaba City Band concert in Ludington Park.



There was a short detour on the way to the concert. Fred wanted some battery terminal spray for the cart batteries. We stumbled on a small car show at the auto parts store.







Back on track ... They have a lot of grass to mow in Ludington Park.





The concert was scheduled for 7:30pm. People started to gather about 7:15pm. Even the musicians seemed to arrive later than we expected. They perform every Wednesday night. Admission is free.




But, at 7:30pm sharp, they were on stage.



It was not a full-house. However, enough people to make their effort worthwhile.






The music was great ... weather fantastic ... price was right ... we could see the water. What a grand evening!




We enjoyed our extra time in Escanaba.

We are glad we scheduled the time here.





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