Michigan Good Sam . . . Members-At-Large Chapter 52


Annual Campout - 2017
Held at Camp Cadillac this year.

Updated: 08/10/17




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Follow these links to the day during our campout you would like to visit:

Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday        Thursday        Friday        Saturday


Monday . . .


We arrived this afternoon after a substantial rain storm past through the campground and slowed our travel. We drove through the heavy rain until we were able to pull off into a rest area to wait it out. Ten minutes later, we were on the road again.

Of course, half the members were already in camp. Our official four day campout is always a week long event for a lot of people. This year, we had a total of 18 RVs arriving at various days during the campout. All were on the grounds Wednesday.


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Tuesday . . .


This morning some of the women loaded 'goodie bags' for people attending the campout

Many members brought items for the goodie bag.







The afternoon was filled with Penny Bingo. Many played Penny Bingo Wednesday also.





Followed by a 'finger food' potluck dinner . . .







An evening of entertainment by our resident musicians . . .









The campground was full of trees that were growing with multiple large branches.












Across the road Lucy was popping the corn for the 'concert' goers.


   Meanwhile, Sherry line danced by herself behind the audience.
 The rest of us enjoyed the music and the popcorn.






Larry was enjoying the opportunity to play his mandolin.



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Wednesday . . .



Early morning conversation . . .



Lucy testing how the cooking
of the potatoes is going.



Tonight's dinner is a potato bar.

Pick out your potato and select your
toppings from a wide range of choices.



The potato bar has been a popular event for about three years.








Our musical entertainment tonight was amongst the 'interesting' shaped trees. 





We took a vote at dinner that we were to full for dessert. The ice cream was delayed until after the entertainment.

Again we had a selection of toppings ... this time on our ice cream.












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Thursday . . .


The day started with Bean Bag Baseball games. We had a game of mixed players ... then ... we had a game of women against the men. The groups always enjoys bean bag baseball.

   The mixed game . . .


The umpire indicates a triple on this toss.
Myron was a tough umpire.





Bud watched from crenelated wall of the play fort.



The women against the men. (The men stomped the women for six innings ... but ... the women won the game.)





After the games . . .



The men gathered to solve all kinds of issues while the women added working on crafts to their conversations.





Then, the chefs got to work grilling the 'dogs' - our traditional Thursday dinner. 


Get them while they're hot.


The sides provided 'potluck style'
filled the food tables










Sadly, rainy weather canceled the musical entertainment tonight.




Paul parked his cart under the small
canopy overnight. It fit better here
than under his trailer awning.



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 Friday . . .


Mornings always started with conversation and coffee.






Time for the Euchre tournament . . .






Our Euchre players also have spectators.



No group dinner scheduled for tonight. The campers split up in small groups for dinner at various locations - some offering all-you-can-eat fish. 


Friday was a wet day. So, the musical entertainment tonight was canceled again.



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Saturday . . .



The morning started with our Croquet Tournament in an bumpy grassy area.


We are accustomed to croquet in rough terrain. The ball changing direction as it rolls across the playing surface is a familiar occurrence. It adds to the challenge.

We played four games in two areas of play.







Kathy organizes our croquet games.
Her office was the rear deck of her golf cart.











                   What are they up to?




A committee meeting about ball placement . . .












Play area . . .


Two play structures were unique - a ship and a fort.



Sherry was caught using a toy digger.
But, not in time for a photograph.


Barrel car train . . .



On the weekends, the campground staff offers the children rides in their barrel train. The children love to ride around the campground roads. The adults enjoy watching and waving.






White Elephant Bingo . . .

Our group photograph is made fifteen minute prior to our White Elephant Bingo Game.

This bingo game gives us an opportunity to trade 'stuff'. Some of the 'stuff' has been known to reappear at subsequent games.







Our White Elephant Bingo Game had spectators also.


The final bingo game is a cover-all.
The prize each year is a throw made by Lucy.
JoAnne won the cover-all this year.



Another informal gathering . . .




We had a Pizza Party for dinner tonight.


Fifteen pizzas were just right for the group. And, a good selection of pizza types were ordered.



After dinner prizes were awarded.


Sarge, Jody, Lucy and Ken decided to draw a card instead of playing
another Croquet game. Jody won.


Bean Bag Baseball winners . . . Mixed team and women's team.



Sherry and Bud tied for high games and          
number of loaners in the Euchre games.          



This is the first time the tear-down of Cliff's big canopy has occurred immediately after the Saturday dinner. A lot of guys were still around so it made the task easy and fast.


A lot of pieces to the pipe frame.





Evening entertainment . . .






As Mick sang, Jim sang "Love me tender, love me true . . ." to India.




We had another very successful campout this year. Our thanks to the MANY members who stepped up to volunteer to make it happened.


We will see you next year at Timberline Campground in Benzonia, MI.




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