Updated: 02/04/15

We appreciate hearing from our visitors.

If this is your first contact with us,
please tell us what state you reside in.

Send your e-mail to:  FredMaryLouHH adding the @ followed by as the second part.
(There are no dashes or spaces in our e-address.)


OK . . . You are wondering why we display our e-address this way!

We have learned that one method used by Spammers to harvest e-addresses off of Web sites is to look for letter sequences with '@' and '.com' included. We read that we could reduce the Spam we receive by not including our complete e-address - especially the '@' and '.com' on our Web site.

We are sorry to inconvenience you in this way, but it works. Since we did this, our Spam is greatly reduced.

Thank you for understanding.


Fred & Mary Lou




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