Family Reunion - 2014


Updated: 12/16/14


The family reunion did not start out with our group photographs ... but ... this is where we will start the Web page. Fred and Becky told us in advance that they had hired a photographer to make our group photographs. When she arrived, we were dressed in our 'casual best' and 'great smiles' to be photographed.







The Five Grands
Lily     Wyatt     Nick     Caitlin     Ashlyn



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We arrived early . . . at Fred and Becky's directly from a Good Sam Samboree in southern Michigan.


As we pulled in their circle drive, we could not miss the new basketball half-court behind the house. Basketball is "big" in Indiana.

Fred and Becky are developing future basketball stars.

FYI . . . It is the only flat spot on their four acre lot.





The Michigan part of the family arrived at the motel Thursday night.


Have we finally arrived at Uncle Fred and Aunt Becky's?

Close, we are at the motel.










            Chin ups . . .                                      This is my stuff . . .                             What's back here . . .



Not only did the people have to settle in, so did Michelle's dogs.  

The dogs are warming someone's bed.


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Friday . . .



Everyone made a point to arrive on Thursday so the family could go to a theme park early Friday. They wanted to be there soon after the park opened ... and ... stay until everyone was exhausted. The travelers went to the motel with plans to meet at the theme park in the morning.

(Fred did not go to the theme park due to the pain in his hip, so what follows are from cameras and phones of the rest of the family. Thanks everyone.)







The five Grands ready to  have FUN.









Listening to a little music and resting prior to visiting the water park.





















The water park has three sizes of slides . . . for all ages: adults, children, toddlers . . .












         One of the photographers   ... and ...                a result.                








When Wyatt gets older, he will miss always being the center of attention.







It is hard to tell who like the water the most. Nick would be close to the winner.




Mutual admiration ... making a connection.



School Concert and Fundraiser . . .


 Fred, Becky, Caitlin, Nick and Mary Lou returned home from the theme park a little earlier than the others so Caitlin could play her clarinet in a school concert/fundraiser. (Oh, they had to pick up grandpa also.) The performing arts boosters sold food prior to and during the performance. This was our first opportunity to hear Caitlin play in the school band.








                   The choir sang . . .                             The flags waved . . .                             The dancers danced . . .




Eventually, everyone was back at Fred and Becky's for the evening . . .










The tall 'kids' blocked the shots of the shorter 'kids' . . .                                         The toddler couldn't play.








The crowd cheered . . .





The Indiana part of the family has three 'outdoor' cats.


Lily was in her glory. She loves animals. She would hold them as much as they would let her. The black cat wasn't around much -  it was not a sociable cat. The other two were tolerant of Lily's attention. 





Snack time . . . yummy . . . strawberry shortcake!


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Saturday . . .


Today was a stay at home day of games, riding the buggy and conversation.


Fred was the chief breakfast cook with some help from others.




This breakfast included the traditional abundance of bear claws and other bakery fresh donuts.

 After the children were excused from the table, the adults changed seats.



   Wyatt indicates, 'I want some'.




Wyatt was introduced to the chickens. 

Again, Wyatt indicates, 'I want some'.

Mom says, "no".







Rides on the grader box were fun.       (Uncle Fred was always very careful.)









Must be a private joke.











Ah, some shade on the half-court.




During this conversation, too many subjects to list were discussed. 








Wyatt, like most kids, has a love affair with shoelaces.

The best thing to do is 'double' tie the bow. That kills all the fun.









Aunt Michelle's turn to hold Wyatt.





We found time for some ladder golf. 






Late afternoon was a good time to go swimming. Becky's brother and family were gone for the day. That meant their pool was empty. We took them up on their invitation for a dip.



















Oops! Where are my clothes?




Ashlyn hitched a ride home.












The buggy is a popular attraction at Fred and Becky's. There is always a rotation of drivers and passengers.








Fred showed us that he could use only two wheels.








The big glass door was Wyatt's 'window' to the world.
It was a good place to hang out.



       Sometimes he saw somebody he knew.



Once his cousin Nick offered
him a Coke ... through the glass.




 The dirt that was removed when they graded for the half-court, was used to create a second flat spot for a nice campfire area.





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Sunday . . .


The family met at Fred and Becky's at 10:15am for our group photographs.


The photographer made a lot of photographs. While photographing one group, she was observant to what was going on around her - especially with Wyatt. She caught Wyatt on the trampoline ... but ... Scott made these two photographs.   

Nick was very happy to have a 'boy' cousin. Or, maybe it was because he was the youngest. He had always spent time with Lily when she was little ... and ... still does.




After the photographs and lunch, this was another day that included an attraction - a tour of Marengo Caves.



As with the outing to Holiday World, Fred (Dad) did not go due to his bad hip. The guided tour was long and wet. Mary Lou did not go because we had been there  and many other caves in the past. Plus, we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Wyatt.

As a result, these photographs are provided by Michelle, Melanie and Scott.




Resting before the cave tour.  








These photographs are in random order collected from the various cameras.






























This is a change . . .  Ashlyn acting silly for a photograph instead of Lily.     













The dogs enjoyed the cave tour time also ... or, that is, everyone being gone.

They had a tough time napping with so much activity.




   Nick must have shared a joke with Wyatt.




Wyatt napped while his dad was in the cave . . . his dad napped when he got back from the cave.








Sometimes a guy just has to take care of himself.




      ... not too sure Wyatt likes the coyote.



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Monday . . .


Today, was the final breakfast of the 2014 Family Reunion and a travel day for most of the family. Melanie, Scott and Wyatt left from the motel so there was more food for the rest of us. (Like that is an issue.) Michelle, Steve, Ashlyn and Lily headed for home after breakfast.



Mary Lou is posing like the cook. She helped cook the meats but Fred cook the eggs.











A final photograph of the 'older' grandchildren . . .



We enjoyed every minute of the Family Reunion. Our twice a year get-togethers are not enough - probably could never get enough time together. We are pleased with how everyone gets along well and picks up conversations just like they saw each other yesterday.


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Later departure . . .


We always hang around a day or two after the others leave.


The rest of us aren't too sure about the sentiment on Caitlin's shirt. (Seriously, she knows it isn't.)















Something spooked that yellow cat . . .



. . .  so, Fred went hunting.




The final trash run of the reunion - using the buggy of course.











Thanks to all . . .

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