Updated: 06/15/15

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These are our plans as of TODAY. They may change TOMORROW. Therefore, the information on this page may not be exactly what we end up doing. But, it should be close.  We prefer to travel using a very flexible itinerary - flexible, isn’t that what RVing is all about! Fred has seen a bumper sticker that said, "All who wander are not lost".  How true!

Frequently, we find the 'getting there' is as enjoyable as the destination. Sometimes, when we happen upon a fantastic place along the route, we may post a  photograph or two on our " Show and Tell" page. 

We welcome your suggestions regarding sights, attractions, campgrounds or restaurants in the vicinity of our destinations. Don’t hold back – we enjoy watching a flowing stream or professional entertainment – we spend time in rustic state parks or RV resort campgrounds – we eat at restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining.

 Contact Us with your recommendations to help us plan OUR travel.



MAY, 2015                             Camping in Michigan

Michigan Good Sam Rally

 Family Reunion

JUNE, 2015                              Camping in Michigan

JULY, 2015                               Camping in Michigan

AUGUST, 2015                       Chapter 52 Campout

  Camping in Michigan

 Woodward Dream Cruise 

  Michigan Mini (M&M) - HH  Forum Gathering

SEPTEMBER, 2015                Camping in Michigan

 Michigan Good Sam Rally

 Fred and Becky's (Indiana)

Camping - Natchez Trace Parkway

OCTOBER, 2015                    Camping - Natchez Trace Parkway

NOVEMBER, 2015                Camping - Natchez Trace Parkway


DECEMBER, 2015                 Holiday preparation

                                                    Holiday eats and meets with family and friends

JANUARY, 2016                     Planning our travels for the next camping season

FEBRUARY, 2016                  Planning our travels for the next camping season

MARCH, 2016                        Finalizing summer travel plans

APRIL, 2016                            Camping in Michigan



Revisit Maine

Our last state to visit for the first time - Hawaii  ?



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