Family Reunion - 2008  

Updated: 12/04/08


Our family reunion was held in May again this year. The family enjoys the time together and the grandchildren are very good together. 


fifth wheel rigs on drive.jpg (47747 bytes)As in the past, Fred and Becky's home is a nice location for our reunion.





 This year while I was on the hill behind the house making this photograph from a different angle, Ashlyn ran up to ask "what are you doing Grandpa".  

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The grandchildren play with the adults also. It was nice to share with them for a while until they wandered off to play kids games. 


          Some assembly was required.

          z games assy_1.JPG (63952 bytes)



While some of us played outside with the various games and participants . . .  


z catch mel and n 3 crop_1.jpg (52231 bytes)      z games_132 crop_1.jpg (45615 bytes)   z games_139 crop_1.jpg (53292 bytes)   x sun 08 bocchi_103_1.JPG (62695 bytes) 




. . . others played quietly inside . . . or . . . maybe rested a little.


      z gifts_137 crop_1.jpg (38581 bytes)                    z pool mel 2008_108 crop_1.jpg (38019 bytes)



By far the most popular activity is swimming in the pool. That is the activity of choice for the grandchildren.









Nicholas seems to really enjoy using the pool by himself. He can be a real ham.


z pool 2008_121 crop_1.jpg (30558 bytes)   z pool 2008_122_1.JPG (31703 bytes)   v pool 5-28-08 n under 163_1.JPG (52740 bytes)   v pool 5-28-08 n thumb up 167_1.JPG (40689 bytes)




However, Nicholas and Ashlyn were pool buddies.

y sat 5-08 a&n 158_1.JPG (51452 bytes)      y sat 5-08 pool bub_184_1.JPG (47842 bytes)


Ashlyn and Caitlin also had fun together.

x sun 08  pool floats_233_1.JPG (48109 bytes)      x sun 08 pool floaties_242_1.JPG (47391 bytes)



When the three of them got into it, the waves could be big.


y sat 5-08 pool 240_1.JPG (51834 bytes)   y sat 5-08 pool 241_1.JPG (51116 bytes)   y sat 5-08 pool 243_1.JPG (54647 bytes)



Lillian did a lot of watching . . . and learning. Wait until next year.

x sun 08 l pool side_307_1.JPG (43922 bytes)      x sun 08 pool l relaxing_228_1.JPG (51174 bytes)

Those big kids play rough.


y sat 5-08 a&c 4 hands_211_1.JPG (49913 bytes)

Hey look, four hands.


v pool 5-28-08 n on ball 171_1.JPG (59369 bytes)

Nicholas tries to sink the blue ball.



Sunbathing is nice!

y sat 5-08 pool_129_1.JPG (44098 bytes)        y sat 5-08 c smile1 204_1.JPG (52805 bytes)   y sat 5-08 c smile2 208_1.JPG (44989 bytes)



We have no idea what they were looking at.

   x sun 08  pool looking at_175_1.JPG (66880 bytes)         



I guess "jumping" in the pool does not violate the "No Diving" sign on the pool.


x sun 08 pool_159_1.JPG (59219 bytes)                x sun 08 pool_167_1.JPG (68690 bytes)   


x sun 08 pool spalsh_298_1.JPG (57193 bytes)      x sun 08_296_1.JPG (59291 bytes)


x sun 08 pool splash who_301_1.JPG (60992 bytes)   x sun 08 pool splash_297_1.JPG (47355 bytes)   x sun 08 pool splash_309_1.JPG (46262 bytes)




Grandpa played 'ringer' around Ashlyn's head. They got playing hard and she had fun splashing him. They had a good time.


x sun 08 a middle of pool 178_1.JPG (72697 bytes)   x sun 08 a attacks 189_1.JPG (75267 bytes)



Our reunion would not be complete without the "Everyone Birthday Celebration". So the grandchildren can enjoy exchanging birthday gifts in person, we celebrate everyone's birthday at the reunion.

z birthdays cake candles crop_1.jpg (45789 bytes)      z birthdays cake candles out crop_1.jpg (39742 bytes)      



During the gift exchange, watching the enjoyment and patience of others opening their gifts is great.


   z Birthdays gifts_127_1.JPG (39774 bytes)   z Birthdays gifts_129_1.JPG (41276 bytes)


z Birthdays gifts_138_1.JPG (38633 bytes)   z Birthdays gifts_139_1.JPG (39352 bytes)

z Birthdays gifts_140_1.JPG (42209 bytes)   



Lillian's big gift was an empty box. She didn't quite know how to handle that. When the assembled toy was delivered, she acted like it was going to attack her. She just pushed it away.

 z Birthdays gifts_153_1.JPG (38052 bytes)    z Birthdays gifts empty_154_1.JPG (41740 bytes)    z Birthdays gifts_169_1.JPG (39632 bytes)

But, when she got it out on the porch - look out here I come.

 z l on bike1 119 crop_1.jpg (57455 bytes)



z Birthdays gifts ball_173_1.JPG (41639 bytes)
Just like his Aunt Melanie, 
any game that includes a
ball is great with Nicholas.



Becky had the grandchildren play a Limbo game. Everyone had their own way of navigating under the bar.


z Birthdays limbo_106_1.JPG (39765 bytes)  z Birthdays limbo_107_1.JPG (41069 bytes)   z Birthdays limbo_110_1.JPG (38801 bytes)


z Birthdays limbo_122_1.JPG (35285 bytes)   z Birthdays limbo_124_1.JPG (37523 bytes)



s dime jar 3_1.JPG (36915 bytes)One unique activity this year was the counting of the dimes. Fred's Mom and Dad had been collecting dime for years. They had told the kids they could split them. This was the year.

      s counting dimes_116_1.JPG (47618 bytes)      s counting dimes_120_1.JPG (46517 bytes)It was a family affair.




As with all good things, they end eventually. While Steve was getting their fifth wheel ready to travel, Lillian needs to find out what he is doing.


x sun 08 leaving_336_1.JPG (42280 bytes)    x sun 08_338_1.JPG (30480 bytes)    x sun 08 leaving_337_1.JPG (30326 bytes)



Due to the way the RVs and trucks are parked, we play musical vehicles when it is time for Michelle and Steve to leave.

The HHII is moved, followed by the Laredo.

w mem day 08 hh_109_1.JPG (58398 bytes)   w mem day 08 laredo_116_1.JPG (64570 bytes)


The HHII goes right toward the circle drive,
 the Laredo goes left towards the highway home.

w mem day 08 both_118_1.JPG (67367 bytes)      w mem day 08 laredo left_119_1.JPG (66551 bytes)


Meanwhile, Fred moves his water truck so the HHII can enter the circle drive  park again.

w mem day 08 water trk_107_1.JPG (77275 bytes)   w mem day 08_120_1.JPG (66039 bytes)


We set-up the HHII again and enjoy a couple more days before we head home.


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