Harrison County, Indiana

Updated: 11/09/08


The Corydon Scenic Railroad departs from the depot in Corydon. Currently the schedule is departure at 1:00pm weekdays plus 3:00pm on weekends for its 90 minute trip.

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The "Silverliner" train cars are each powered by a 500 horsepower engine. They are air conditioned but the system could not keep up with the high temperatures the day of our ride. The admission is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for children over three.

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The ride passes over the river, I-64 and through rural areas. It returns on the same track. The area is popular for its caves and caverns. Along the way the narrator points out vine covered trees and many sink holes. The vines were imported from China as feed for livestock - it didn't work out. The sink holes are part of and critical as a water source for the cave systems.


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The trip was interesting but not exciting. It may have been better  had the day not been so hot. You did not see much that you could not see from your own vehicle. Of course, you would have missed the train ride.

csr 02 elvis.jpg (47959 bytes)We did discover one thing. Many people think that Elvis is working in Kalamazoo, Michigan - we know he is working on the Corydon Scenic Railroad.




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